Why building backlinks of the type register an account is bad


Your whole building link registering account strategy can result in a positive SEO way, but also turn your whole website upside down.

The link building process, is usually a hard process, which the big SEO pros are referring that without having your building backlink, your website will not proceed onto the next level on the SERPs.

Both for newbies and professionals the building link process, tends to get their eyes mostly on one thing.

From where can I get doffollow backlinks, so I can start my link building strategy and get more traffic?

Things do not work this way. The only thing you will acquire is not a positive building backlink success, but you will get.

Building a backlinks by registering accounts is just another spammy way that people are intending to do, just because they think Google rewards for such experiments.

The register an account type backlinks do not grant your website any authority, or reward you with high page rank and a key spot from 1 to 10.

It is the total opposite. You will get punished for your building backlinks strategy, because you are not receiving them in an organic way. You are receiving them in a toxic way, which is unhealthy for both you and your website.

In this moment you start worrying about your whole building link idea and ask yourself what can be done in order to build backlinks on my website?

Well, you can do a lot, as many opportunities exist and we will be looking into the best ones, along with describing why building a backlink by registering accounts is bad for you and your website.

What is building a backlink by registering and account and how do I get one?

First to start things off in a good way in plain newbie language, we will discuss what is a backlink and how do you acquire it.

This simple tag lets you go from one page to another and can take you to another page from the same website or a totally different one.

For building a link you will need to enter this simple html code:

<a href=”The_Link_To_The_Website.com”>The text, which will serve as an anchor to the link</a>

So now you will be thinking, what is so important in this building backlinks by registering accounts?

Having backlinks, which are pointing to your website shows Google that your website’s content is doing great. As a reward Google will rank you higher, depending on the difficulty of your niche.

Just one backlink will not place your website on first place if the niche is competitive. That is why most people are concentrating on a micro niche website and choose their own way of building registered accounts backlinks.

And there it comes. The idea to build a ton of backlinks, which just won’t do you a good favour. Instead it will destroy your website and your time invested in blog posts, products, design and so on.

Difference between DoFollow and NoFollow link buildings.

As most of the people are debating and even arguing on this, I will be really honest with you on this one.

So what is the difference between the DoFollow and NoFollow backlinks for building a register an account backlink?

When giving or receiving a dofollow backlink, Google will see that a website is referring to you, but in a good way and for a good reason.

When the Google bots crawl pages, they do not only check your or somebody else’s content. They also check the backlinks and if they are followed or not.

A dofollow backlink is not only beneficial for your website, but also makes your website shine brighter than a star.

A dofollow link will look like this if looked from the eyes of a Google bot:

<a href=”The_Link_To_The_Website.com”>The text, which will serve as an anchor to the link</a>

Dofollow backlinks not only increase your authority, but also helps you rank easier and drives big amounts of user traffic to your website.

Having many dofollow backlinks from different sites in an organic way increases your chances of being ranked high for many keywords and increases sales.

The nofollow link is having also a key role in the link building login strategy, even though it will not be much beneficial for you, when you hear what it has and what I does not have.

The nofollow link does not provide authority to your website if you get a link from it and the reason is simple.

Many websites were being spammed with links and those spammers were targeting websites with instant comment approvals.

Back in 2011 you could launch a website and get it at the top with just spamming a lot of keywords and adding backlinks like crazy.

But since the google penguin update things have changed for good. They had implemented a new link type, called the noffolow link, which tends to reduce spam and manipulation of results.

Since nofollow backlinks came into the google penguin update, you will be thinking that it is not worth having them linking to your website.

Actually it is beneficial to have those links pointing to your website, as it can get your website traffic if done the right way.

A nofollow link is looking like this when seen from the view of a Google Bot:

<a href=”The_Link_To_The_Website.com” rel=”nofollow”>The text, which will serve as an anchor to the link</a>

The existence of the nofollow backlink will not benefit your domain authority, but will stimulate your searches done through other websites.

Why building register an account backlink is a bad habit?

Doing link building login is a bad habit for most of the people starting off, or even those who offer these techniques.

The link building login is considered as a black hat technique, when the intention is to get fast results, by spamming other websites with links.

If they are also irrelevant links, you have absolutely no chances in gaining good positions and ranking the right keywords.

If your website is about cars, but you are adding links from websites, which are talking about fish or Christmas decoration, football trophies or something else, you will not even get the slightest amount of authority and rankings.

Spamming for the sake of the fast results is also another bad habit when building links by registering accounts.

You will not get positive results. In fact Google will penalize your website, for using black hat SEO techniques, by building login links, which are toxic.

Fast results may get you high for a moment and increase your traffic to the sky, but that will not go clean after time.

You will be leaving your marks all over other websites and Google will just destroy your website, for thinking that there is a fast way of achieving good results.

How to do building strong and good backlinks the right way?

When you start building a backlink to your brand new website, the first thing in your mind is to go all in and add many backlinks to your website, so you can get faster results.

As mentioned above, this will not get you any results even in a thousand years. Backlinks were not intended to give fast rankings.

Their existence is to give a vote to your website and telling Google that this content is helpful. By receiving many of the so called votes, your website is going to rank high for many search terms and be discovered easier.

Some of the people starting off with a website are expecting results overnight or at the most 1 month.

To tell you the truth, this does not happen the way you think. Everything good takes time and speeding up the process, will not benefit you. In fact it will destroy you.

A normal website starts getting noticed by Google in 6 months, but sometimes more. Having your sitemap set and posts structured, you will be winning for months ahead.

The best way to go for building good and strong backlink profiles is not to build them.

Most of the website owners are spending a big proportion of their time, concentrating on getting a backlink.

It will bring up some results, but it will not be the one you had ever wanted.

People expect a massive traffic after each backlink, while others are being scared if the building backlink register an account strategy is working for them.

The best thing that you could be doing is to concentrate most of your time writing blog posts, as this will spread your website and prepare you for ranking on multiple keywords, without even having backlinks or a link building strategy.

Writing more relevant posts, will be more beneficial for you and your website.

If a blogger starts visiting websites and finds your content, to be the best, he will definitely leave a link on his website, which is pointing directly to your website.

Even better. It will be a dofollow link, which had been built in an organical and not toxic way.

The more blog posts you have, the more visitors you will attract and backlinks you will get. It takes time to start earning with this process, but it is much more beneficial, than you could ever imagine.

Another nice thing to do is to comment on relevant websites, which are having the field to add your website.

The link that will be placed on their website, pointing to yours will be a nofollow link, but this way you will be having a nice mix of dofollow and nofollow backlinks and get higher rankings on google and your keywords.

Exchanging a backlink with a relevant site is also a good way for your building register and account backlink strategy, but not when you use the same website for getting 10 links. One link would be enough.

Even sometimes you will see people writing you emails, telling you that they had linked one of your articles to their website and ask if you would like to link back to them.

Do not be greedy or think you are the king and directly reject. If the website has relevant content and is ranking well, you can be benefiting also, by having a partner in the building by registering accounts strategy.

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