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20 Best WordPress Blogs to Follow in 2022

WordPress was officially created on the 27th of March 2003 by the American developer Matt Mullenweg.

18 years later, WordPress is holding a high spot and preference with more than 30% of websites powered on the platform.

While you may be having a hard time coding your own website and need a quick solution, which is open source, WordPress is your one stop.

The CMS if user friendly and has thousands of plugins or themes both free and premium.

If you are having a hard time and difficulties understanding WordPress or simply are searching for a quick solution plugin or theme to fit your website, we’ve got you covered with our list of Best WordPress Blogs to Follow.

1. CrowVision

CrowVision WordPress Website Maintenance - Hero Image

CrowVision is a free resource to learn WordPress and find the most suitable themes and plugins you have ever searched.

While some WordPress blogs are currently trying to optimize their new posts and hold up with something new, we always optimize and renew each of our articles, so it can be compatible with the newest trends and most helpful information given directly to the user at no cost.

If you are seeking out for some free, but secret tips, you can always come up and sign up for our newsletter.

CrowVision is also known with having the best optimization settings for LS Cache, which achieves us less than 0.53 seconds in the most far points in the world and using a cheap VPS host.

2. WP Lift

Best WordPress Blogs To Follow wplift

WP Lift is one of the fastest WordPress blogs out there. If you check them out on Page Speed Insights, you will find out that they have a perfect optimization score of 100 points.

Many people are intending that this is impossible and cannot happen, but they are simply ignorant and did not check what type of images and scripts WP Lift is using.

The secret behind WP Lift is that they are using SVG images, minifying their scripts and CSS with combining everything into one page to send it directly to its users.

WP Lift is a great resource with new tutorials given out every day and focusing on delivering news to you, before everybody else.

While scrolling their blog, you can find many helpful articles, or even check the themes that they are offering.

3. WP Mayor

Best WordPress Blogs To Follow wpmayor

As WP Mayor states, they are really “Your resource for anything WordPress related”. WP Mayor has been out on the field since 2010 and aimed to deliver the best to their visitors.

While WP Mayor is over decade old, they are still producing new contents, but rarely re-writing old contents.

Their older contents are still relevant, but you need to have knowledge on the field, so you can understand what is outdated and what isn’t.

Overall WP Mayor is one of the best WordPress blogs to follow, as they are regularly throwing good deals, that you just can’t miss.

4. Yoast

Best WordPress Blogs To Follow yoast

What is an article about the best WordPress blogs to follow without Yoast? These guys are the best in the SEO field, which can really increase your website’s results with their plugin.

By just following the Yoast beginner’s training, which is totally free and following the points that their plugin is showing in red or orange, you can really optimize your posts and rank them high.

Let me just mention that if you are into optimizing blog posts, it is not always a great idea to over optimize and on top of that to be geeky about each of their points of optimization.

For example, readability is not the most important, but breaking your paragraphs like I do would help your visitors and bots scan your website a bit faster and easier.

Working hard on making each point green will not guarantee you first place or first page. Just optimize your h1-h6 tags and break them down in a way that makes sense.

5. WP Tavern

Best WordPress Blogs To Follow wptavern

WP Tavern is a long standing competitor in the Best WordPress blogs that you should definitely follow. They are on the field since 2009, which makes a total of 12 years and a bit more in delivering quality contents and struggles to do the best for their visitors.

With a few content writers, WP Tavern is focused on delivering news, optimizations and some beginner coding knowledge, on how your WordPress website can live better and load faster for your visitors.

If you don’t trust WP Tavern, ask yourself why 49,750+ people had subscribed to their newsletter? They are simply one of the best WordPress blogs that you should follow and directly check the news about the headless CMS and themes implementations that are going on, by the time this post is released.

6. WP Explorer

Best WordPress Blogs To Follow wpexplorer

With a unique and simple design, WP Explorer takes a top 10 priority in our list for the best WordPress blogs to follow in 2021.

WP Explorer is the first blog, that I had started following from a-z, because they are re-writing every old content and trying their best to rank it high, but not to flex with it. Wrong answer. They want to deliver the best and share the happiness of owning a well optimized and successful WordPress website.

WP Explorer is also known for having a well optimized and fast WordPress drag and drop theme, which is called Total.

