Everything you Need to Know About Google Adsense in 2021

Google Adsense Account

Is having a Google Adsense Account worth ? 

Google Adsense is a free platform, which enables you to acquire income, based on your visitor rate, cost per click and total impressions by each user.Creating and maintaining a Google Adsense Account is much different from any other ads platform such as Adsterra, Propeller, Evadav or Bidvertiser, which are highly recommended as an Google Adsense Alternatives.

How much does your Google Adsense Account earn per month? 

Depending on your website and it’s visitor rates, along with action rates and impressions gained, you can earn a decent ammount. Some people are making a fortune with their Google Adsense Accounts.It all depends on “how you are going to play your cards”.

What do I need to earn more with my Google Adsense Account ? 

Well, this is a question that is asked by many and stays with thousands irrelevant answers. Your Google Adsense Account Approval is the first step and once again all those “tips & tricks” are irrelevant for many of you. But we will cover this in another topic.

While we got off topic, lets continue with the current one on How To Earn More with my Google Adsense Account. Adsense offers the following types of ads, with a different purpose of work :

  1. Display ads
  2. Link unit ads
  3. In-feed ads
  4. Feed ads
  5. In-article ads
  6. Matched content ads
  7. Video ads
  8. Games ads

What is each type of ads for ? 

The Display ads are a typical image banner available in various dimensions. They are scaling from 160×600 (Also Known As SkyScrapper), to 1920×1080 (Banner Ad).
Google Adsense has currently announced that they will serve a wider ad option for devices such as :

  • Wide TV’s
  • Monitors
  • Tablets
  • Phones

They main purpose of this annoucement is to help the Advertisers with more opportunities and invetories, which a Publisher with an Google Adsense Account (approved) will display on his website.

Link Unit Ads 

Link unit ads are text ads, which are available in vertical/horizontal form. The variety is from 120×90) to (200×90) and a third wider, horizontal ad unit with the size of 728×15 containing 3 or 4 units together in a single ads unit.

In-feed ads 

In-feed ads are feed ads, which are used for displaying RSS and Blog feed content on your website. These ads are well placed between your well written article, and stay in a way, that can’t bother the human eyes. But the opposite happens. It helps user click you ads, like they are anchor links, which generates you more income and impressions!

Matched content native ads 

The matched content ads are a content recommendation from Adsense with a monetize option. Google Adsense is offering a custom setup for these ads, so you can now choose the number of rows, columnds and parameters, which can be more optimized and look friendly for the visitor, when he enters your website.

Video ads 

Google Adsense has 2 types of Video ads, which are playing video ads and embedded ads in a streaming video.
Playing ads is much more preferred as it belogs to rich display ads showing an entertaining video, rather than a fixed image with text. Video tags are belonging to the CPM and CPC family, so you can earn by getting clicks and actions, and by just getting views on the ads (the income depends on the time a video has been viewed by user).

Having the basics of the ad types covered, we need to find the best ad formats to increase the earnings and visibility of the ads, placed on your website.

Best ad formats to increase the earnings of a Google Adsense Account 

336 x 290 – Large rectangle
300 x 250 – Rectangle
728 x 90 – Leaderboard
160×600 – Wide Skyscraper

After we have chose the right format for our Adsense Ads, we have to user proper placement for ads.

If you are having a default non CMS website, you can continue reading, but if you use a CMS like WordPress, Wix or Blogger, then please skip this and refer to the proper instructions.

When it comes to a basic website (lets say HTML/CSS), it is really simple to add the ad tags from your Google Adsense Account, but it may take some time also.

Lets say you have a blog with 100 pages and 1000 blog posts. You will have to place the html code in every singple page and post, which can get you depressed, but no worries. There is a better way, which is called auto ads, but we will get to this later.

To implement your adsense code on a basic website, you will need to paste your adsense code between the open and closingtag.

For example your website should be structured like this:

The head of your page

This is the body of your page.
Your ad code should be placed here

The best thing to do is to enable Auto Ads on your website.

Simply navigate to your Google Adsense Account and click on Ads, then Overview.
Under the “Site Settings” you should see and option that says “Turn on Auto Ads”
That’s all! You are done!

You also have the option to Optimize your existing ad units, by clicking theoption “Optimize your existing ad units”, which lets you choose how many ads should be displayed and at what time.
It can be less ads for one user and many ads for another, which is something that is not recommended. If you wish to do so, it will implement adsense ads all over your website and even on places that they will look irrelevant.
I am sure you don’t want that, because you want optimized ads, and not some spammy website, filled with images and texts or even links everywhere. It’s inappropriate and can get your Google Adsense Account banned.

Placing Adsense ads with WordPress 

If you are currently using WordPress, ads can be placed with a plugin and specify your proper placement.


Quick Adsense

Google Adsense Account - Quick Adsense

Quick Adsense is a beginner friendly plugin, that helps users define the placement of ads. This plugin gives you the ability to place up to three ads (or even more) per page, by just copy and pasting the generated Google Adsense Code in to the plugin. This can be done through the QuickTag Buttons, while using the visual editor

Easy Google Adsense (Editor Recommended)

Easy Google Adsense is made to increase the performance of your current Google Adsense Account’s advertisements. The plugin uses machines learning (also known as “ml”) to make a decision of the ads that are going to be used, and their proper placement for your page or post. It also has the ability to recommend the best times, in which you can display ads that are optimal, depending on the user’s experience.

