Best Top 20 Backlink Checker Tools For WordPress

Backlink Checker Tools

Best Top 20 Backlink Checker Tools For WordPress

Backlink Checker Tools

Every website owner needs on of these  backlink checker tools ,to know how many backlinks he has.If you don’t know which backlink checker tools to use , you don’t need to worry ,because we have it all covered in our Best Top 20 Backlink Checker Tools For WordPress.

1. Ahrefs


Ahrefs is one of the most favorite tools that can quickly provide every information to marketers to improve the SEO of their website.

This backlink checker tool has an innovative layout and self-explanatory user interface that allows users to dynamically check complete history of a website.

Furthermore, this tool is trusted by leading businesses like Uber, Netflix, TripAdvisor, Shopify, eBay, and dozens of others.

This product has arguably the highest satisfaction rate from its consumers.

Ahrefs crawls 5 million web pages in a day and is aware of 16 trillion online resources of the web.

With the help of 65,000 CPU cores, this tool is able to manage 48 Petabytes of backlinks data on its database.

They also provide

  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Private Facebook community.
  • Video tutorials.
  • A ton available pictures to monitor backlinks.

The website has four types of plans namely

  • Lite ($99/month)
  • Standard ($179/month) (Most Popular)
  • Advanced ($399/month)
  • Agency ($999/month)

2. BuzzSumo


Social media marketers and content marketers must have heard or used BuzzSumo for online marketing purposes.

This tool has a powerful feature of curating content and list-out top-performing posts of a particular niche.

It bifurcates the posts based on the number of shares they have got on social media platforms.

BuzzSumo is available for free and paid which also allows you to check backlinks of a particular domain.

All you have to do is enter your domain name and click on the Backlinks as shown in the below image.

BuzzSumo Backlinks

When you click on search, you can literally get a ton of valuable backlinks.

You can also export this data in excel/CSV format to your local computer for better analysis.

Below are the plans of this tool

  • Pro ($79/month)
  • Plus ($139/month)
  • Large ($239/month)
  • Enterprise ($499+/month)

3. WebMeUp Backlink Tool

WebMeUp Backlink Tool

WebMeUp is a on of the best backlink checker tools that gives you a complete list of backlinks of the websites and also lets you export the data in excel file.

On the website, they have mentioned that this would be a great fit for small to medium-sized websites to get fresh backlink data.

To start using this tool, you need to register an account on WebMeUp backlink tool.

Per month, you can export 10,000 rows of data using this tool and research backlink profiles.

You can also differentiate image and text links by utilizing this backlink checker tool.

Moreover, WebMeUp automatically discards backlinks from the same domain and only show a single link from a domain.

4. Moz Link Explorer

Moz Link Explorer

Moz is one of the leading companies of the digital landscape and ranked at the top of the best between the backlink checker tools.

Along with their highly informative blog, they also have a tool, which was previously known for Open Site Explorer, that helps Webmasters find backlinks and gather details of a particular domain.

Moz Link Explorer, in particular, is available in free and paid plans, the latter is known as Moz Pro, where you get complete access of effective features and functionalities provided by this tool.

You can also get a 30-day free trial with your Moz Pro Subscription.

When you start utilizing the tool and enter your domain, you would know the top-referring domains along with their page and domain authority.

You also get data of the top-performing keywords of the website.

5. Ahrefs Free Backlink Checker

Ahrefs Free Backlink Checker

Ahrefs also has a free version of their tool which you can utilize if you cannot go for the premium version of the brand.

Also, the free version of Ahrefs limits your backlink results by showing only top hundred results.

However, small and medium-sized businesses can leverage this tool to monitor their competitors and find out their top backlinks.

You can also see the diversification of the backlinks as the percentage of dofollow and nofollow backlinks.

Furthermore, you can also know the amount of traffic, anchor text, and URL associated with the backlink.

Monitor Backlinks

Monitor Backlinks is providing excellent backlink analysis platform from past 6 years.

This backlink tool has served 71,000 users who utilize intuitive features of this tool and create dynamic backlinks research of their websites.

This tool successfully ensures that users don’t have to go anywhere else for backlink research by providing a user-friendly dashboard and all the necessary data to determine the backlink profile of a website.

With useful metrics and a graphical representation, you can easily comprehend the history of your backlinks along with current live links of a website.

You can better research the existing backlink scenario of a website with the help of graphs and charts provided by this tool.

Moreover, Monitor Backlinks understands the pain that webmasters go through whenever webmasters’ websites are spammed by malicious links.

And, the tool has a solution of the same by allowing users to create disavow links and submit to Google.

Monitor Backlinks has a series of different packages for various kinds of users.

Although you get no free version of this tool, you can enjoy a 30-day-trial period of any package that you have bought.

You can also claim your money by using their 30-day-money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results.


  • Start: $20.75/month
  • Plus: $39.50/month
  • Professional: $74.92/month

7. OpenLinkProfiler

Open Link Profiler

OpenLinkProfiler is a comprehensive tool that provides excellent backlink checker tool, analysis of any website to any webmaster for free.

