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The 7 Best Fun Plugins for WordPress

WordPress is not only about blogs, markets, forums, news and other serious activities. It can also be used for fun activities or implement those fun activities, while users check your website out.

Plugins are not only to show catch a visitor’s eye and get him to subscribe for your newsletter or make a donation. It can be also for leisure, as plugin creators are now creating fun plugins for WordPress.

Simply does plugins do not make your website load faster, create better SEO for you, capture mails or sell your products.

Fun plugins just stand there to grab the eye and release some stress.

If you are a blogger, have you ever seen how much do people intend to stay and read your posts?

I can bet that all of the time spent on your website, was not actually time spent on it.

It is all depending on the age of a certain person.

Younger people do not spend most of their time reading, as there are “much better” activities for them.

So what if you could add a little bit of flavor to your website, so users can enjoy and stay more?

I am not talking about more articles, products or changing the niche.

This could totally hurt the website.

What I am saying is to add some fun plugins for WordPress.

We all use fun plugins and stay longer on a certain website, just to understand the full potential of the certain fun plugin and never stop, until we succeed.

Best fun plugins for WordPress

1. Quiz Cat

Are you a quiz lover, like me?

Well if you are not into quizzes then think about the others, who would love to try one out.

Quiz Cat is a one only fun quiz plugin, which lets the website owner, to create his totally own quiz, which his readers can solve in a matter of minutes.

Not only it gives you the opportunity to set multi answer quizzes, but you also have a simple drag & drop system built-in, so you can start your quiz adventure hassle free.

Will The Quiz Cat plugin slow my website?

Of course it will not slow your website, as Quiz Cat is one of the light weigh plugins that you definitely need to start out your fun plugins website.

Can I edit the quiz cat forms?

Quiz Cat comes up with an HTML Editor, which allows you to edit all the forms and re-create the default style, to a unique one that you will own.

Is Quiz Cat responsive, or I will have to set my own dimensions?

Quiz cat is Gutenberg friendly and will never break your theme’s dimensions and break points.

It is fully scalable and mobile responsive, so you will not miss any of the mobile traffic that is coming these days.

In fact with Quiz Cat you will be receiving more traffic, because all the WordPress blogs are looking the same these days.

There is nothing new and stylish, so people do not have much of choice.

But what if you had Quiz Cat and some good looking forms, which could catch any visitor’s eye?

2. Avatar Manager

The Basic Gravatar implemented to WordPress sure is fun, but what if users could use a custom image, when they write comments?

Avatar manager lets your users pick any kind of image and host it locally.

Your WordPress speed will not go down, nor you will receive more files onto your WordPress website, which could lead to lack of memory on your hosting account.

In order to let your users pick their own avatars, you will need to set a permission inside your WordPress website’s admin dashboard.

For going more deep and creating your own custom avatars that will be displayed, once user comments you will have to add this code into your functions.php file:

 function custom_avatar_defaults ( $avatar_defaults ) {
     $avatar_url = get_bloginfo( 'template_directory' ) . '/images/avatar-default.png';
     $avatar_defaults[$avatar_url] = __( 'Custom Default Avatar', 'mytextdomain' );
     return $avatar_defaults;
 add_filter( 'avatar_defaults', 'custom_avatar_defaults' );

After adding the code, you can go back to your gravatars and pick the custom one you have created for your users to display, once they have commented on your website.

3. Cornify

Speaking of fun plugins for WordPress, Cornify takes a place in our list, with its most fun feature.

And it is adding unicorns to your WordPress website, when you are not interacting with your website.

If the plugin does not work you will have to check if your theme has a registered php_wp_footer();.

In order to change the intervals of the unicorns, you will have to edit the below line of code:

var idol_time = 5000;

idol_time is measured in milliseconds.

4. Content Randomizer

As another part of the fun plugins Content Randomizer can skyrocket the fun or crash it underground.

Content Randomizer is a plugin that lets you choose pages, to act as you like.

For example if a page has content, you can set it to redirect the user to a 404 page (broken page) or to another article.

A good reason to use content randomizer would be to redirect users on 1st of April, if you are having some crazy deals on your shopping website.

Other great things about Content Randomizer are the options to randomize you meta descriptions, keywords, images, contents.

Basically you can set any kind of content to be visible to the user from your WordPress admin panel and see how the user interacts.

Not only it can be used to joke with people and play with their nerves, but also it can be used to redirect visitors and show them what they actually would like to see.

Duplicating images and texts is also possible, but in the pro version it gives you more duplications to be done.

5. WP Snow Effect

WP Snow Effect is not only a good looking plugin that should have a place in your special website’s plugin list.

It also has a special place in our fun plugins list for WordPress.

By the title you already know what this plugin is doing, but it also has more features that you probably did not expect.

Apart from filling up the Christmas spirit, it also lets you show the snow effect on your desired pages.

For example you have some Christmas deals on your blog or your ecommerce page and you wish only those pages to have the particles.

Well you can configure the plugin through the options to achieve this look and entertain your visitors, with cool particles on your website.

Although you can define, which pages you would like to display the snow flakes, you also have the options to define how much snowflakes you would like to have.

The size can be configured too, but too big size is too bad for your website, as it is going to be covering too much space and you contents will be blocked.

If the snowflakes are too much or not enough you can define their minimal or maximum limits from the plugin’s options tab.

And for the most fun part you have the option to configure the snowflakes’ color.

6. OoohBoi Steroids for Elementor

Elementor is a widely used WordPress page builder, which has tons of addons that can help you with designing your website.

A good addon and a really fun WordPress plugin would be OoohBoi Steroids for Elementor.

This is a one of a kind addon for Elementor, which lets you design a really strange website.

The good part in OoohBoi Steroids is that it does not add new widgets to your Elementor page builder. Instead it re-creates the existing ones.

While OoohBoi may sound as a strange plugin to have on your website, I can assure you that it fixes all of the problems Elementor has.

  • The Paginini lets you to fix the styling of posts paginations in Elementor.
  • You can design your very own buttons and never again see the boring Elementor buttons on your website.
  • You can directly style your comments and comment section designs inside Elementor.
  • You can change the writing modes for headings and text editor widgets without any coding knowledge.

7. Ban Hammer

Have you ever had enough of people spam registering on your website?

Ban hammer is a really fun WordPress plugin, which can let you choose the emails or people you would like to ban from your website.

While the default WordPress settings cannot prevent spammers from signing in to your WordPress website, due to the changing IPs, this plugin can do it.

With Ban Hammer you setup custom ban messages from the plugin and choose what names or extensions should be banned.

Once a banned email address tries to register for your website, they will see a note mentioning their ban.