How to Guest Post on WordPress For Beginners

How to Guest Post on WordPress For Beginners

Guest posting is the most effective and efficient way to drive traffic to your blog.Not only the article , but the link too.Every guest post has to have a link to point to the website ,which provided the guest post.Guest posting means writing an article for a website ,that accepts such articles.Most of them follow a certain niche ,while others are all-type-websites.By all-type-websites I mean,that these are people who don’t follow certain niche and write about everything with no restrictions.Continue reading How to Guest Post on WordPress For Beginners to get into Guest Posting.

If you are a person who wants to accept guest posts , simply check this article on How to Allow People to Guest Post on Your Website

Why do Guest Posts :

  1. You can promote your website & blog totally free.
  2. You can promote your YouTube channel or other social media account as well.
  3. You can extend your business.
  4. You can share your experience and knowledge with other people.
  5. You can also learn lot of new things that you don’t know.

Simple Rules on How to Guest Post :

  1. Write 100% unique articles it means don’t copy paste from other websites or blogs.
  2. Must use keywords in blog or tittle.
  3. One image related to article or blog must important.
  4. You can write any type of post but under limits, under 1000 to 2000 words.
  5. You can use only English Languag.
  6. Only copyright free © images applicable.
  7. You can use & download any type of copyright free images.
  8. Use paragraphs in post also.
  9. At the end you can write your website details only one’s.
  10. You can also add Interlinks.

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