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How to Get Google Adsense Approval fast in 2022

Are you ready to learn, so you can earn through Google Adsense? The tricks are pretty much basic,so there is nothing hard in getting your Google Adsense Account Approval.

Following the steps of the others is a good way, as if they can do it, so can you. The only problem for your adsense approval is if you have met the requirements to qualify for the Google Adsense Program.

Since 2 years I have been creating websites (for me and other people) and I have always received my Google Adsense Approval in maximum 1 week. Even during Covid-19 I received my Adsense ads in exactly 5 days, 17 hours, 37 minutes, 43 seconds. (I used my old phone with a clock set, to track down the exact time).

Most of the people were asking me how did I achieve this, but the answers were “I just queued for this and waited on the line”.

Now I will explain step by step, what I exactly did for approval, and throw away all of my tricks, so you can be as happy as I am. There are simple rules for getting into the Google Adsense Program and climb your way up to the hill of income.

If you have been previously banned or cannot get an Approval from Google Adsense, you can always check out these Google Adsense alternatives.

When is my website ready for Google Adsense Approval? 

To put it simply and to answer you properly, a website is ready, when you feel it is ready. Websites are not humans or robots with artificial intelligence. A website can only do what you tell it to do.

Then that means, that your website can’t be trained or tamed, and tell you when it is ready to have ads on it.

A website is ready to qualify for the Adsense Program, whenever you go to their website, register and place your ad code, which lets Google to check your website faster and give you the “good” or “bad” news.

What are the requirements to get your Google Adsense Account Approval? 

 Here is the deal. Google wants you to have:

1 TLD (Also known as Top Listed Domain). You can check the Top Listed Domains from this list 

2 Have quality content and a big number of posts or products 

3 Have no spammy website links and redirections 

4 Have traffic on your website, which does not contain any bot activity 

5 Have bigger content, which is at least 500 words, so it can look decent for the user’s eyes 

6 Have a nice structure and proper place for ads, which do not cover or block content (which can be critical for your traffic) 

7 Have a website that is older than 3 months, as Google did not analyze your website fully, and is unable to understand your website to it’s finest

8 Have your other ads removed before applying for Google Adsense.

9 Have your Privacy Policy Page and Terms of Service pages

10 Be over 18 years old, so you can apply your names and payment information, in order to receive the money you have made through Google Adsense

If I don’t meet one of the criteria, does it mean I can’t qualify for Google Adsense Approval? 

Of course not! You can always qualify and these so called “rules” that I mentioned for qualifying are just made up stories, by people who do not know, how to bypass the Google Adsense barricades.

It is a really simple process that you can follow and forget that you will get rejected. If you read this, and have been rejected by following this guide, I dare you to write it in comments with proof.

This is a titan strategy, that has never let me down, even though I have never even checked and read the Google Adsense Account policy. But why should I, when I found out the best ways to get my Google Adsense Account Approval?

What is this Google Adsense Account Approval strategy? 

As I previously said, this is my titan strategy, and I am more sure than ever, that it will never get updated or have a new meta. It was followed by many of my friends and they were always getting accepted in maximum 2 weeks.

What is my Titan Strategy? 

Picking your niche

Before even starting to think of a name or something else, I pick my niche. Many of the people I had helped, were advising others to choose a small niche, without much competition. To me it sounds like a good idea, but there is one big problem. Do you like this niche? Is this your type of niche? How much can you write on this niche, or what products can you add, if you have your own e-commerce store?

Lets start answering these questions one-by-one.

Do you like this niche? 

If you don’t like the niche, but you chose if due to low competition, well you are really wrong my friend. I am always choosing the proper type of website, that I am going to design and add as much as articles or products, I can. When you choose your type of niche, you can focus all you need, and write bigger content or add many products, and make your website richer.

How much can you write on this niche? 

Now if you have read this article so far, you will learn the ultimate trick on how to get Google Adsense Account Approval with ignoring all the other rules.

If you are asking, “how is this possible” well it is possible, but you haven’t discovered this type of hot water. All you need to do is have a lot of articles, but don’t add them in one day.

This is simply a spam, that Google Adsense will just reject. If you have a blog, just add 3-4 articles a week. This way you can get Google’s eyes on you and build your authority

Don’t forget to build backlinks  as this will get you higher in rankings. Before building your backlinks, you should choose your keywords, through research. You can use websites like Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest, Ahrefs, Moz and many others.

