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How to change the author in WordPress 2022

Do you own a WordPress website, which requires changing the author of each post?

Lately, many people have been trying to change the author account, and that’s due to the E-A-T update, which was rolled out by Google.

Google now requires to read the author from each page, even though it is not shown.

It may not seem like a direct ranking factor to you, but I can assure you that by just showing using a name when writing posts, you will significantly boost your results.

Is the WordPress author account important?

It may sound like a joke to you, but as previously mentioned the author account in WordPress is important.

By including the author of each post, you are not only gaining trust from the visitors but also increasing your traffic.

Nowadays authors are required to be included, just for the simple reason of authoritativeness.

When an author talks about a certain topic and has expertise in it, the results are guaranteed, so why not optimize for SEO.

Is it recommended to display the author account in WordPress?

When you browse the web, you may see a lot of big websites display an author box with the name of the person who wrote it.

Do you know why they display the author of the post?

It brings trust to the visitor’s eyes and gives them the feeling that the information is truthful.

As some of you may know, some niches fall under the YMYL (Your Money Your Life). Some of them are the financial, or medical field niches.

When choosing the author, you need to know that he knows what he is talking about. But how do you find it, if no website talked about him?

That is a good example of why you should include an author bio and make sure that your visitors are comfortable with the author who wrote the article.

Can we become authoritative by changing the author on our WordPress website?

Yes, you can bring more authority to your website, but what if someone wants an article from you?

It is not a good idea to take a person’s work, except if you paid for the full rights of it, and if you do not expect to write guest posts in the future.

Otherwise, keeping the original author may help your website grow, because of his name and also acquire backlinks.

How to change the author in WordPress

Without further explanations, I would like to give you a fast follow-up on how you can change the author on your WordPress website.

Choose the WordPress post you would like to have another author displayed. The WordPress settings bar holds the author information. By just clicking on the author’s name, you can switch to the preferred author and save the changes.

The first step for changing your author name is to access the backend of your WordPress website.

Go into your WordPress dashboard by clicking on the WordPress logo or simply type Change the part with your actual website domain name.

On the left side of the WordPress backend, you will see a category called “Posts”. If you hover on this category 4 different options will be displayed.

The correct option is “All Posts”. This way you will be accessing all posts and can easily find the posts you need to change the author in WordPress.

As you can see we have an author for each post and in my case, the author is “provision”.

Since the author and the brand name are no longer usable, neither good for display, we can choose to change it with an updated and more reasonable one.

If you wish to edit a single post, you can click directly on the link or “Quick Edit”.

 How to change the author in WordPress from post link

When you click on a post link, WordPress will directly take you to the article and give you the option to edit your content or change your visual options.

Since we want to change the author of our WordPress posts, we will not need anything special.

Make sure the author’s name is registered in WordPress before trying to edit the post. It will not harm your website, but you will just lose your time. Posts can be edited always.

Click on the Gear Icon on your WordPress website (located on the top right side) and you will see the WordPress post author displayed.

Click on the author name and once you have clicked, the available authors will directly be displayed to you.

By hovering and clicking on the name, which you want to display, you are giving consent that this is the correct name.

Since you have already chosen the author to be displayed, you can then go ahead and update your post.

And that’s all. Your author has been saved and should be properly displayed.

In case the author has not been changed, you may want to clear the cache from your caching plugin, as it may be showing outdated information.

How to change the author in WordPress from all posts at once

Some people have changed their name and chosen something more suitable for their website. Since they had already written a couple (if not hundreds or thousands) of posts, it may take a lot of time to edit and save all of them.

So the question is “Can you change the author in WordPress from all posts”?

Yes, you can change the WordPress author from all posts at once and it requires you a few clicks and 2 more minutes of your time.

All you have to do is access your WordPress backend and select all posts to be displayed.

Before you do anything, open up your “Screen Options” tab and choose the number of posts you want to be shown. Use the number of posts you have and click the apply button.

Since you have applied the number of posts to be shown, you no longer need the screen options menu.

In the bulk actions section, you will need to choose “Edit” and check the mark next to Title. Once you have done that, you can just click on apply and you should see all of your posts marked for quick editing.

Choose the correct author that you want to be shown in each of your posts and then click on update.

It may take some time for WordPress to update the author in all of the posts because it depends on the number of all posts.

You can bypass the long waiting time by speeding up your WordPress website.

This way your server will not use too many resources and can easily process all posts at once.

WordPress Post Author Panel is Missing

In some cases, the WordPress author may be missing, and this is not because of a corrupted file or anything similar. It happens because the author was not checked in the screen options.

There is a chance that your screen options may be missing also, but don’t worry.

You can either switch back to the classic editor, or simply enable the screen options from the preferences window.


While changing the author in WordPress can you help reach to more visitors, there are a lot more tasks to be done, before you can say you did a great job.

Web pages should be fast, and WordPress speed shouldn’t be left aside.

A fast website is a healthy one. And your visitors like to see such websites in their daily searches.

And if you want your new WordPress authors to be discovered faster, you can index your WordPress articles faster with our guide and expect a bigger traffic flow.