WP Explorer are mostly interested in sharing tips, plugins and themes, which may be beneficial for their users.

If you would like to receive more from them, you can trust their 50,000+ email subscribers and join them to receive information that ordinary visitors do not receive and special discounts.

7. WPMU Dev

Best WordPress Blogs To Follow wpmudev

WPMU Dev is a great blog and plugin developer, which guarantees the best images optimization with their own CDN for serving your images in blazing fast speeds, loaded from the CDN and optimized in webP format.

You can’t just say that you have never heard of Smush or their premium version, which delivers everything above mentioned. But WPMU are not known with Smush only.

They are known with their optimization plugin called HummingBird Pro, which works perfect with their dedicated hosting, starting from $30 and promising perfect results.

WPMU Dev are currently writing more blog posts, which can help you get more visitors, increase sales and optimize your website, but you can find really good articles on what plugins you need or themes to create the perfect WordPress website.

8. Elegant Themes

Best WordPress Blogs To Follow elegant themes

While Elegant themes is managing Divi and its associated plugins, did you think they don’t have any time to write a blog post or two? Think again.

Elegant Themes is a solid WordPress blog, which delivers quality articles, which are based on their plugins.

Well, nobody can easily outrank them or explain how Divi works and how you can achieve a better design than the way they do it.

While their blog may be oriented mostly on Divi, they are still giving out some tips and tricks with the default WordPress editor, how you can optimize your website better and also tips on achieving better results.

As for their Newsletter I would just recommend it for one reason. They are including good promotions and sending out tips on how you can optimize your website for better performance while using Divi.

I was their active email subscriber just to get some of their hidden tactics and worked out well. Now I am still following them on my alt email, but I currently like to make my own themes.

9. WP Solver

Best WordPress Blogs To Follow wpsolver

Got a problem? Let WP Solver solve it! Well, even if WP Solver’s website is a bit chaotic, they are still one of the best WordPress blogs, who can knock the competitors with some techie articles.

As we all know, being a blogger is not being a techie person, except for my case, in which I study the front end and back end, just like WP Solver.

Currently WP Solver are not releasing many articles, but can totally knock you out if you start reading their brilliant articles, which are not fluffed with text and keywords to rank, but contain information, which can be helpful for years ahead.

10. Neil Patel

Best WordPress Blogs To Follow neilpatel

Neil Patel is the godfather of SEO and content marketing. He is the creator of Ubersuggest, which now dominates the SEO analyzers and won our Semrush, Ahrefs, Moz and Ubersuggest comparison.

Neil Patel is a great SEO advisor and holds his own blog, while thousands of people are analyzing keywords through Ubersuggest to destroy the competition.

Neil Patel is a great blogger, who can say a lot, but prefers to be using his YouTube channel or spend most of his time on promoting his content.

If you are following him on YouTube or have seen some of his videos, you may have heard how he is advising people to promote more than write.

It is a great tip for us, but promoting rather than writing is for people who have a large amount of traffic and seek out more.

11. WPBeginner

Best WordPress Blogs To Follow wpbeginner

We cannot just forget WPBeginner, owned by Syed Balkhi, who is making so much money from affiliated products on his website and donates this money.

WPBeginner is the best blog you can simply go and follow, which has a dedicated content writing team and a special person showcasing this content on a single 5 to 10 minutes video.

While WPBeginner are mostly focused on their newest blogs, they still update their old posts and take re-share it, so people can get the latest information and keep up with time, as it passes fast.

You may also find out that WPBeginner holds more than 2000 blog posts, and most of them are old, but no need to worry. They are still relevant and hold all the information you need.

12. WP Kube

Best WordPress Blogs To Follow wpkube

WP Kube is an old school blog, which mostly reviews how this plugin, theme or host is working out, so you can benefit from them.

As a main source of income WP Kube are using affiliate links, which they include only if they could find useful information and deliver it to you.

So WP Kube is just asking for a click on any of their affiliated links, if you would like to buy a product and support their product to keep sky rocketing their motivation and bring more blog posts to you.

13. WP Super Stars

Best WordPress Blogs To Follow wp super stars

WP Super Stars is a less known, but quality WordPress blog to follow. They are offering premium articles at the cost of your click.

