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Best 6 WordPress Chat Plugins in 2022

Do you want to get more sales and increase your website’s traffic? Adding a live chat plugin to your WordPress website can improve the user experience and help users convert better.

Nowadays creating content and improving your SEO isn’t enough for the search engines to rank you better. You also need to work on user experience.

A good way to improve it is by adding a live chat plugin to your WordPress website.

What is a  WordPress chat plugin and how does it help?

WordPress chat plugins are used to create a one-on-one live chat with your site visitors.

Simply said, any visitor who lands on your website, can interact with you through a single chat bubble.

These visitors can start an immediate live chat with you or a bot, who will represent your website.

Best WordPress Chat Plugins in 2022 - live chat example

Answering the questions asked by your visitors can help them make the right choice, and eventually convert them to customers.

The more helpful you are, the more trust your website will earn.

In fact, more than 50% of them will abandon your website and leave their purchase if you can’t answer their questions, or currently don’t have any contact options.

Having a chat feature in WordPress can potentially increase sales and even grant you returning visitors over time.

Best WordPress chat plugins

Many business owners and bloggers currently use social media as a way to communicate with their target market.

As a result, there has been an increasing demand for chat plugins that allow users to chat through popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

These plugins allow you to start and/or reply to conversations with your followers, and can be useful in providing customer service or building lasting relationships with those who are interested in your company.

Tidio – Live Chat, Chatbots & Email Integration


Tidio is by far the best live chat plugin for WordPress, which enhances the live chat experience and helps your visitors ask their questions freely.

It has been recommended and used by the most recommended companies and is widely used by popular CMS, such as WordPress and Joomla.

With Tidio you can chat directly with your customers or set up chatbots that can answer each question for you.

If your customers are ready to leave your website, a special pop-up will trigger and offer the customer an exciting deal, that they will not want to leave.

In the worst-case scenario they will leave your website, but also return to use their coupon code or discount (whichever you had set for them).

JivoChat Live Chat – WP live chat plugin for WordPress


JivoChat is an all-in-one WordPress chat solution for you and your clients.

With JivoChat you can receive and answer emails, phone calls, live chat messages, and even interact with your team for free.

It is by far the most downloaded and used WordPress chat plugin, which is built for newbies and tech-savvy people.

You can have multiple chats directly on your website, use hooks, and custom API integrations.

Not to mention that with JivoChat you can track the visitor Geo-location, behavior, and interactions, which can ease the working process.

If your website is working worldwide and foreign customers write in their language, Jivochat directly translates it into English or any of your preferred languages.

Jivochat has dedicated 24/7 support, ready to answer each of your questions and help you integrate your website with their live chat system.

LiveChat – WP live chat plugin for WordPress


LiveChat is a feature-rich live chat plugin with optimizations and features like no other live chat plugin.

With LiveChat, you can create unlimited strategies for your targeted visitors and even set automatic responses, once they have landed on a page or are about to leave the page.

LiveChat offers its owners unlimited live chat sessions, custom tracking, and automatic bot messages to engage and interact with your visitors.

Not only they have partnered with major companies, such as Woocommerce, WordPress, and others, but they also offer integrations for Messenger, Whatsapp, and other applications

They have dedicated support, ready-to-answer questions, and multiple upgradable plans based on your needs.

LiveChat offers a free version with features that can help you to scale your website, but upgrading your plan can also be a good step ahead if you have an established business.

Crisp – Live Chat and Chatbot


Crisp is a basic and clean WordPress Live Chat plugin, with simple integrations and fully customizable features.

With Crisp, you can set pop up live chat buttons opening on click and directly starting a conversation with a sales representative or chat supporter.

It has unlimited extension addons, which optimize the functionality of the plugin further and even give you greater features for no money.

Crisp can also be used for automated messages, once a user clicks on a certain page, or set a basic bot with optional chat scenarios, to help with each question, your customers can have.

Crisp allows you to track the country of your visitors and even collect their emails, or phone numbers.

Smartsupp – live chat, chatbots, video recordings


Smartsupp is another automated live chat WordPress plugin, with a perfect and fast chatbot system and multichannel support for your visitors.

One of the greatest features of Smartsupp is that not only you can have live chats on your website, but also you can make recordable video calls.

Smartsupp also includes a mobile application, which can be used to track, access, and live chat with existing customers, without having to log in to your website.

It is fully GDPR compliant with fewer cookies than the usual WordPress chat plugins. With the cookies enabled in the application, you can track the visitor behavior and acquire rich e-commerce data, on how each person interacts with your website.

Live Chat by Formilla – Real-time Chat & Chatbots Plugin


Formilla Live Chat is a multi-purpose well built live chat plugin for WordPress with fully customizable features and add-ons, which can be integrated.

Formilla comes in both free and premium versions, which ensures that each owner can get the best experience and choose whether to upgrade or not.

You can create your own custom chatbot or use a premade one with ready-made configurable questions and answers.

The plugin has extraordinary tracking features, giving you rich data, such as traffic, location, pages browsed, and did the customer purchase something, or he left your website without purchasing.

With Formilla tracking, you can find multiple ways to engage with your visitors and ensure they have a great experience while browsing your site.

The live chat form can be configured by your liking and you can choose to let customers freely chat or use a canned chat option with premade selections.

There is no need to be staying on the chat window, as once a visitor or agent starts typing, Formilla directly sends a notification.

You can use Formilla Live Chat for both live chats and also offline chats if the visitor goes offline.

HubSpot – CRM, Email Marketing, Live Chat, Forms & Analytics


Last, but not least is the greatest WordPress chatting plugin, created and supported by the tech giant HubSpot.

The HubSpot Live chat plugin is an all-in-one solution for business owners, who seek more visitor data, engage in a professional level with their clients, and create the best email marketing campaigns.

With HubSpot’s live chat system, customers can interact directly with you and receive notifications, once a new message was sent.

The HubSpot Live Chat plugin lets owners create trackable and engaging pop-ups with unbeatable features, which are guaranteed to convert your visitors to high-paying clients in no time.

Their Email Marketing feature lets you send out hundreds of emails in one click and get insights on how many visitors had returned to your website, and how did they interact with it.

Not to mention that they have a wide variety of integrations with other plugins, such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, Messengers, and much more.

You can browse and choose to use any of the 400+ integrations, which are fully compatible with their HubSpot live chat plugin.


WordPress live chat plugins are easy to configure, yet so powerful when it comes to converting visitors. All it takes is a choice and you can start attracting the right audience.

However, live chat plugins take some space and speed to work properly on your website. Visitors wouldn’t like a slow website and would bounce off directly.

If you feel like your website is slow, you can always learn how to speed up your WordPress website.