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Which WordPress Theme is Best For Your Website

When picking WordPress themes, you have to be aware of, which WordPress Theme is Best For Your Website. The speed and codes that a WordPress theme has are most important and good to know, so you can have a perfectly optimized website.

For example, most of the premium themes are bloated due to too much and poor coding, which makes WordPress websites load slower.

A slow loading website will not be visited too often, if I may also say it will not be visited at all, as Google’s new update states that they will be measuring the website’s loading time on both mobile and computers.

The structure of your website is depending on your theme, so you will need to know how your website is displaying each heading tag, or you might miss a good rank on Google.

These algorithms analyze signals indicating whether all users can see the result. For example, whether the site is displayed correctly in different browsers , whether it is designed for all types and sizes of devices, including computers, tablets and smartphones , and whether the pages load fast enough and for users with a slow Internet connection.

Which Are The Top 6 Best WordPress Themes For Your Website?

Salient – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

The Best WordPress themes for every website owner is Salient, due to its customization features and easy template import options.

Many newbies are struggling with getting their WordPress themes optimized and perfectly designed for to fit their website.

If you have a struggle of setting up your website’s design and aligning each element, you can always import a free template to your website and customize texts and images to fit the needs.

The Sailent Demo Importer is free after buying the Sailent theme, which costs $60 and comes up with Sailent Social to add your Social media buttons and Nectar Popular Posts, to display posts with views.

If you love WordPress slider plugins, the Salient Nectar Slider offers good sliding effects and also the incredible parallax effect, which can be integrated through WPBakery.

The developers from Salient offer each of their theme users to use the Force Regenerate Thumbnails plugin, which can save your images, if any issue happens.

Bridge – Creative Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Another great WordPress theme, which can be best for your website is the multipurpose theme Bridge.

Bridge also offers hundreds of free templates once the theme is bought and holds many bonuses for its owners.

First to mention that the theme support is really good and can answer each of your questions.

They often release new updates and keep the theme with the newest technology and codeless, so your website can be kept with a good loading speed.

If you are looking for a simple and beginner friendly theme, with good designs and easy setup, this theme will be worth your time.

For only $59 you can get the most of this theme and can expect high results from your website’s SEO structure.

Bridge also offers powerful well designed and coded features as:

  1. Integrated search that keeps up with the best results.
  2. Social media integration to add your social media icons.
  3. Step by step tutorials on how to setup your theme.
  4. Beautiful Font Icon Pack.
  5. Fully Optimized for SEO.
  6. Smooth CSS3 Animations.
  7. Quick One-Click Support.

Theme Neve

If paid themes are not by your pocket, you can always go for a better solution like Neve.

Theme Neve, which is created by ThemeIsle offers full theme customization features and lets you achieve any design that your heart desires.

Neve is totally free and can be integrated with OrbitFox, which is also created by ThemeIsle and import any kind of template to your website.

The theme functions perfectly with all plugins and especially page builders such as the Elementor Page Builder.

If you have picked any template from Orbit Fox, you can fully customize it with Neve and Elementor.

Another great feature of Neve is that you can get the perfect optimization for speed and SEO, that your website has high chance of ranking, without moving your finger (You still have to optimize your posts).

One of the greatest features of Neve is that you have pre-built:

  1. Left Sidebar, Right Sidebar and No Sidebar template for the whole website or just a single page.
  2. Easy to customize buttons, texts and other elements with Elementor and other page builders.
  3. Perfect integration with all kinds of Form Plugins, such as NinjaForms, Contact Form 7, WPForms and many more.
  4. Neve can be integrated with any template and re-edited in any kind of way without losing quality or speed.
  5. Hundreds of free templates and also premium ones, that can suite your taste and fulfill your needs.
  6. Lifetime free updates and no need paying for membership in order to use it.


MagXP is one of a kind WordPress ecommerce magazine theme, which is designed to fit the needs of an ecommerce and affiliate website.

As an ecommerce magazine theme for WordPress, MagXP has a full customization feature, which lets you customize your website the way you like it.

They include carousels of images for products and different displays for products, such as grid display and mansonry display.

MagXP is lightweight WordPress theme, which will not hurt your website speed or hurt your website’s seo.

One of the greatest features of MagXP is that you can add any kind of ads on certain places, which were coded especially for better monetization and click through rate.

The theme is fully responsive and you will not have struggles with the new Google Update about first mobile index.


One of the greatest free WordPress themes ever released takes a part of our list and is called Blocksy.

Just by installing and configuring Blocksy by your liking you have a fast free WordPress theme.

Not to mention that the scores on Google Pagespeed Insights, GTMetrix and Pingdom are above 90+ score.

While there are thousands of WordPress themes competing, which has the cleanest code and is also ready for customization, I would always pick Blocksy or even Divi.