When you check all of the squares, you are already done to qualify for Google Adsense Account Approval, rather than just trying to qualify for Adsense and your account getting rejected. But there is more to cover, as we only know how to get the Approval and you shouldn’t quit here.

If you were just for the money and quit until now (Like 25% of the readers already did, but you are special and want to learn more, keep a close eye to this technique), I wish you the best of luck.

What is my secret to keep up my Titan Strategy that others never followed? 

Have you heard that Google Adsense now has a yellow background that is coming up before and after the approval of your ads? If you haven’t, well welcome to the family.

Currently this background is giving a negative rating from the visitors, and can really result in your Google Adsense Earnings.

Luckily I have my own css code, which is so easy to do, but many starters are not including it to their websites, and leave the table early.

As another strategy, before applying for Google Adsense Account Approval, I always add 10 contents, before even publishing my website.

But why is that? 

It’s quite simple. I always use the number “10”. I add 10 articles, keep 10 plugins, and try to score 10 out of 10 every time I  write my article.

I want it to have the best information, the newest updates, the fastest plugins, and most optimized speed, so my earnings can grow 10 times more.

Rather than just hurrying for adsense, that will take 1 month to accomplish a full website, that will have Google’s eye and authority, I always optimize my speed and have 3 plugins in my mind all of the time.

Firstly I start with Jetpack and I know what you will say in the end. But you are wrong. If I use Jetpack along with a caching plugin, they won’t work bad.

They work like a charm and I am scoring a 395ms website speed, even when I have 50 visitors at the same time. Did I mention that my hosting is worth 10$ for a Private VPS? 

After this I use my favorite plugins of all times, which are WP Super Cache and Autoptimize. Again they don’t have conflicts working together, as I use part of their functions.

The HTML/CSS/JS are always optimized by Autoptimize and the lazy loading is not being used at all. For critical css I advise you to do the testing on your local hosted website and not on the real one (if you already have a live website)

After the optimization of my website, I always use a plugin for compressing and optimizing my images. You can use any plugin, such as Short Pixel , Smush  , and etc.

Now when you have all the plugins for optimizing your website, it will be good to add a CDN (also known as Content Delivery Network). As a free option, I would offer using Cloudflare , which is easy to setup and you do not need to do a lot.

On the other hand if you wish to do advanced setup or optimize more, you can follow this article on setting up CloudFlare  and get yourself better results.

Why do we need optimizations before we start a website? 

It is a good idea to have your website well optimized, so when you publish it, to be the best. In other words, when you do your homework, you do it for “A”, and not “B”.

When you have your positive results and decent loading time under 3 seconds, Google will keep an eye on your website, because it is doing well, and reward you with a good ranking.

Why should my website loading time be under 3 seconds? 

In September 28th hobo-web, has released an article, explaining that 53% of the mobile website visits  are abandoned, if the loading time of a page is taking more than 3 seconds.

Even a 2 second delay in page loading, may result a big abandonment rate, which will be critical for your new website.  But why is that? 

Users do not like slow loading websites, no matter what the information is. Even if you have the “Ultimate guide to increase website visitor traffic”, nobody

I am not sure that you want this happening with your website. If a visitor abandons your website, you will get a negative bounce rate, which will go higher, and get bad scores on your website.

If this doesn’t sound scary for you, try it, but I would not. The more users stay and browse through your pages, the better ranking scores you will receive for your website, and score big.

The reward is getting a faster Google Adsense Account Approval and bigger earnings, as users will not only see your ads, but they will also click them and increase your ads CTR (also known as Click Through Rate).

Nevertheless. Keeping a small bundle of plugins that do not do the same thing are crucial for the website, to keep the good loading times. You get low request rate, page size and most important the scores stay green.

If you would like to have a big website, such as an ecommerce store, you can also get a bigger hosting, which would benefit you. Rather than keeping the number “10”, you can add “10” more plugins! Why not?

But never add plugins that do the same, as they will have conflicts between each other and result in a slower loading website, that will bounce users off your website and take them to a faster website, which is providing the same information as yours.

A good idea is to use the plugins addons of a mother plugin. For example if you have woocommerce, it is not a good idea to get another plugin, which has integration with Woo, when they can provide you the same. I used to use Brainstorm Pay Pal express plugin, which WooCommerce had integrated.

I was new and I didn’t know that such things can result in a bad way, rather than a good way.

Next in our list would be the design and theme of the website, which you would have to consider, as this is the easiest and best part (only for me I think).

