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Top 10 Best WordPress Preloader Plugins

As time moves ahead, Google also roles out many critical updates for existing and upcoming websites. One of the few updates aims at slow WordPress websites.

The only way to get past this is to speed up your WordPress website or insert attractive WordPress preloading plugins.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the best preloader plugins for WordPress.

Best WordPress Preloader Plugins

The preloading plugins for WordPress, which are mentioned in this list are not formed from best to worst.

We have chosen the most useful ones and added them, but to keep things short, we included only the most interesting preloading plugins.

Preloader Plus – WordPress Loading Screen Plugin

As for the first preloading plugin for WordPress we have chosen Preloader Plus by MaxsDesign.

Preloader Plus is a really simple preloading plugin, which lets people have full rights and customizations over their preloading page.

Not to mention the customization also offer you custom HTML content and to choose your own typography.

If the content on your website is loading too slow, Preloader Plus will show up with interesting and attractive preloading pages on your WordPress website.

Your bounce rate will be reduced drastically, as visitors will show more interest in your website, even if it’s loading a bit slower than your competitor’s.

MAZ Loader – Preloader Builder for WordPress

MAZ Loader is a fairly new WordPress preloading plugin, which has great potential as time flies.

MAZ Loader comes into 2 versions, as one of them is free, but with less functionality, and the fairly priced premium version.

If you are just starting out with MAZ, it is advisable to stick with the free version, as it may be enough, but if you are willing to go for their premium plugin, you will be receiving custom HTML, progress bars, percentage counter fields and much more.

It may look like the MAZ Preloader is a heavy plugin, due to the many options and cool-looking effects, but it has been built lightweight and will not slow your website down.


If you are looking for more freedom with a WordPress preloading plugin, LoftLoader offers the greatest features ever released.

With LoftLoader you can choose between hundreds of color combinations and even add CSS3 animations, without slowing down the speed of your website.

LoftLoader offers 7 different animation effects, from which 2 of them support custom images. You can simply create your own stunning preloading page on WordPress without paying a single penny.

WP Smart Preloader

WP Smart Preloader is another great and free preloading plugin for WordPress, which offers tons of different features and effects.

Not to mention that this is one of the easiest plugins to maintain on a WordPress website, as you will only need to activate it and set the effect you like.

With WP Smart you don’t need coding knowledge at all, as you can set any kind of preloading screen and even go for Gif images.

Or if you prefer to use plain colors and no extra elements, you can use their circle animations, which are crafted in CSS3 and have no JavaScript included.

Preloader for Website

If you are searching for a WordPress preloading plugin, with no extra functions that could slow down your site, then Preloader for Website is the best choice for every WP site owner.

With Preloader for Website, you have the power to craft basic but effective preload screens with no JavaScript and extra effects, which could make your visitors leave.

You can use their 2 added preloaders, or use your custom content preloaded until your website loads fully for the visitor.

Preloader for Website offers both free and premium versions, but if you need something fast and not so complicated you can keep the free version on your site.

The Pro version of Preloader for Website offers more animations, such as 17 predefined spinners, 3 different preloader sizes, more customizations, and much more.

Alternative WordPress Preloader Plugins

As less popular options, but quite effective, these WordPress preloading plugins can even do a greater job than the above mentioned if used properly.

WP Nice Loader

WP Nice Loader is a really fast and simple WordPress preloading plugin with some extra preloading pages and no issues with any of the websites.

The plugin is lightweight and each of the loading themes is built with HTML and CSS, so you don’t have to worry about extra codes and requests on your website.

The best thing about WP Nice Loader is that in no time, you can set everything up in less than a minute and watch how you get a lower bounce rate, as visitors will patiently stay on your site.

DWL Preloader

DWL Preloader is the most lightweight WordPress preloader plugin, as it has a weight of only 3KB! It’s a few lines of coding plugin, which directly does what it says.

Once you download and install DWL, you will see how your pages are not affected negatively with extra loading time and how visitors will wait patiently to see your page’s content.

DWL Preloader does not have customizable effects, themes, options to add images or anything special with the other plugins. You do not even need to set it up, as the plugin is set by itself.

When visitors come to your website, they will be seeing a circle spinning as a preloading page, until the website has loaded fully.

Easy Lite Preloader

Easy Lite Preloader is another alternative to WordPress preloader plugins, which hasn’t been tested with the latest versions (at least the WP plugin repository says that), but it worked totally fine.

Easy Lite Preloader is a no-brainer preloader plugin, which doesn’t require any coding knowledge and works really fast with any of the websites.

You can choose between the many optional preloading themes and add them to a certain page on your website or use them for your whole website.

You can add your own customized text, which visitors will be able to see, so playing around with the words could hook them up to stay longer on your website.

Flat Preloader

Flat Preloader is yet a simple, but effective preloading plugin, which requires no knowledge in coding.

All you have to do is install the plugin and choose from the available Gif icons, and set it to be shown on your website.

The preloading screens can be shown on a single page, homepage, or all the pages on your website.


Preloader is an effective preloading plugin for WordPress, which most of the users choose amongst any of the alternatives.

It is again simple and does not slow your website at all. It has been built with lightweight coding and gives you a ton of features, which you can implement into your pages.

Preloader offers retina ready images, and you can add any kind of image, which will be mobile-friendly, so when a user comes to your website from a mobile device, they will not have to wait extra time.

Preloader gives you 10 different preloading themes, which you can implement on your website and choose where you would like to show them.

If you have a WooCommerce store and wish to add preloading to it, Preloader has WooCommerce compatibility and will not cause any damage to your shopping pages or products.