How to Embed YouTube Videos On Your WordPress Website

How to Embed YouTube Videos On Your WordPress Website

If you want your visitors to stay longer on your page, embedding YouTube videos is one way of achieving that goal. The good thing about these videos is that you can choose the ones that suit your web page the best. They don’t have to be too long, but they can entertain your visitors for a few minutes.Keep reading about How TO Embed Youtube Videos On Your WordPress website

If you are considering embedding YouTube videos on your website just to boost your SEO rankings, that’s no the path you want to take. There are other ways of improving your SEO scores that are much more effective.

Step 1: Go to youtube and copy the link from the browser window. Somewhere in the url there should be the word, “watch” in it.

Step 2: Paste that link into your post like this:youtube embed-3

It should automatically convert to this:

youtube embed - 2

If it does not, do not fret! The embed will NOT work is if there is something else on the same line as the link. Even a blank space will cause issues in rendering the video.

Step 3: Fix it!

youtube embed 4

Simply put your cursor at the front of the “h” in the link and hit [backspace] a bunch of times.  You should now be at the front of the line. Then click on the [end] button on your keyboard so the cursor is now at the very last character of the link, and click [return]. Your link is now on its own line. To test this, click the [preview] button in the publish box – it will open a new tab, that will look like this:

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