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Best Google Adsense Alternatives That Make Money in 2022

If you are a new to ads and you have curiousity on what alternatives to Google Adsense you have, well this is the right place.

Probably you came here due to the strict program policies of Google Adsense, and you have a problem getting accepted at the moment.

Getting approved by Google Adsense is not something hard. We had done it so many times, that you will not even believe. We had done it so many times, that we even released a post on how to get Google Adsense Approval. And it works fast! It takes only 1 week for approval.

On top of that, we have created a detailed guide for the people who are interested in Adsense. If you wish to know more about Adsense and its way of behaviour, you can follow Google Adsense Account – Everything You Need to know.

As Adsense doesn’t work out for many people, due to getting them banned for no reason, rewarding sites with low income for many clicks and impressions, they tend to search for a Google Adsense Alternative.

Which alternatives to Google Adsense are worth my time?

Having in mind that many alternatives exist to Google Adsense, only a small portion of them is actually worth your time. These Google Adsense Alternatives are Rev Content, Media.Net, Bidvertiser, Info Links and Monumetric.

But this is not all of them. There are much more Adsense alternatives, which can bring you much more money, by even combining them together.

Top 5 Google Adsense Alternatives


Media.Net is the #1 alternative to Google Adsense, which is created by Divyank Turakhia and sold for $900 million dollars, back in 2016. This deal is known as the 3rd largest ad-tech deal in the world.

Media.Net works the absolutely same way as Google Adsense and it is a perfect alternative if you used to love the old Google Adsense and its high payments.

Media.Net is a contextual ad network, which is paying you mostly based on your CPM (Cost Per Mile). With easy words said, you can get up to $5 for having a 1000 impressions on your website.

The downside (probably for you) is that Media.Net allows a maximum ad space of 3 ads per page. But on the good side, you don’t need more.

If a user comes across to one of your ads, this will generate 3 impressions, without the need of a click or any kind of other action. If you are having a small website, with only a 100 users, you will be generating 300 impressions, which can lead you to $2 or $3 a day.

Getting accepted in Media.Net isn’t something very easy, but not even hard. As a top placer in the Google Adsense Alternatives, it has some requirements too.

One of the requirements that Google Adsense doesn’t have is that you need a big proportion of your traffic to come from: United States of America, Canada or United Kingdom.

What is the minimum withdrawal for Media.Net?

The minimum withdrawal for Media.Net is a $100 and it is paid by Payoneer or Wire Transfer on a net 30 basis.  



Revcontent was created back in 2013 by John Lemp and is one of the best rewarding websites. As a Google Adsense alternative, they offer high eCPM rewards for websites having more than 50,000 impressions monthly.

Revcontent was rumoured by not accepting many of the websites, but in reality things have changed and nowadays, they are serving more than 500 billion content recommendations.

Revcontent is known as one of the fastest growing ad networks and most liked alternatives to Google Adsense, which tends to pay 70% of what the advertisers pay (which is 10% more than what Google Adsense pays).

The difference that sets Revcontent and Adsense, which marks it as a high alternative, is that they offer infinite scroll, gallery implementations and a wide variety of widgets that you can place on your website.

Apart from others Revcontent offers Video Ads, for both Desktop and Mobile, which are paying you based on CPV (cost per view).

What is the minimum withdrawal for Revcontent?

 $50 and it is paid by Check, PayPal, Bank Wire or ACH.


Bidvertiser is one of the longest companies in the ad-tech business, created in 2008. As from the beginning until now, they are competing with Adsense in CPC.

Bidvertiser is known as the world’s largest CPC ad-tech company, having 500 billion impressions.

The requirements to get accepted in Bidvertiser are none. You only have to register and link your website. Then you automatically start serving ads in 5 minutes.

The Bidvertiser inventory of ads is Pop Under Ads, Direct Ads, Push Notification Ads, Native Ads, Contextual Pop Under Ads.

As a top Google Adsense Alternative Bidvertiser pays a high commission based on CPC and low based on CPM, just as Adsense.

For a click you can get up to 5$ with this Adsense Alternative.

Bidvertiser also rewards its user based on CPA (click per action). You can get a high commission when a user allows notifications, downloads a product, registers or completes any kind of action.

The CPA model is not highly rewarded in Adsense, as they are mainly based on CPM (cost per impression) and CPC (cost per click).

With the high paying CPA model, Bidvertiser has over 500,000 publishers and five times more advertisers, who are willing to pay huge ammounts.

As a con, Bidvertiser does not offer interstitial ads, which are based on the user’s interest, which can result in a low click through rate.

But look on the bright side. This lower CTR (click through rate) pays up for the con. In one click (as mentioned above) you can get more money, than you could ever get with Google Adsense.

Not only Bidvertiser pays higher than Adsense could ever pay, but also they have 10 times lower withdrawal requirements.

What is the minimum withdrawal for Bidvertiser?

 $10 and it is paid by PayPal, Bitcoin, Wire Transfer, Check

Infolinks is one of the oldest ad-tech company, created in 2007 and a big rival of Google Adsense as an alternative.

Infolinks became one of the largest advertising companies, which is now working with Netflix, Nike, Virgin airlines and others.