In order to optimize your earnings, it would be a really good idea to keep experimenting and rotate the different ad placements, until you find the right combination for your website and visitors. Every website has been designed in a different way and has a different purpose, so whatever it is, do not try to copy somebody else’s ad placement. It won’t work. Trust me. Everything has been tested, but when you do things on your own, then you can understand why all of this is being said.

Easy Google Adsense works with all types of advertisement, including text ads, in feed ads, video ads and etc.

Still this plugin has not met it’s competitor as it does it’s best to reduce the redundancy, by checking your other ad codes and eliminates every little mistake, that you had left on your way out of the page or post.

Google Adsense Dashboard 

Google Adsense Dashboard doesn’t only come up with the ad placements and optimization techniques. It also provides you with your own statistics dashboard! Sounds cool, right?
What you have in this plugin along with your dashboard and statistics, you also get your estimated Earnings, Cost/Click, Page Views, Click Through Rate (also known as CTR) and Revenue/Thousand.

If you are using a multi author website and multiple users have access to your dashboard, you do not need to worry at all. This plugin gives you full control and you can decide at any time, who will be able to view your statistics and earnings.

Advanced ads 

Advanced ads is your number one ad manager, which can help you grow your community and monthly impressions. Sounds like more money and opportunities for me!

With Advanced Ads you can create and display any number of ad units. The maximum ads you can create is infinite, so you don’t need to worry about anything. Just go for it!

This plugin has an extra feature that the previously mentioned ones do not currently have and may not have. It’s the ability feature that you can schedule ads with a set start time and expiry period.
The next feature that it has is to inject ads into a post or page without any coding experience. Final feature is displaying conditions. Simply the display conditions lets you to show ads by post category, tags, and author.

Advanced Ads also comes up with an ad blocker that prevents ad units from being removed.


Adsense In-post ads 

Adsense In-post ads plugin lets you save your top performing adsense ads and insert them as a shortcode (really easy and hanful plugin). With this plugin you have the ability to insert your shortcodes literally everywhere in your website, depending on your theme and it’s options.
Some of the themes include banner option, which is exactly next to the logo, while others are not that optimized, but no worries, as in CrowVision we never use a banner ad next to the logo.

As per personal experience,Google Adsense Ads placed on CrowVision are only in post and in the widgets, Sidebar area.These are the best and easiest places to be spotted by the user, while scrolling the content and at any time he can leave where he was, and simply click the ad, which seems most relevant.

Whenever you are pasting your ads and optimizing content, think of how much ads, can you actually put and does it look like it is a bit too much. If you think it is too much, then it really is. Start removing, as Google, does not like website that are Made for Adsense (also known as MFA)

Before Google had a rule, that you can have a limited number of ads, displayed on your website, but now this rule has been lifted and the user can have an unlimited number of Google Adsense Ads, as long as they do not intend to only make money and get clicks.

Ads for WP 

While new users are having a hard time, discovering all of the WordPress options and customizations, on their website, Ads for WP offers a beginner friendly interface, with unlimited advertisements in it. This plugin can you help discover more about the visitors and their behaviour, which can be really good if you are seeking optimization for your Google Adsense Account

With Ads for WP, you can conduct tests and discover, which ads are more gaining you more revenue, so you can implement and create the best ad spot, for your users to see and click.

Also the plugin comes up with Click Fraud Protection and GPDR Policy. The Click Fraud Protection, prevents your Google Adsense Account to have rising in the income, which came by spam bots and protects your income, so it doesn’t get deduced, due to invalid traffic/clicks. In the worst case scenario you can get banned for invalid activity.
The GPDR Policy, keeps your website up to date, with the newest listed policies, implemented for a better user activity. It is considered as a friendly SEO factor, but does not do much for your website, keywords and rankings.

Easy Adsense Ads

Our last, but not least plugin is Easy Adsense Links, which injects the ads wherever you would like to have them.For example you can insert ads in your home page, posts, pages and others.
Easy adsense is not only for ads implementation, but also it is integrated in your WordPress default customizer. This gives you an instant preview for implementing your ads, while customizing posts, pages, categories and etc.

If you would like to exclude ads from a certain post or page, the plugin can be of help for you. Easy Adsense Ads has the function to avoid placement of ads on chosen pages places,pages or posts, so you can place any kind of other sponsored content and not look like a spammy website.

Placing Adsense ads with Wix 

Adding adsense code in your Wix website is a “piece of cake”. Nothing hard to be honest.
All you have to do is to Click on Create a Post, so you can start writing a blog post.

After this click on the HTML Icon, which is located at the bottom of the page.

Choose Add HTML or URL icon, and then select HTML code. Paste the adsense code, which you have gathered from google, upon creating you ad, and click Update.

Placing Adsense ads with Blogger 

Integrating you Google Adsense Account ads with Blogger is not something hard. It literally takes no more than five minutes of your precious time.

If you would like to use the Auto ad code, which is recommended for Beginners, all of you have to do is Sign in to your Blogger account. Then simple hover to the top left and click the arrow down.
Choose the blog that your auto ads should be displayed on. after this you should click more and choose Edit HTML. Now the ad that you have copied from your Google Adsense Account ad creation, should be pasted into the auto ad code between theandtags.


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