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HostYourWeb - Best Affordable Hosting


HostYour web is an advanced website host , dedicated for basic and especially for WordPress websites.Checking their plans , you will find many opportunities to grab a good deal , but why stop here with reading , while HostYourWeb has many untold secrets and positive sides ,that it can be compared to a premium web hosting such as GoDaddy , or InterServer.HostYourWeb – Best Affordable Hosting

How good is HostYourWeb ? Are they really Affordable ? 

Host your web offers 3 simple plans , which 2 of them are Shared and Unlimited or also known as a private plan.Nontheless , the plans are coming in a cheap starter price of 49RS or 0.65$ for a starter.Right now they are offering a pretty good 30% off and may not continue forever, so I would recommend grabbing the offer, while it’s time.

Are HostYourWeb fast and reliable ? 

Before we wrote this review , we have tried to talk with HostYourWeb about trying a “Shared” server with a WordPress website weighting 700+ MB.This is a lot if you put it one way ,as websites are gaining weight with the time and posting.

Our testing has shown that our website was loading for 0.783 MS  as HostYourWeb has server hosting point ,which is based in Canada.

The website speed mattered a lot to us ,when we used a test website , so we can see what will happen if somebody visits from any point of the world.The website speed was from 0.783 to 2.352 seconds of loading time for countries with slow internet or being far away from Canada , where the server hosting is based.

To achieve the speed we had , you can take a look at our guide on optimizing your website 

HostYourWeb’s website plans

Host your web is offering 2 website plans as mentioned previously , which are Shared and Unlimited plan.Both of the plans are based on a LiteSpeed server and offering premium speed for your website , without mattering is it a WordPress or basic non CMS website

The plan prices start from 49RS or 0.65 for shared and end at 99RS or 1.32$ for unlimited plan ,which is for starters (on 1st pay).You can also pay for yearly hosting ,which would cost you exactly 599RS or 8$ for shared and 1199RS or 16.02$ for an unlimited plan

HostYourWeb also offers free migratio nof your website and domain from one web host to their web hosting ,with just ordering their plans ,which is really amazing !

Most of the web hosts would charge you around 20$ to transfer your domain to them and charge you extra 100$ to migrate your whole website ,so you can start on a fresh page with a fresh web host.

Final Thoughts

Overall from our testing and experience , we would totally recommend HostYourWeb as an Affordable and reliable hosting to people ,who seek a fast and responsive web host.You can check their website from here and apply your 30% coupon to begin your adventure with them. Claim coupon


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