Blocksy is not only fast and can boost your SEO scores, to kick start your career, but also is Gutenberg ready and fully responsive to any elements you add to your website.

Not to mention how big are the tables on WordPress, but the Blocksy theme is taking care of big tables, so your website can be perfectly scaled with any mobile device.

The Blocksy theme also has an improved real time sync, with live previews, which lets you to see how the design of each element looks after just a few clicks.

If you are looking to use page builders, that will be no problem, but Blocksy also has a fully customizable design, which lets you change the structure of your website, without any knowledge or need of code.


As mentioned above, Divi would be a good choice for a WordPress theme if I had to choose between Divi vs Blocksy.

Divi is a premium theme, created by Elegant themes and priced fair as a premium theme, with its own page builder, hundreds of templates to get your website ready for production, along with all other Divi Products.

The price may be a lot for some people, but $249 for a 1 time payment is pretty cheap, rather than paying for a premium theme and buying page builders such as Elementor alone.

Divi is the present and future WordPress theme, which lets their users to design their websites without any coding knowledge, by just using a page builder and customizing each option, so it can suite their needs.

The code that Divi has is not bloated and will not affect your website speed critically, which can keep you in a safe position, when testing your website for speed.

Another great feature of Divi’s pack is Bloom.

Bloom is an email marketing opt in plugin, which lets you collect email lists and give your users the best experience.

No matter if you need an ecommerce theme or affiliate marketing website, Divi has the design for it, if you are unsure from where to start.

And we all know how bad are the social sharing plugins, but not anymore.

Divi offers Monarch, which is a social media sharing plugin. With Monarch you can create the best social media icons and include them wherever your would like on your website without messing up any elements.

If you are unsure about Divi and how good they are, you can check them on TrustPilot. They have over 16,900 reviews and a perfect score of 5.0 Stars given. 97% of the people, who had bought Divi had never had a bad experience with ElegantThemes, Divi, or their products.

What is a WordPress Theme And How Does It Function?

A WordPress Theme is a combination of codes and styles, which serves the purpose of creating a fully functional website, with a nice design.

Said easier than done, right?

If we dig deeper, we can find out that the function of a WordPress theme is based on the code written by the developer(s).

Each WordPress Theme has a unique design and functionality, which depends on the needs of website owners.

Each WP theme can serve as a single or multi-purpose theme and be customized by the liking of the website owner, if he has basic coding knowledge.

Customizing WordPress themes, is done through the Theme Editor option and requires the beginner knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP or JavaScript.

If you are unaware of how to customize your WordPress theme, you could always use codes provided from other websites, such as CodePen.  

Changing your styles, loops, calls and other elements of your theme is usually done through the Theme Customizer, but for styles only, you can use the theme “Customizer” and go to the Additional CSS tab, which lets you edit the CSS of your WordPress theme.

How To Create A WordPress Theme Child?

If you have a WordPress Theme, which has its CSS or any other property edited, it may lose all of its customization features, because of a new update.

Once you hit the update button your theme will download and apply the newest updates and changes, erasing all of the custom coding and styling you have done until now.

To prevent website owners lose all of their custom codes, WordPress has been allowing people to create a Child Theme for their already downloaded or purchased WordPress theme.

A child theme serves the purpose as a checkpoint of all your custom codes and prevents them to be erased and changed, when a new update has come for your WordPress theme.

If you do not want to update your current WordPress theme, you can get into trouble, as outdated themes and plugins suffer from hacker attacks and malware is being inserted into your website.

For creating a child theme, you do not need to be a techie, but you just need to follow step by step on how to create a child for your WordPress theme, so you do not break your website.

Step 1 – Go into your WordPress hosting and locate the file manager. Once you have accessed your file manager, you have to open Public_html, wp-content and then Themes.

Step 2 – Create a new folder for your child theme by adding “-child” at the end of it. If your theme is named “MyTheme”, then the folder should be with the name “MyTheme-child”.

Step 3 – After you have created your child theme folder, you need to create a CSS file called style.css and include the following information:


Theme Name: Theme Name

Theme URI:

Description: Your Theme’s Description

Author: Who created it

Author URI: Website of author

Template: Theme template

Version: 1.0.0

License: GNU General Public License v2 or later

License URI:

Tags: any tags that describe the theme

Text Domain: Domain of the theme


Step 4 – Enqueue your child theme, with your current theme.

When doing and enqueue for your child theme, you are connecting the child and parent themes, so the child does not change and destroy functions of the parent.

In order to enqueuer both child and parent themes, you need to paste the following code into your parent’s functions.php file:


add_action( ‘wp_enqueue_scripts’, ‘enqueue_parent_styles’ );

function enqueue_parent_styles() {

wp_enqueue_style( ‘parent-style’, get_template_directory_uri().’/style.css’ );


Step 5 – Install your child theme onto your WordPress website and activate the child theme.