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Top 7 Video Gallery plugins for WordPress

Is your website lacking a video gallery, to showcase your videos on your WordPress website?

A video gallery can help your users watch your videos, rather than read the text and stay for a longer time.

Not every user on your website will want to read plain texts, so sometimes they prefer watching the video you have prepared for them.

If you do not have a video, you are risking of losing the visitor and watching how he goes to your competitor, boosting his SEO results.

So why not start adding video galleries with a video gallery plugin?

Video Gallery plugins simply display the videos of your website in columns, roles or any different type of design such as masonry or grid type, which would catch every visitor’s eye.

The biggest issue that you may have if you are not careful is to slow down your website.

How do I keep my website fast and have a video gallery plugin?

Websites are getting slow with time, if you keep adding more plugins and disregard optimizing them.

If you haven’t optimized your website and wish to do so, you can check our LiteSpeed Cache guide on how to optimize your WordPress website.

Another reason for having a slow website may be your web host. Most hosting providers charge a ton of money, but give you the basic plan, which is not worth it at all.

Since most of the web hosting providers charge a lot and give lesser than the other one, we have created a small list of the best web hosting providers, which you may want to check.

Got a Youtube Channel? Well, that’s great, because every website needs a YouTube channel with his best pages made into videos and displayed.

The YouTube video gallery plugin takes first place by priority, due to having a simple, but multi functional features, which can blow away your competitors and let you take their traffic, right under their nose.

The YouTube video gallery plugin is fully responsive and compatible with Gutenberg. In fact, it is made exactly for Gutenberg, but can be integrated with any other pagebuilder plugin.

Having a fully customizable video gallery plugin on your website can significantly increase your traffic to your website, as you may always receive visitors, who prefer watching your videos over reading your content.

That’s where the video start count on YouTube and the bounce rate on your website reduces, as visitors intend to stay longer on your website even though they will be watching a video and not scrolling down to the contents.

The YouTube video gallery plugin offers:

  • 16 free video gallery themes, fully customizable and no tech knowledge needed.
  • 9 different gallery layouts.
  • Hover effects on your galleries and videos.
  • Many different lightbox effects for your video galleries.
  • Responsive layout and mobile friendly.
  • Unlimited video galleries within the free version.
  • Add descriptions and contents into your video galleries, with customizable colors and effects.
  • Supports YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, MP4, Avi and any other video formats.
  • Gallery animations well coded and do not take too much speed from your website.
  • Custom link on each of your video galleries.
  • Real time countable views, which are updatable on YouTube and Vimeo.
  • Speed effects for your players and full customization over the play, stop, skip buttons.
  • Option to zoom each of the videos chosen.
  • 24/7 support – rewarded for being the best plugin support for the free version of the plugin.

Whether you are a newbie or a theme developer, Meta Slider can solve any questions or problems that you may have before starting.

Meta Slider lets users to fully use and customize their WordPress theme, to use sliders, carrousels, slideshows and galleries, which visitors can interact with and boost your overall site performance.

If you are using the free version, you do not need to worry, as this plugin comes with a CSS Editor and you can fully customize the design of your slider.

Although if you wish to upgrade to the PRO version you may get a lot more bonuses and options, such as – Add HTML Slides, Youtube and Vimeo Videos, Layer Slides, Dynamic Post, Featured image slides and many more.

Since 2007 more than a million WordPress users, have started using the NextGEN gallery plugin.

NextGEN are receiving more than 1.5 million downloads on their plugins every year and keep boosting.

And why is that?

NextGEN have been developing the best lightweight plugins for their WordPress users and without a mistake, they have achieved the best for each user’s WordPress website.

NextGEN offers a fully compatible with each theme management system on the backend, which is beginner friendly and easy to setup.

The types of galleries this plugin offers are three types – Slideshow, Thumbnail and Image Browser galleries.

Any of these galleries does not add extra requests to your website and does not slow it.

The PRO version of this plugin offers a bit more features and is a deal that you wouldn’t want to miss.

The PRO version of NextGEN Gallery offers – Photo PrintSales, PhotoProofing, Digital Downloads, Tiled Gallery, Filmstrip gallery, Film Gallery and LightBox types to create better forms for your website.

If you are more into SEO and designing just like us, then Photo Gallery by 10Web should be your number choice amongst all of the gallery plugins.

