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Best Event Calendar Plugins for WordPress 2022

Is your website event targeted or perhaps you want to create some special event giveaways, but need a calendar plugin to mark your special days?

Event calendar plugins can help you to achieve this. With an event calendar plugin, you can help your visitors find when there will be an attend going on your website.

This can help you to potentially engage more with your visitors and even receive more traffic on your website.

The idea of having a proper website structure can help users navigate through your website and find the most interesting parts of it.

Displaying your events within a calendar plugin can help your visitors know when the event is happening and be more active on them.

You might also see visitors converting on your website and signing up for your newsletter, so they can be emailed when you send them information about the next big event.

What is a calendar plugin?

Calendar plugins are used for event calendars, which help your users follow when is the next event, or even mark their own events like their birthday or any special occasions.

Calendar plugins are also used for booking hours or rooms, ticketing, scheduling appointments and can also be integrated with 3rd party software, such as Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, Teams Calendar, and much more.

The overall idea of calendar plugins is to organize your day if you have meetings or simply mark the special days, which can be events, birthdays, and many more.

How much does an event calendar plugin cost?

Event calendar plugins can be seen as both free and premium. The free event calendar plugins have fewer functions than the premium ones, but you get them for free and can do more than you think.

A free WordPress calendar plugin is usually helping you with assigning current special events or special dates and displaying it to your visitors, while they can interact and set reminders to be participating in the current event.

While the free plugins can help you achieve a lot without paying anything a premium WordPress calendar plugin, can do a much greater job and help you engage even further.

It may have a monthly or yearly cost, but the price will be definitely worth your time.

Premium event calendar plugins help users register appointments, make purchases on the day of the event, before or after the event date.

You can also integrate most of the plugins with Woocommerce payment gateways and achieve more sales on your website.

Best Free Event Calendar Plugins for WordPress

1. The Events Calendar


The Events Calendar is the most powerful WordPress calendar plugin, which can help you engage more with your visitors, without paying anything.

It comes both with free and premium versions, which would be worth your time and easy to set up.

The Events Calendar is a plugin, which is compatible with any of the WordPress themes, and plugins, so you will not be experiencing any kind of issues on your website once you set it up.

The Events Calendar is coming flexible and perfectly mobile-optimized, so it will not drain your website’s speed and even help your website’s SEO scores.

With the free version of The Events Calendar you can:

  • Create unlimited events without problems.
  • Integrate your events with Google Maps and locations of where your event is happening.
  • Add your events to Google Calendar.
  • Change the design of your events.
  • Receive tooltips on how to use the plugin and create events.
  • Display a list of the upcoming events to your website’s visitors.

The Events Calendar is a free WordPress plugin, which is beginner-friendly and comes up with a lot of tutorials on how to use it.

2. All-in-One Events Calendar by Timely


The All in One Events Calendar plugin by Timely is the best to use events calendar plugin. If you don’t trust my opinion, you can check their reviews.

The support of this plugin aims to answer every single question that you may have, and also works great on discovering new opportunities for their plugin.

The idea of All in One Events is to help you engage with your visitors on a different and much more professional level.

The plugin is so fast and good that every big website is using it. All in One Events comes up with some premade templates, which can be fully customized and updated in just a few clicks.

With All in One Event Calendar you can:

  • Create your event calendars in multiple languages.
  • Customize your website’s event calendar.
  • Set a time zone for your events.
  • Choose between hundreds of calendar designs.
  • Add a search box, so your users can search for events.
  • Duplicate your events with just a click.
  • Change the color of each event that you have or will create.

All in One Events Calendar is the most basic and rapid fast WordPress plugin, which can help you set up multiple events and display them in nicer ways to your visitors.

3. WP Event Manager


WP Event Manager is a lightweight and one of the most powerful WordPress event calendar plugins.

With WP Event Manager, you can set up hundreds of events and translate them into many languages.

WP Event Manager is a super easy-to-use calendar plugin, which can help you submit and design your events calendar fast and track your visitors behavior by using the Google Analytics Integration.

With WP Event Manager, you can:

  • Sell tickets for events and track the conversion rates.
  • Automatically translate your events into many languages.
  • Create stunning events.
  • Increase your SEO results and bring more traffic to your website.
  • Integrate your plugin with hundreds of payment plugins, such as PayPal and others.
  • Collect user emails and start email campaigns.
  • Categorize each of your events and assign tags to them.

WP Event Manager is a quick solution to all of your needs and can achieve more than any other free events calendar plugin.

Best Premium Event Calendar Plugins for WordPress

1. EventON – WordPress Virtual Event Calendar Plugin


EventON is the most lightweight premium WordPress event calendar plugin, which can help your visitors get engaged and sign in for any kind of event on your website.

With EventON designing events is no longer needed, as they come up with pre-built event calendar templates.

Each of the events can be customized with its own color and be displayed in a more stylized way.

EventON also offers its users a search bar, which can help your visitors search for certain events and the time that they are going to start.

With EvenON you can:

  • Display events with excerpts and a read more option.
  • Implement Google maps and addresses to your events calendar.
  • Let your visitors add their own events to your website.
  • Filter events.
  • Add events in categories and tags.
  • Change the appearance of the events.
  • Automatically delete past events.

2. Events Schedule – WordPress Events Calendar Plugin


Events Schedule is an advanced events calendar plugin for WordPress, which lets you fully customize your event calendar forms and create stunning designs.

With Events Schedule you can use 12 different design templates and change the display of your events calendars in just a few clicks.

If you are hosting paid events, you can integrate Events Schedule with Woocommerce and use any of the payment gateways that the plugin offers.

Events Schedule lets you track your visitors’ behavior and see how many visitors have signed up for an event and how many paid for it.

You can easily track the interest of certain events and improve the quality of your traffic.

Events Schedule is fully compatible and mobile-friendly. It works with any WordPress theme and helps you improve your SEO with no hard work done.

With Events Schedule you can:

  • Customize event forms with the visual customizer provided.
  • Choose between 12 different layouts.
  • Track customers through Google Analytics.
  • Set up different payment forms for users to use while paying.
  • Change the formation of your event calendar forms.
  • Set a timeframe for each calendar event.
  • Automatically translate the events to multiple languages.
  • Set unlimited call to action buttons.
  • Set a time zone and time frame for each calendar event.

3. Team Booking – WordPress Booking System


Team Booking is a unique event calendar plugin, which lets visitors book hours for appointments and much more.

With team booking you can easily manage teams, speak with clients, and even set hours for a video chat with each client.

Team Booking can be fully integrated with Google Calendar and display the booked hours and recent changes in a real-time setting.

Team Booking  works perfectly fine with the most popular payment gateways and can be integrated with Woocoommerce or any other e-commerce plugin.

Whenever your visitors sign up for an event, you can easily send them reminders and notify them about the upcoming event.

If a visitor did not attend an event or is excited about upcoming events, you can always send him newsletters and keep him engaged with your website.

With Team Booking you can:

  • Create virtual Zoom meetings.
  • Use an advanced form builder for styling your events.
  • Choose between different designs.
  • Approve or disapprove user payments.
  • Integrate with e-commerce plugins.
  • Integrate with PayPal and Stripe.
  • Let visitors book an hour on your website.
  • Set custom event dates and notify users.
  • Collect emails and send newsletters.
  • Integrate Google Analytics and track visitors.
  • Send multiple newsletters without reducing site speed.