Along with my Titan Strategy I use my imagination, while designing a website. I do not follow what’s trending with the these designs, as you are the person creating the trend, and others just copy.

If you agree with me, you will not blindly follow somebody and rather than climbing the stairs, jumping into the cliff.

A good brain exercise, and big imagination, can lead you to an outstanding website. Keep in mind that you can create whatever design you like. Everything is in your capable hands and you have the chance, to get your design into the trending list, which is big, and the competition much bigger.

As you may see, we have our own way of designing by combining what is old school and new school. But why is that? 

Well simply answered, I just love GIF images and wanted a simple design with text, which gives a good feeling to the user. Years ago I had been studying in a professional gymnasium with a subject called “Color Knowledge”.

With this knowledge I analyzed all the opportunities I had to put “warm” and “cold” colors into a website, and not confuse the visitor.

So what design should you use? 

There is no answer to this question, as I previously mentioned. You have the ability to design whatever site you would like. Just make sure that the visitors will like it and stay to read.

The design and structure of the website is crucial, due to the visitor’s taste and if you do not have a everything well set, visitors again might bounce off.

How can you know if your design is good? 

You can just send it to some of your friends or share it to a group, where people can tell you their opinion, but do not take it that serious, as most of the people want to see the same and same again.

Some of them just prefer the basic navigation with links, a picture and text for them to read. It is simple. But if you can manage to change the basic idea of this person and he likes your design. Then you are a capable person.

Along with the design, it would be a really good idea to structure your content in a way that can fit your design and have all the information in the right places. Don’t just throw the text on the page and say I’m done.

Structure it. Keep in mind the H1, H2, H3, H4 tags and add all the needed paragraphs to them. Keeping it tidy is like keeping your room clean. It is all the same, looked from another personal view and many people tend to agree.

As a personal tip, while sending your website for ratings to users 

Some users may be a little bit aggressive, when you send your website to see if they like it. Don’t get depressed or sad, or even search the mistake in yourself. Just know that only one opinion never exists, and there will always be people hating the work you do.

Also don’t write them hateful and inappropriate messages back, as this will destroy your authority as a person, who wishes to hold a good website, and moreover wishes to get his Google Adsense Account Approval.

You can just simply ignore it. It’s really easy!

What if I receive only negative reviews on my design after sharing? 

If you get only negative reviews and people are feeling confused, while browsing it, then you should locate where the problem is and think of a solver. This is also a fun part, when you get the new idea, that you can use, in order to make your website better looking.

Not always people just come to hate, but seven times out of ten it is about this. Be picky about where are you going to send your website, for review and feedback, otherwise you will be spammed by the crowd, which loves to watch how you get miserable most of the time.

Not everything is colorful after all. We have to meet with the black and white reality sometimes and face it.

If you receive a bad feedback on your website, from a professional, who not only claims to be one, but also has his proof, then you could always ask him to properly navigate you to the right direction.

Again nine times out of ten you will be charged for such advise, but if it is worth and the person knows what he is doing, then obviously you should go for it.

Other advise that you may receive is about your SEO and site structure, which is “once again” critical for you, but not for the end user.

As Google uses web spiders to crawl your website and invest what links, keywords and content you have, the bad seo and link structure may repay you with lower and unwanted results.

As a personal advise you can always consult with an SEO expert and pay the price, as the ROI (also known as Return Of Investment) is much bigger, and you get a green light from Google that your website is legit.

Website security boosting your Google Adsense Account Approval chances 

Having your website secured is one of the most important things after you have checked all the boxes and think to get yourself rich with Google Adsense.

But why is the security so important? 

If you have not heard even once, the site security is an advanced protection for your website. It keeps you clear and protected from brute force attacks, spammy comments, DDoS (also known as Distributed Denials of Service), and login requests.

In order to prevent yourself from such attacks, you can use CloudFlare’s Brute Attack option, which implements a page to your site, checking if the actual visitor is  fraudulent.

You can also go further, by enabling the “I’m not a bot” option, which will need you to do a manual test, by clicking images, relevant to the question.

In order to prevent your website from spammy comments, I recommend you to download and activate the plugin called Akismet.

What is Akismet for? 

Akismet prevents users from sending spammy comments, and preventing the rise of spam score, by filtering appropriate and inappropriate comments, once they were send by the visitor.

Currently it is a leader amongst it’s competitors and could not find any match, due to the lightweight scripts. The speed difference is like a mosquito bite.