Creating the best SEO with Yoast Seo

Yoast Seo Not Working

Creating the best SEO with Yoast Seo

Yoast Seo Not Working

What is Seo and how can someone be Creating the best SEO with Yoast Seo ? 

Yoast Seo is one of kind WordPress plugin that helps you achieve the best results and ranking for you website. 

We know that you have a lot of questions about Yoast Seo (the plugin) , what is seo and how can we do best SEO , so we made this post just for you.

What is SEO and how does it impact my website ?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Which is the art of ranking high on a search engine in the unpaid section, also known as the organic listings.Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your online content so that a search engine likes to show it as a top result for searches of a certain keyword.

When it comes to SEO, there’s you, the search engine, and the searcher. If you have an article about how to make vegan lasagna, you want the search engine (which, in 90% of all cases, is Google) to show it as a top result to anyone who searches for the phrase “vegan lasagna.”

SEO is the magic you have to work on your article in order to make Google very likely to include your post as one of the top results whenever someone searches for that keyword.

Yoast Seo at first look :


After you have installed and activated Yoast seo , when you try to edit a post or a page it should look like this.Now some of you will say it is hard , others wouldn’t even look at it and they will just give up on doing the easiest and most fun thing when you create a post , add a product or whatever you do.

Focus keyphrase : 


The focus keyphrase is the key component in doing SEO.Simply said the keyphrase can be a part or full text of what a person is searching.

For doing a good SEO you need to use longtail keywords. When you first read this ,if you are unfamiliar with such phrases you will definetely quit or google it.No need to do that , because we are going to explain it so easy ,that you will remember it for life.The longtail focus keyphrase has more than 4 words.Yoast says it isn’t good for you , but trust me , you will need it.The longtail keywords are easy to rank and achieve better results ,rather than struggling with boring old 3-4 words.

Also when you type a keyphrase I recommend you on using the same keyphrase as the site title.For example I will be posting about rare cats walking on the city.I would use a longtail keyword like “The Rarest Cat Breeds Walking In My City”.

If you are selling a product ,house , music or something else ,just go for the normal : “I am selling a product”.

Remember that you have to use the keyphrase in some forms like : Add title ,slug and Meta Description. Don’t worry we will tell you about them.Everything is included in this tutorial about creating the best seo in yoast seo.

SEO Title:


The Seo title is the part ,that is displayed on Google when somebody searches for help , or a website.It always includes a Separator and your site name.

Updating the SEO title should be done to maximum.Meaning that you should achieve green score on the line that has an orange color now.It means that what you have written untill now is not enough.Updating the SEO title is through the Site Title.When you add a site title it updates the SEO title too.As mentioned before use the keyphrase as site title , slug and include it in description.

Slug :


There isn’t much to say about the slug.It updates along with your Post Title once you have done it.I always use the focus keyphrase as slug , to avoid any errors or problem ,that could harm my SEO

Meta Description :


The meta description is displayed on the bottom of your post or page title.It is important ,because it helps the user to find you by the keywords you are using.The easiest option is to include the focus keyphrase into the meta description.Mix it along with some text.

Example : I am selling fluffy cats. (This is the focus keyphrase)

The Meta Description will be : Are you searching for cute and fluffy cats ? Well you are in the right place,because I am selling fluffy cats.

The words from the keyphrase will become bold in your Meta Description once you have finished it.

Remember to always write your meta description untill you hit the green line.Adding more can harm the line and it can become orange ,which means bad for you , because the user can’t see the full description.

Problems , Improvements and Good Results :


So far so good.We have 5 good results and 5 problems.The improvements aren’t that bad,but we should have maximum 2 improvements or else we won’t achieve green results.

We will explain to you shortly how to fix each of those problems , so you can have the best SEO.

Outbound links : 

These are links that lead to other websites.For example you can add such a link in your text by simply marking a text and clicking the chain which says Insert/Edit Link or just do a combo by clicking Ctrl+K and insert a link from another website.It is best if you include a link from a website that is a friend and has related content or somebody that you are promoting.

Internal links : 

Internal links are the ones that send somebody to another post / product / article etc , but to your website.This time you don’t have to send somebody to another website.Simply use a related link to put on your text (as mentioned before : .For example you can add such a link in your text by simply marking a text and clicking the chain which says Insert/Edit Link or just do a combo by clicking Ctrl+K and insert a link ) ,but this time link something from your website.

Keyphrase in introduction : 

When you create a new post just start it with a title.Use the one that you wrote in the  focus keyphrase

Text length : 

Always write a long text.It doesn’t matter if you are selling something or promoting.You always have to write something big , but it has to make sense too.The easiest way is to describe.For example you are selling buildings.Write a big article about what does the building have, when is it created , how much is the price and some information about the year that this building was built.The minimum words are 300 ( as mentioned ) If you can go for more ,it would be awesome.

Note : Always include the focus keyphrase in the text , if it is too big.Yoast Seo will always say how many times did you include the focus keyphrase and how many time you should put it more.



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    best ever

  3. Indian Video

    i follow your tutorial ,but results dont come

  4. Mark

    Hey man this is nice.I also checked the rank math plugin but yoast is better imo

    • crowvision

      To be honest rank math was hacked and information was leaked from site owners.
      I still prefer Yoast Seo ,due to personal reasons ,but everybody can choose any of those 2 plugins.They do perfectly fine

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