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Best Free and Premium Travel Blogging Themes for WordPress

It is a new year, which brings on the abrupt need for a significant change. Have you been dreaming of quitting your 9-5 and jetting off to new places while the airfare is still cheap?

Well, you could make this your new career fun career as a travel blogger. Travel blogging is so much fun because not only do you get to experience the world first hand, you get to brag about it to everyone who is still in a cubicle. Who doesn’t like to show off a bit?

All jokes aside travel blogging has many benefits:

  • It is profitable
  • Gives you a thrill-seeking lifestyle
  • Helps you cultivate writing and photography skills
  • Makes you a better planner
  • Changes your perspective on the world and other cultures

You can start a travel blog by adding one of the many excellent travel blog themes for WordPress to your site for a quick launch.

There are premium travel blog themes or free travel blog themes. In this way, WordPress fits into any budget.


The Wanderic WordPress Theme is one of the premium travel blog themes with a bold complete photo design. With this modern travel blog layout, you can feature your most stylish photos that everyone is dying to see front and center.

It comes with three different modern formats which will captivate your readers. Unique components include:

  • Maps to pinpoint where you have traveled
  • The ability to set up a storefront
  • Bold Instagram like front-page appeal
  • Easy to use
  • Customizable with responsive elements


The Piemont WordPress Theme is another of the premium travel blog themes. It has a minimalistic air that offers a simple way to view high-quality photographs and posts that every travel blogger produces.

The landing page allows your viewers to see featured blog posts via a revolving slider display at the top. Then, a collection of your most recent posts are shown below. This simplistic WordPress theme is perfect for beginners or people who are always on the go. There are other benefits too:

  • 1-minute configuration and installation
  • It includes over 600 font options
  • 5 different blog layouts
  • 11 color options
  • Free Updates
  • 9 Pre-installed WordPress Plugins


The Vagabonds premium WordPress theme offers a bold popping color pallet and modern responsive text movements as your user scrolls down the webpage.

It also has the perfect home page element for world travel bloggers. The feature allows your readers to search your site based on travel location. Other benefits include:

  • Compatible across popular browsers
  • One-click demo features
  • High-speed site download
  • Slider revolution
  • Highly customizable

Tale Travel

If free travel blog themes fit more into your budget, then the one with the most minimalistic vibe is the Tale Travel WordPress Theme.

The landing page offers a big feature photo option, with blog post-viewing underneath it. It goes lovely with muted tone colors. Other features of this theme include:

  • Responsive elements
  • Unlimited color collection
  • Different sidebar positions
  • Easy to use

Tafri Travel

The Tafri Travel theme is another one of the free travel blog themes for WordPress. It has a bold full photo display, so you don’t have to miss out on this feature if you are looking to save a little money with your site launch.

Best of all, as you scroll through the demo theme, you will notice it has a very geometric vibe to it. Other fantastic features include:

  • Responsive layout
  • SEO friendly
  • Block Editor Styles
  • Custom Menu Options
  • Ability to translate into Multiple Languages
  • Mobile Friendly

Blossom Travel

Blossom Travel has a uniquely girly vibe with its handwriting fonts and pink accents. This is a free travel blog theme that is rated five stars.

The top bar gives you an option to link multiple categories or pages for your viewers to discover new ideas or places you have been.

You also have the option of having a revolving or stationary feature post or image near the top. Other benefits of this theme include:

  • Cross Browser Compadibility
  • Customizable color options
  • Mobile friendly
  • Over 600 font options
  • Dynamic Footer year
  • Banner slider layouts
  • Map section to show where you have traveled

Travel Agency

The Travel Agent Theme lends to the side of credibility and professionalism. It is something you would think to see on the Trip Advisor site.

This is quite popular among travel bloggers as the theme has 48 five-star reviews and over 4000 downloads. It comes with many modern benefits such as:

  • Modern CSS effects
  • Speed optimized
  • translation ready
  • SEO-friendly
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Areas to highlight your specialties
  • Places to add trips and destinations


The Tropicana WordPress Theme is free and the perfect fix for every travel blogger who is always slumming it close to the equator. It offers a clean, highly customizable design centered around tropical areas. Other hot benefits include:

  • Integrates seamlessly with popular website plug-ins
  • Works nicely with SiteOrigin’s drag and drop Page Builder
  • Clean sidebar layout

Travel Biz

With the free Travel Biz theme, you take on a modern and edgy look. This theme has an attractive main font that reminds you of graffiti at the skate park.

The main revolving post header also has a wave surrounding instead of the usual rectangle. Other benefits of this exciting theme include:

  • Integrated travel booking system if you are a travel agent
  • SEO optimized
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Show off travel packages, photos, and posts

How to Choose the Right Option for Your Blog?

There is an abundance of travel blog themes for WordPress to choose from, no matter your budget. It can be almost overwhelming when you start looking into all options.

The best way to select the right option for your blog is to ask yourself these questions?

1) What is the purpose of my blog?

Are you focused on promoting blog posts and affiliated marketing, a storefront, or a travel agency? There are different themes geared towards each goal.

2) Do you like photography?

If you love photography, check out a WordPress theme that has lots of big, bold feature images to reel people in. If photography isn’t your thing, go for a theme that keeps the photos to a minimum and puts the focus on the text.

3) What is my budget?

Look at your launch budget to determine if one of the premium travel blog themes fits into it or if you should stick with the free travel blog themes until it starts making money.


Now, go grab your WordPress theme and launch that blog before the year gets any older.