How to Display Recent Posts with Thumbnails in WordPress

Recent Posts with Thumbnails

How to Display Recent Posts with Thumbnails in WordPress

Recent Posts with Thumbnails

Are you wondering how to dispaly recent posts on WordPress ? Well it’s pretty simple and it doesn’t require a plugin to start this incredible feature.Everything is included in WordPress.In this article as a bonus we will be showing How to Display Recent Posts with Thumbnails in WordPress.

Display recent Posts with Thumbnails

WordPress comes with a built in widget which is dedicated to displaying recent posts of the website. Like any other widget, it can be placed anywhere on the website where other widgets can.

To use it, you need to go to Appearance > Widgets on your WordPress admin page.

recent posts wordpress thumbnail widget

Add the Recent Posts widget to the sidebar of your website and that’s it. This widget is very basic and comes with very limited options. You have control over the alternate titles of posts, show date, and the number of posts that you want to display. Save your settings and your widget is ready for use.

Using Recent Posts Extended plugin

Many people might find the built in Recent Posts widget to be limited and inflexible. If you want more options for customization, you can find great use in Recent Posts Extended plugin. With this plugin, you get control over a lot of aspects of the recent posts and can show, not just the titles and show dates, but also thumbnails and excerpts. You can also limit the recent posts to certain categories and tags if you want to.

First you need to install and activate the plugin.

recent post wordpress thumbnail plugin

Once activated, go to Appearance > Widgets and add Recent Posts Extended to a sidebar. This plugin, as opposed to the built in widget, comes with tons of features and options that you can choose according to your preferences.

Using shortcode to display recent posts

Adding recent posts as a sidebar widget is simple but if you want to add them to a separate page then a shortcode will be helpful. For this method to work, you need to install and activate the Display Posts Shortcode plugin for your WordPress site.

Next, you need to add the shortcode with the arguments of your choice and requirement to a new post or page. For instance, consider the following shortcode for displaying 10 recent posts with thumbnails.

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