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The Best Free Pricing Table Plugins for WooCommerce

Are you having a company or portfolio website made with WordPress and wish to have a Pricing Table?

Having a Pricing Table plugin on your WordPress website may not only help you to increase your sales, but will also help your clients navigate better and convert easier.

Pricing table plugins are lightweight in most cases and intend to help the non techie users, to apply a beautiful pricing table, which will show the service offerings by the company or individual at a certain price.

For having a pricing table plugin, you do not simply need to have any user membership plugins, but if your website is more complicated and you wish to have more on to it, you can use such plugins and define roles.

Whether you are selling themes, plugins, providing web design or development services, you will definitely need pricing tables, so your users can easily pick the service and pricing that would suite them.

The Top 4 Best Free Pricing Table Plugins for WordPress

Pricing Tables WordPress Plugin – Easy Pricing Tables

If you are looking for a Gutenberg compatible pricing tables plugin, then this should be your number one choice.

It comes with 6 predefined designs and 15 Fonts you can choose from.

If you are an e-commerce website owner and use WooCommerce on your WordPress website, Pricing Tables lets you integrate both plugins with just one click.

If you are having currency issues and wish to change your currency to any other as for your country’s currency, Pricing Tables gives you the option.

This plugin is fully compatible and has no conflicts. The pricing tables are responsive and adaptive with mobile designs, so you should not be having a hard time operating your website.

WooCommerce Tiered Price List

If you are a WooCommerce user, the Tiered Pricing Table can help you to create much better services and offerings for your clients.

With the WooCommerce Tiered Pricing discounting products has never been easier.

Not to mention that you can create a pricing table for whole categories and orders in bulk from them.

The customizations of the pricing table can be full. You have full control over the fonts, colors, sizes and design.

For clients, which would like to choose depending on prices or categories, you also have the option to set from Lowest to Highest or vice versa.

If you are wondering of the types of discounts you can make with this plugin, you will not be left disappointed. You can have a percentage or a fixed price discount on your pricing tables.

Responsive Pricing Table

If you are an ordinary pricing table user, fan of vanilla pricing tables or just a starter, then the Responsive Pricing Table plugin can be really go to start with.

As mentioned inside the plugin, the free version is not limited and can give you full control over how your forms look, their color, font, headings and prices.

As for the customizations of the elements, you can use the predefined ones, or choose from the multiple selections available inside the plugin.

If you are worried about the currencies, the plugin is giving a wide variety, which can be chosen.

The forms can include Sign UP Buttons, which can be hooked up with various plugins, or redirected to contact forms, which can be chosen depending on your liking.

As the title of this plugin says, this pricing table plugin is fully responsive and can work with any kind of WordPress theme, so you should not be worried if it will be compatible.

Essential Addons for Elementor

Elementor is a widely preferred plugin, which more than 5 million users are downloading and using for designing their websites.

Although Elementor is free, it does not come up with all the features for their regular members.

For extended widget service you may have to go for the paid version, or just add an addon, such as Essential Addons for Elementor.

What Essential Addons does is to extend the variety of widgets Elementor has and re-create your user experience into a much more satisfying one.

The pricing tables, which are given by the Essentials Addons are unique and fully customizable.

They are also mobile responsive and interactive with other plugins, with no signs of issues, so you may want to take a look at this plugin, because it does not only give you the pricing tables.

It comes along with a lot more features, which can be turned off and on, so you do not have to download more addons and have a slow website, when you a need a website that is loading fast.