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The 5 Best WordPress pop up plugins for 2022

Are you starting with your e-commerce journey on WordPress and seek for ways to acquire more leads?

Using WordPress pop up plugins can speed things up for you and keep your customers engaged.

But which pop up plugin is good for your website?

In this tutorial, we are going to land the 7 best WordPress pop up plugins and explain how they can help your website and fully automate the things for you.

What are WordPress pop up plugins?

Have you ever gone to an e-commerce store and scrolled through the products section?

Of course, you did!

And while scrolling an unusual window pops up in front of you with a text encouraging you to leave your email and in return, you get a coupon for shopping.

Sometimes it happens when you are about to leave the website. You receive a pop up, which tells you to grab this coupon for future uses, and in return to leave your email.

As seen in the picture, this looks like a great coupon, which offers you a discount and all you have to do is fill out the field with your information.

This way the website owners will receive your name and email address, while you receive a coupon to use when purchasing products.

These types of pop ups may seem like nothing big and most people disregard them, but they are a powerful marketing tool, which can help you increase your website visits.

How can WordPress pop up plugins increase my visitor rates?

While pop ups seem really innocent and think they can’t provide your website with great results, the truth lies in the opposite direction.

Collecting emails can help with your email marketing campaign and even boost your sales. Each email collected results in a converted customer.

If they have left their cart full of products, you can send them a notice with a coupon, or even create a product bundle for them to purchase.

When should you show pop up on your WordPress website?

Displaying pop ups can be a tricky game. If you want to convert well, you need precision, as it is critical to making more sales.

But luckily for you, there is a formula out there, which can help with achieving the highest conversion rates with your pop ups.

Study proves that if you display pop ups 5 seconds after the visitor has landed on your website, you have a higher chance of acquiring his email.

Don’t just set a direct timer for a pop up to show, otherwise you may see declines on your website. But 5 seconds is a pretty decent time.

Your website should be fully loaded and the visitor may have a proper idea what your website is about.

If your website loads slower than 5 seconds and you are intending to sell products, you will first need to fix your website’s speed issues, because page speed is a metric and a direct ranking factor.

The 5 Best WordPress pop up plugins

Now that you have gained an idea of how WordPress pop up plugins work and when should you show pop ups on your website, it is time to show some great examples.

Popup Builder – Create highly converting, mobile friendly marketing popups

Popup Builder is a great WordPress pop up plugin, which lets beginners create their first pop up. It has a really nice visual builder and can be integrated with all of your favorite plugins.

You can start from the design of your popup and finish with their third party integration plugins such as:

  • WPML
  • Polylang
  • WP Google Maps
  • Woocommerce
  • Contact form 7 and others

Popup Builder is a great choice for e-commerce websites, and service websites and is a great choice for growing your email list.

They have 2 different versions of the plugin, but the free version is perfect until you build a decent email list. There is no exact match for subscribers needed, due to niche variations, but a 1000 subscribers email list would be a great start.

Another good thing about WP Popup Builder is its support. Even if you are a free member and using their plugin, you will receive quality assistance for all of your questions.

Hustle – Email Marketing, Lead Generation, Options, Popups

Hustle is one of the best WordPress pop up plugins in history. It is built by WPMU Dev, which is responsible for many optimization plugins.

With Hustle, you can build email marketing campaigns and create stunning popups in just a few clicks.

You can easily create any kind of popup and set specific rules when it should be triggered.

For example, Hustle offers smart popups, which are activated once the user intends to leave your website, or simply after scrolling through your products.

With the free version of Hustle’s popup builder, you can set up 3 popups and assign rules to them.

As for a beginner, the free version is more than enough, except if you are willing to create more popups for different varieties of products and bundles.

The Hustle popup builder can be fully integrated with your favorite email newsletter plugins, such as:

  • Mailpoet
  • MailChimp
  • Mailster
  • Sendinblue
  • Hubspot
  • AWeber and much more.

Hustle is not only one of the best popup builders for WordPress, but it is also a great social sharing plugin, which provides you with all of the popular social media sharing buttons.

They have wonderful 24/7 support, which is customer-friendly and tries to answer each question without caring if you are a paid or free Hustle popup maker customer.

Mailchimp for Woocommerce

[mailchimp picture]

If you are a Mailchimp user, perhaps you would be interested in Mailchimp for WooCommerce.

Mailchimp is a newsletter plugin, which lets you build email lists and send automatic emails to your subscribers.

Mailchimp for Woocommerce is an integrational plugin, which doesn’t require any additional software or addons, and can easily sell your products to email subscribers.

Mailchimp for Woocommerce comes with great popup forms, which can be easily edited and automated as per your needs.

The plugin has been built to work without exceptions for Woocommerce users and has great support behind its back.

The free version of Mailchimp is limited to only 500 email subscribers and will have their watermarks set, but is a great starting point.

They offer one of the lowest monthly fees for larger email lists and don’t harm your website’s speed in any kind of way.


Boxzilla is a lightweight and super fast pop up plugin for WordPress. You can build unlimited pop ups and never sacrifice your website speed for it.

Boxzilla’s pop up maker comes into 2 different versions.

The free version has everything you need to get started, while the premium version gives you:

  • Trigger popups on user exit intent
  • Trigger popups after a certain time on your site

While the premium version may have a bit better options, you can still create stunning popups with effects and set specific rules for their activations.

While other WordPress pop up plugins have a bit better designs and offer you free templates, Boxzilla is a plain popup making plugin, which may not be the perfect choice for many.

In terms of speed, it is a great choice, but you will need to have HTML and CSS knowledge to design your popup forms.

Boxzilla is a fairly new WordPress popup plugin and may not be the perfect case for every starter, but they have outstanding support and many 5-star ratings.

Poptin popups

Poptin is by far the best popups plugin for WordPress which offers a ton of features for free.

With the Poptin pop up builder, you can create unlimited and well-designed popup forms for your WordPress website

Poptin’s builder is beginner-friendly and requires no technical knowledge. You simply choose the elements to display and edit them freely.

Each popup can have a set of display rules, which can help you find the best email subscribers.

You can target a different set of popups to be displayed to your visitors, which will depend on their browsed pages, interests in products, and certain discount codes or product bundles.

The Poptin popup builder for WordPress can be fully integrated with popular newsletter plugins such as MailChimp, Zoho, Aweber, Marketo, and much more.

If you ever stumble upon issues or receive any kind of error, the Poptin plugin support will be always there for you, ready to answer each of your questions.

By far Poptin is the best pop up plugin for WordPress due to the outstanding customer support and freedom to choose your membership.