To use this tool, all you have to do is to go to the homepage and type the domain name and click Get backlink data.

Within a second, you would be given a complete list of backlinks for that articles.

The unique thing about this tool is its self-explanatory and intuitive user interface that will help you analyze and monitor backlinks of not only your website but also your competitors’.

On the left side of the OpenLinkProfiler, you will find all the necessary details about the backlink profile of a particular website.

You can also know the type of backlinks, industries, backlink age, subdomains, link distribution and a ton of other valuable information which can guide you to develop a thorough understanding of the backlink profile.

This tool does not fall short in providing all the features of a premium tool.

If you need, you can download the data of your backlinks in different formats and save it in your local system for further use.

8. SEMRush

SEMRush Backlinks

Trusted by leading brands of the world like eBay,, Quora, Hewlett-Packard and thousands of others, SEMRush is a trustworthy go-to tool for all your online marketing research needs.

Along with the SEO audit, you can also have paid traffic research, social media analysis, content research audit, understand current market trends.

SEMRush will able to help you uncover most trending and lucrative digital marketing strategies and backlink opportunities that you can implement for your brands advertising and SEO campaigns.

The beauty of this tool state it gives you a comprehensive understanding whenever you are exploring new industries and niches.

So, along with the enhanced backlink data, you get every assistance to study online marketing activities of the brand.

SEMRush has served more than 4 million users and has data of 10 billion keywords More than 500 million domains.

This premium tool might seem costlier compared to other options discussed in this article.

However, the features and robustness of the SEMRush make every penny worth investing.

There are four types of plans that you can go for SEMRush.

  • Pro: $99.95/month
  • Guru: $199.95/month
  • Business: $399.95/month
  • Custom: Available on demand

Backlink Watch

Backlink Watch is a free tool that provides an extensive list of backlinks pointing towards a specific domain along with other necessary details.

To check backlinks of any website, you just need to enter the domain name of the website and click on Check Backlinks.

The tool will get all the backlinks of the website and provide them in the list format.

This tool leverages a database of Ahrefs to provide results and data to the users.

Along with the backlink you get destination URL, anchor text, outbound links, and PageRank.

The tool also signals if a particular backlink is nofollow.

If you dig deeper, you can also go for trending keywords that a particular website is ranking in the search engine result page.

For all the other features accept backlinks checker, the tool redirects you to the premium tools like SEMRush and SEO SpyGlass.

10. CognitiveSEO Backlink Analysis Tool

CognitiveSEO Backlink Analysis Tool

In 2018 alone, cognitive SEO has helped more than 10,000 SEO professionals and improved rankings of more than 35,000 websites.

CognitiveSEO is a technologically advanced tool that provides a complete list of backlinks that are pointing to a website.

You also get advanced filtration and analysis scope to determine the backlink profile of a website.

You need to enter the domain name of a website, and CognitiveSEO will do rigorous research and apply its own customized methods to provide you accurate and trustworthy backlinks of a particular website.

You would be able to compare competitors by having side by side and detailed comparison multiple websites’ backlink profile.

The tool will provide comprehensive data to visualize, plan and transform your website’s backlink through interactive comparison with other leading competitors.

This tool has the unnatural link detection feature that enables the user to identify any spammy or fishy backlinks that could penalize the website.

This feature will help you identify any unusual activity in your backlink profile that could harm SEO your website.

Furthermore, the tool can also let you filter the backlinks with its robust platform and intuitive framework.

Pricing is mentioned below.

  • Starter: $129.99/month
  • Business: Available on request

11. Linkody Backlink Checker

Linkody Backlink Checker

Linkody is a full-stack backlink monitoring and tracking tool that provides real-time data and insights about backlinks of websites.

This tool literally automates the whole process of backlink management by

  • Notifying you whenever you gain a backlink.
  • Notifying whenever you lost a backlink.
  • Giving some insights about competitors’ backlink profile.
  • Giving tremendous value of backlinks through vivid metrics.
  • Allowing identifying spammy links and letting them disavow.

It also provides you much data — like domain authority, page authority, trust score, spam score, etc — of a website.

You can also integrate your Google Analytics property to streamline the whole experience and analyze backlinks profoundly.

Linkody also lets you download the data as a report in CSV or PDF format.

Here’re the pricing structure of this tool.

  • Webmaster: $11.20/month
  • Advanced: $ 18.70/month
  • Pro: $37.40/month
  • Agency: $78.70/month
  • Agency XL: $110.90/month

12. Majestic


Majestic SEO claims that it has the planet’s largest backlink index database and known also as the most competetive between the best backlink checker tools .

The tool has developed backlink history checker that identifies the backlinks of a particular domain and provide real-time data.

If you go for a premium plan of the Majestic SEO, you can also compare multiple websites simultaneously and determine their backlink profiles.

You also get a chance to filter your backlinks based on topic, quality, language, and industry-based metrics.

You would know mutual links between two websites to compare the backlink profiles of the two websites.

Here’s the pricing structure, billed annually, of this tool.