Not only you can set up more than 13 different gallery types displayed on your WordPress website, but you also get a good SEO boost, from their meta data extractor.

10Web’s Photo Gallery takes all the image meta data that you have and fills out all of this information for you, so your images can be ranked on Google and help you get the juicy number 1 sport on the first page of Google.

The gallery types this plugin offers are unique and free – Masonry, Mosaic, Blog, Masonry Album, Slideshow, Lightbox (with 15 effects) and many more.

If you wish to integrate your Instagram gallery with your website, 10Web’s Photo Gallery Plugin will let you do that in just a few clicks.

If you want extended functions from this plugin, you can check out the addons supported.

If you are looking for a simple Vimeo and Youtube Gallery plugin, which is taking just a bit space and almost no resources this video gallery plugin may help you a lot.

While it looks like a basic video gallery plugin, it also does a lot magic, that you did not expect or you could not achieve if you are just starting with WordPress.

The Video Gallery plugin, lets you choose between 7 different views for your videos, which can be chosen and used for different experiments.

The plugin is fully functional and includes so many options, that you would get lost in time and space by just browsing them.

The great thing about this plugin is that you can customize the CSS and choose different layouts for both Vimeo or Youtube videos.

The time it takes to create a gallery is less than a minute and it’s all clicking.

The video gallery formats you can use are – LightBox, Masonry, Thumbnail, Blog Style view, Video Slider and many more.

One of the best options this plugin has is the gallery Load More (also known as infinity scroll after click) or have a simple pagination, that users can choose between your pages and see your videos.

In order to create a video gallery, you will need to add description, title and choose the link of each video you would like to add to your gallery.

This Video Gallery plugin is fully responsive and can scale with any kind of device.

It also works with each WordPress theme, so you should not be worried if your theme may not be compatible.

Looking for a WordPress gallery plugin fully integratable with Gutenberg and no extra features, just the plain old gallery? Envira Gallery is the perfect plugin, for fully customizable, mobile responsive video galleries.

As a beginner friendly plugin Envira Gallery is a simple drag and drop plugin with full customization features on how your gallery should look, with background changeable features and picking how many pictures to be displayed per row.

If you are lazy creating your own gallery and customizing it, you can always go for the free templates that Envira Gallery is offering with the plugin and get your traffic driving gallery in just a few minutes.

Envira is perfectly usable for embedding videos from Vimeo, Youtube and every other site, which is offering embed features, without worrying for paying extra or losing on your website speed.

The videos will not be loading from inside your website and you will be having perfect speed scores and blazing fast video loading.

One thing that is perfect about this plugin is that they do not use iFame tags, which are currently outdaded and not proper for usage nowadays. iFrames got old and now videos should be served without them, because the Google Bots simply don’t read them anymore and skip the iFrame contents.

Envira also offers watchign videos in fullscreen and if you are scared of getting your content pirated, you can always include a watermark to each of your videos for free.

Have you heard that video gallery plugins are the future of the content marketing? Still SEO will be king ,but we need a king of the content marketing also. That’s where the All in one Video Gallery comes in place.

This unique video gallery wordpress plugin can save you a ton of time and display unique video galleries across your WordPress pages in the following formats:

  • MP4
  • WebM
  • OGV
  • Youtube

The All in one Video Gallery offers reponsive grid templates for each of your video galleries, which is placed across your pages.

The main feature of using this plugin is that you can save a ton of your website speed and gain more visitors to showcase your video galleries

The all in one Video Gallery features are:

  • Custom HTML5 Video Player supporting all of the popular video formats and an option to embed players from other websites.
  • Unique player controls to play, pause, stop, rewing the video.
  • Unique timer and progress bar with duration and real watcher, that sends the results to websites like YouTube and Vimeo.
  • GDPR consent implemented into the video gallery, so you do not need to use 3rd party for GDPR consent.
  • Subtitles on your videos (works only if you are using WebVTT).
  • Create unlimited categories and subcategories with tags, which helps for your on-page SEO.
  • Videos to be added to posts by using a single shortcode and have your own custom post UI, without overwriting the default WordPress scripts and crashing your website.
  • Video view counts, which are updatable across websites like YouTube, Vimeo and others.

The plugin is fully compatible with Gutenberg and any other page builder, without causing any problems.