WP Super Stars is targeting mostly the “How To” articles and top plugins and themes that you should be using.

As a personal tip, their How To articles are really professionally written and you just can’t skip them.

The bad part of WP Super Stars is that they do not have a newsletter that you can follow and stay up to date with their latest information, but bookmarking them is definitely a great choice to do.

14. Search Engine Journal

Best WordPress Blogs To Follow search engine journal

Search Engine Journal may not be suitable for this list of the Best WordPress blogs to follow, but is the best SEO blog to follow, so you can rank your WordPress website.

Search Engine Journal has a team of specialists, which are experimenting and covering all the places, from which you could have an opportunity to find information.

Simply what this means is that they are trying their best to find the best and most suitable for the end user information and give it out for free to us the readers.

Search Engine Journal is a great blog that you should definitely follow if you want to learn some tricks about keyword researching, ranking tactics and how you can outsource competitors.

15. CrazyEgg

Best WordPress Blogs To Follow crazyegg

CrazyEgg is one of the best WordPress blogs that you should follow, as their tips are just flawless and they really do what they say. They improve your blog!

They have more than 300,000 websites, who trust them and give it all they’ve got, just to reach out to the top of the rankings, which was always a hard job.

As for the CrazyEgg blog, you can find almost every WordPress topic covered and all of the SEO topics dominated by them.

CrazyEgg is mostly targeting the optimizations of the websites and perfect SEO tactics, so if you would like to learn something for life and have a better website, you should definitely go and check them out.

16. WP Shout

Best WordPress Blogs To Follow wpshout

WP Shout is not only the best WordPress blog, which won a special place in our list, but also a source, from which you can enroll yourself for some free courses.

Well, to start it off WP Shout’s blog can teach you so many tactics and ways of using your WordPress website, that you could never imagine.

They do not just write reviews and make comparisons between this and that. They are concentrating in teaching you to become from a newbie to a professional WordPress user (without the coding knowledge).

And if you feel that your skills might be an unpolished gem, you can always go for one of their Free Courses, hit the enroll button and get yourself into learning on how to use WordPress in the most advanced ways.

17. Manage WP

Best WordPress Blogs To Follow managewp

Manage WP is a great resource for gaining information and learning more on how you should manage your WordPress website.

Since 2010 Manage WP has been helping out thousands of websites with their biggest weaknesses and turning each weakness to a skill for each blog at the cost of a single click.

They are mainly blogging on what is best for your website and what you should be using, so you can have a bit faster website, with no bloat and repetitive requests.

Manage WP is also offering their premium service of monitoring your WordPress website from the dashboard of your website at the cost of $9.

Their plans are perfect for starters and can manage up to 25 websites with included backups, real time website statistics, ranking and performing audits with white labeling included.  

19. WPEka

Best WordPress Blogs To Follow wpeka

WPEka is a small but popular blog loved by the WordPress users, due to their articles regarding to Web Design, Digital Marketing and SEO.

While WPEka are having lesser articles than all of the blogs, which have been mentioned on this article, they still get most of the users engaged with their website.

WPEka is really into Web Design and maintenance, as they have been studying the background of WordPress and now they are explaining and getting the hearts of all their readers.

If you have never heard of WPEka and wish to learn more about them, you can always check them out along with their other websites: WordPress Plugin Shop, WP Legal pages, Survey Funnel, WP Local Plus and WP Auction Software.

19. WPLeaders

Best WordPress Blogs To Follow wpleaders

WPLeaders is the absolute best WordPress blog source, in which you can find all kinds professionals, which are sharing their opinions, case studies and researches.

Just by scrolling WPLeaders you can find tons of articles and case studies regarding to which plugin or theme is the best for your WordPress website.

If your preference of maintaining a website with low count of plugins and optimize your speed for the better, WPLeaders can help you out and keep a clean website with no problems and unneeded requests.

20. WordFence


Last but not least in our list of the Best WordPress blogs to follow takes Wordfence. Wordfence is not only famous with their defense systems plugin, but also known with their blog.

The Wordfence blog is regularly updated and filled up with information on how you can protect yourself and your WordPress blog from getting hacked and leaking information outside of it.

If you are being hacked, you can always reach out to WordFence through this link and will receive immediate support articles, tips and tricks from them.