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Best Minecraft Plugins for WordPress in 2022

Are you looking for the best Minecraft related WordPress plugins? Minecraft is becoming more popular after each day, but the development of Minecraft plugins isn’t.

But to introduce the Minecraft server owners to the beauty of WordPress and Minecraft plugin availability for WordPress, we created the most updated and best Minecraft plugins for WordPress.

What are Minecraft plugins for WordPress

As most people use a different CMS, such as Tebex, NamelessMC, and others, WordPress is also an advanced competitor, which holds their so-called add-ons, but in the form of plugins.

Minecraft plugins for WordPress are coded files, which are integrated directly into Minecraft and are used to display in-game materials directly into WordPress.

Due to developers’ inactivity, the updating frequency of plugins has lowered over the years but has returned with the popularity of the game.

Best Minecraft plugins for WordPress

The following list of the best Minecraft plugins for WordPress consists of constantly updated plugins, which can bring value to you and your WordPress website, as well as your Minecraft server.

Minecraft server status for WordPress

Have you ever wanted a plugin, which will show the status of your Minecraft server, with changeable and designable elements?

Minecraft Server Status for WordPress lets WordPress website owners create unique shortcodes by placing their website’s IP address.

MC Server Status for WordPress displays the status of your Minecraft in 2 scenarios.

If your Minecraft server is online, you will be showing the total players online on your server. But if for some reason your Minecraft server is stopped MC Server Status will display an offline text.

The plugin is fully customizable and doesn’t require special coding knowledge.


Have you ever wanted to have a custom Minecraft webstore hosted on WordPress?

WooCraft is a self-hosted solution for cracked and premium Minecraft players, which lets you create stunning shops with the help of WooCommerce.

With MineMarket you can use any payment method, such as cash on delivery, cryptocurrencies, PayPal, skrill, and anything else that Woocommerce supports.

MineMarket can be integrated with any WordPress plugin and will result in no conflicts.

MineMarket offers dedicated player support and releases popular addons, such as top donators, the money needed to host the server, and much more.

WP Minecraft Avatars

Another popular solution marked as the best WordPress plugin for Minecraft, WP Minecraft Avatars takes a special place, due to the high demand.

WP Minecraft Avatars is a lightweight coded WordPress plugin for Minecraft, which is known for its fast work and great results.

With WP Minecraft Avatars you change the default WordPress Gravatars with special Minecraft Gravatars.

Once a user registers or uses his Minecraft username on your WordPress website, his Minecraft head skin will become visible as his avatar.

Another great thing about WP Minecraft Avatars is that it displays the role of the user, who is commenting on your website.

WP Minecraft Avatars can be used with any custom role plugin and even forum plugins. Users who have a certain rank or user prefix will be automatically displayed next to their name in the comments section.


If you know or have any special WordPress plugins for Minecraft, which can be added to our list, you can contact us and mention them.

We will be happy to promote them and help out with promoting more WordPress plugins for Minecraft.