While ad companies are appearing and disappearing from Google, Infolinks has stood on its place for more than 13 years, which a large inventory of CPM, CPA, CPC ads and high payouts, which tend to keep its publishers attracted.

As the oldest and largest from the Google Adsense alternatives, Infolinks pays out great ammounts based on CPM and even greater for a single click or action.

Infolinks offers a wide variety of ad inventory, such as inframe, intag, infold and intext.

For a 1000 impressions you can get up to $5 as a beginner and much more if you have thousands of visitors coming in daily.

While most of the Google Adsense Alternatives and even the great Google Adsense, give bigger respect to websites with more visitors, Infolinks treats the newbie website equal to the bigger ones.

This doesn’t mean that bigger websites will not get more income. It’s the opposite. Bigger websites can earn up to $10 or even more, depending on the user activity and actions.

While the CPM is high, a single click on a newbie website can scale up to a $1 in no time.

What is the minimum withdrawal for Infolinks?

Infolinks minimum payout is depending on the option that you will be choosing.

Bank Wire Transfers – $25 are needed to receive your payment in your local country.

PayPal – For U.S residents the minimum payout is $1 and for everyone else the Infolinks minimum. payout is $10

eCheck – $6 and additional %2 for transferring the currency into your country’s currency.

Western Union – $15 minimum payout for all of the countries.

ACH – No addiotional minimum payout

Payoneer – No addiotional minimum payout


Monumetric (also known as The Bloggers Network) has been created in 2012, but back in 2007 it had been monetizing over 2000 clients and serving more than a 110 million monthly page views.

Apart from all of the Google Adsense alternatives, Monumetric offers its own plan, which is depending on how many pageviews your website is generating.

Monumetric’s plans are:

Propel Program: Which requires you to have at least from 10k to 80k pageviews per month

Ascend Program: Which requires you to have at least from 80k to 500k pageviews per month

Stratos Program: Which requires you to have at least from 500k to 10mm pageviews per month

Apollo Program: Which requires you to have at least from 10mm+ pageviews per month

Monumetric offers a wide variety of ads, which are including header ads, dynamic mobile ads, in-image and in-line ads and also video ads.

Not only they offer all types of ads, but they are paying for CPM (cost per mile), CPC (cost per click), CPV (cost per view), CPA (cost per action), RPM (reach per impression) and CPI (cost per interest).

For just a 1000 pageviews per day, you can earn up to 15$ on a daily basis.

For a single click the rewarding is even greater, but just by concentrating on creating quality content, attracting visitors, you may make a living with Monumetric.

As a Google Adsense Alternative amongst the other alternatives mentioned, Monumetric does have its requirements. The minimum requirement is to have minimum 10k pageviews per month, which is around 300 visitors per day.

The other requirement for having a partnership with Monumetric is to own a Blogger or WordPress website.

Along with Monumetric, you can go for other adsense alternatives, but do not mix up too much ads, as this will cause bad user experience and lower your SEO scores.

If you feel a struggle in choosing the ad campaign in Monumetric, you can contact their support team via email, and they will set everything for you.

The Monumetric support team not only sets your website to serve ads, but also optimizes your ads for top performance and it is widely liked amongst the Google Adsense Alternatives.

Not only Monumetric is great and different from the other Google Adsense alternatives, but it also has great payouts.

What is the minimum withdrawal for Monumetric?

Monumetric doesn’t have any withdrawal limits and you can get your payment without worrying of reaching a certain threshold.

Monumetric pays the amount gained from ads on a net 60 day basis.

Which means that from the start of the month, after 60 days they will be transferring your payment directly into your banking account.

You will need to be 18+ or create a card with the legal notice of a parent.

If you do not have your own card, you can borrow your parents’ VISA/Master card and fill in the information needed from Monumetric.


Having these Google Adsense alternatives could be a great way of making money as a blogger, and monetize your website across different publishers.

Any of these alternatives is accepting from small to big websites and offers a wide variety of support, to help you set up yourself and start serving ads directly to your visitors.

Keep in mind that as Google Adsense, these ad-tech alternatives may punish you for breaking their rules.

The above mentioned Google Adsense alternatives do not accept adult, gambling or drugs website, so you should consider what your website is going to be about, if you still haven’t.

Rewarding, asking or exchanging clicks, will result in an immediate ban from any of the publishing adsense alternatives.

Self-clicking is one of the reasons to get banned too, so do not intend to increase revenue, by using black-hat methods, as this works only for a couple of days and results you in a permanent ban.

For best results in monetizing your website and best optimization for the ad units, do not use too many ads, as it can destroy the user experience and result in poor results.

A user based on his interest would click your ads, and surf the website, which he was directed to.

Pro Tip: Having ads from these Google Adsense alternatives, may be a good idea, when you combine them, but not serving more than 4-5 ads per page, with big content.

A good idea of an optimized website serving ads would be to have:

1 banner ad

1 or 2 sidebar ads (can be 2 if you have 2 sidebars)

3 ads to break the content and make the page longer to scroll (works if you have interested visitors, which are reading long contents, and keep interest. Provides more impressions and income while they scroll to each of the ads).

If you start losing your visitors and your traffic falls drastically, consider removing part of the ads, as some of the users tend to use a clean website, and not a load of ads.