  • LITE: $41.67/month
  • PRO: $83.33/month
  • API: $333.33/month

13. Ubersuggest Backlinks

Ubersuggest Backlinks

Ubersuggest was used to give only keywords earlier.

Since Neil Patel, one of the pioneers in the digital marketing industry, purchased the tool, it is revamped and now has a ton of valuable features.

With the help of this tool, you can have a completely digital and online audit of your brand including social media, keyword research, SEO, backlinks, etc.

Neil has announced that the tool will remain free for lifetime.

For small to medium-sized businesses, such tools can be super helpful and provide valuable data to develop online marketing campaigns.

Ubersuggest also provides advanced analysis and reporting features to give data of backlinks, keywords, traffic, etc.

As far as backlinks are concerned, Ubersuggest also lets you filter for better analysis of the backlink profile.

14. Linkpad


Linkpad is a free backlink checker tool that serves more than 150,000 users.

With the help of their smart technology, they provide accurate and insightful backlink data based on the 42 billion webpages of the internet.

So, far the tool has crawled more than 1100 million websites and 317 billion links across the web.

They have an acclaimed team of consumer support that entertains users questions 24×7.

With the help of the analysis and data provided by the tool, a website can smartly design their link building techniques to stay ahead in the competition and close more leads.

15. Alexa

Alexa Check Backlinks

Powered by the e-commerce giant, Alexa is one of the leading digital marketing tools that provide extensive digital analysis solutions to the users.

With the help of the features provided by Alexa, you can find, reach, pursue and convert new audiences and expand your business online.

With the features like competitors’ website analysis, keyword research, target audience analysis, SEO analysis; the tool has got it all to let you dig deep into backlink analysis and find out unique off-page SEO opportunities.

All of their plans provide free-trial to the users.

Once you choose any of the plan below, you get different free-trial window to test and experience Alexa for your backlink analysis.

Certified Alexa Rank

  • $19.99/month
  • $79/month
  • $149/month
  • $799/month

Website Traffic Analysis

  • $79/month

Marketing Stack

  • $149/month
  • $299/month

16. SEO Review Tools

SEO Review Tools

SEO Review Tools has developed a user-friendly backlink checker tool to help webmasters identify best performing content on the web.

With the help of the free tool, you would be able to know all the necessary details about yours and your competitor’s website backlinks.

If there is more than one backlink coming from a single website, this tool will club them together and only mention one link per domain.

As soon as you search for a particular website, this tool will provide you 100 backlinks which are pointing to the homepage or a particular landing page of your website.

This tool identifies the quality of a backlink based on the domain rating provided by Ahrefs.

Now, the tool has upgraded their features and started mentioning most popular anchor text and landing page of a particular website.

17. MoonSearch


MoonSearch is an intuitive backlink checker tool which shows all the necessary details regarding a website.

So far, MoonSearch has crawled 500 million pages and 23 million domains to help its users get best backlinks and SEO data.

The tool also does deep geo-tracking to let users know the local SEO activities of the websites.

MoonSearch takes data from Google PageRank and Alexa to create unique and helpful reports for users.

Along with backlinks, you can also have complete SEO audit of a website.

You can search a website with the domain, IP Address, Google Adsense ID, Google Analytics ID, domain providers, and domain registrars.

18. SmallSEOTools Backlink Checker

SmallSEOTools Backlink Checker

SmallSEOTools is one of the renowned resources that helps webmasters restructure their search engine campaigns by providing almost all the data required to strategize and execute.

Starting from keywords to technical SEO, the tool has got you covered through its wide range of features and 360-degree solutions.

It also provides comprehensive features to track backlinks and analyze off-page SEO of websites.

You just need to enter the URL of your website and the tool does everything.

Along with the list of backlinks, it will also give you a total count of the number of backlinks a webpage has online.

Furthermore, they also give an idea about 404 pages on the website to let you understand about current navigation of a website.

Most importantly, all the feature of SmallSEOTool is free for everyone.

19. Google Search Console

Google Search Console

Google Search Console could be one of the most relevant and trustworthy sources where you can check your backlinks.

Backlinks which are shown inside Google Search Console are actually considered for ranking your website.

Moreover, you can quickly noindex the toxic links or spammy backlinks which are harmful for your search engine reputation.

Google Search Console is one of the most important properties that a webmaster should have for better SEO analysis.

20. Linkminer


Trusted by leading brands like Airbnb, Alexa, Skyscanner, RetailMeNot and dozens of others, LinkMiner is a power premium backlink checker tool that can elevate your off-page SEO activities to a whole new level.

Linkminer will find out helpful backlink data of your competitors’ website in a single dashboard.

They will provide you important metrics that quickly determine the quality of backlinks.

Linkminer uses trust flow to help its users determine their backlink data effectively.

Linkminer also has a unique feature that allows you to verify where the link is placed on the website and determine its appearance.

It will provide a preview of the link on the website, so you no longer have to open hundreds of tabs and scroll through webpages to find backlinks’ placements.

Linkminer is a paid tool and below are its price ranges.

  • Basic: $29/month
  • Premium: $39.90/month
  • Agency: $79.90/month


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