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How many ads should I have on my website in 2022


Ads are nowadays’ trend for searching and a clear way to earn some extra income from our websites, if not our profession.

When starting your ads experience the first question that comes to somebody’s mind would be “how many ads should I have?”.

To be straight there is no limitation to how many ads you should have. There is no minimum limit, nor maximum limit.

The things that you should keep in mind are basic. If ads will destroy the user experience (UX), slow the website speed and be relevant to what you are writing about.

It’s easier said than done, but if these 3 rules are not take serious, you may not only lose revenue, but also customer or readers.

Let’s not forget that these visitors who come to your website can convert into shoppers or lifetime fans and bring you this extra income.

How many ads should I have on my website?

Depending on the website design you can and different number of ads. Ads can significantly decrease your website speed and destroy the user experience on your website, if they are placed in a spammy way.

There are many websites, who had suffered or still continue to place too many ads on each spot they can find, even though they have quality content.

For most website owners, having too many ads is not a problem, as they are not thinking like the basic visitor, which they seek.

9 out of 10 times you can hear how a startup company is asking how can they gain traffic and why is nobody coming to their website. If you take a look at their websites, you will find out how bad structured their website is and how many advertisements they are displaying.

Not to mention the sticky advertisements, which are just taking up precious place for a nice call to action like “subscribe to my newsletter” and leave that element sticky, rather than an annoying ad, which nobody would click.

Placing ads in the header and sidebar

For example some websites are placing ads on their header and sidebar, which as a good way to generate some impressions and if you get lucky you may get the juicy ad click.

A tricky way for placing ads in the sidebar can be to break your different widgets (if you are using WordPress) or said with other words – to break your tabs.

Don’t place too many ads as users may get upset that every element they go to is an ad and the original authors content.

Users do not go to a website just to make click ads and generate revenue.

The world doesn’t work that way and you may experience it by getting no clicks.

Placing ads between content

Another great way of placing your ads would be only in your posts to break the different paragraphs.

Now this would be different for each person and will depend on the number of paragraphs you have.

For example a 3000 word article, would have something like 5 ads breaking each 15 paragraphs or more.

If splitting ads between the paragraphs is too much, you can always use your headings as ad breakers.

A well written post has around 3 to 4 headings minimum, so splitting your ads between the H2 tags will be a piece of cake for you.

Can ads slow down my website speed?

Of course ads can slow down your website website’s speed. Ads are served through JavaScript that you paste into your <head> and <body> tags (or through a plugin if using WordPress)

Having too many ads means you have too much JavaScript code, which is places somewhere between the content, when it is advisable to always paste the JavaScript codes under all of your HTML and CSS, so it can get rendered after the CSS had been perfectly loaded.

As we all know, WordPress is loading asynchronically and tipically this means that when the HTML finishes loading it comes place to load the CSS, or if we look more in depth it takes time for a certain request to load.

When adding your ad codes, you suffer the same, as you add 1 more external request, which needs to be loaded onto your website, but when it loads asynchronically it takes much more time and results in a higher bounce rate.

This JavaScript is unoptimized and can be a pesky problem if you are willing to optimize your website speed.

Even some of the optimization plugins can destroy and not serve the ad on your website.

For example in LiteSpeed Cache your JS optimizations can break your Media.Net ads and get you worried, as to why aren’t my ads showing.

Always be on the lookout when optimizing your website and try not to break your ads code.

Can ads destroy the user experience on my website?

I am sorry to be the bad news bearer, but ads can really destroy the user experience, but it depends on how they are placed and for what reason.

A website full of ads cannot get the expected results, even if you throw a table of money for advertisements on social media websites, such as FaceBook, Quora, Youtube etc.

Even if you get tons of clicks on your ads, it will be only a one day jackpot.

If visitors come and just see ads it will result in bad user experience and even if they click on your ads, you will still be on a loss.

Not because of the revenue that you could be generating, but because you are losing on your website clicks and reading time.

In no time your results will start falling and your rankings will be different from before.

It is hard to believe that users would go to such a website and give a click.

Most of the information on it is just advertisements and holds almost no important contents, which could catch the visitors eye.

If your website is created for serving ads only you will not be even accepted in google adsense, due to inventory issues, but also left without revenue.

What is the best way to serve ads and keep a good user experience?

That’s simple. Keep your ads hidden and by hidden I do not mean to literally use “display: none;”. What I mean is to merge your ads with your background. Simply by using a black or white background can help users feel better and scroll to see your content.

When they see an advertisement you are currently showing, they will not get disappointed or say that you have too many ads. Even colors have can make your visitors feel psychologically better as they have this impact.

Another great thing to do is to keep your text length as high as possible and ads as low as possible. You don’t need to have too many ads in order to get the user impression. Impressions don’t pay well after all.

You need to focus on keeping the visitor coming back every time and if he likes an advertisement you are currently displaying, he will basically click on this advertisement.

Showing him a low quality content will not please your visitor’s needs, neither will the ads make him feel better. What people mostly hate is seeing ads everywhere in your content.

The best way to understand how your visitors feel is by creating an A/B test and see how visitors react to too many ads and low count ads, while seeing quality content.

Rakuten Marketing had created a really good infografic on what percentage of users are leaving websites due to too many ads.

There is no need to think that you should stop all of your advertisements or even delete your website, since you cannot display ads and make money with it.

First of all, there are many ways that you can make money on WordPress and second there is a really good way, in which you can serve ads and keep your visitors attracted by your website.

Keep an 80% of your website with valuable content, navigational links and all the helpful information that your precious visitor can find. The rest 20% you can use on ads and call to action buttons.

This way your visitors can be concentrated on your content and if they need something else, they can easily find it without distractions.

Making your visitors see ads all the time will kick them out once and forever, but if you have a low ad count, merged with your background and not looking like one, they will come back again and again rewarding you with higher rankings and earnings.


Serving ads should be one of the last things you should think about when creating a website.

Seeking money from ads and destroying user experience is not the way to become rich.

The first things you need is a good SEO strategy and knowledge on how to outsource competitors.

Once you have set your website and see growth, then you can start with ad placements and think of the revenue.

Same as over optimizing, ads can break your long accomplished journey.

Keeping 3 to 4 ads between posts can be the best way to make your visitors make an impression or even click on any ad you have placed.