How to Protect From Invalid Click Activity on Adsense

How to Protect From Invalid Click Activity on Adsense

So first of all, what is Click bombing? Essentially, click bombing is when your adsense ads gets click MUCH more than normal. For example, if a malicious user goes to your website and clicks on one of your adsense ads 100 times – this would be click bombing. This malicious user is trying to send tons of invalid clicks in hopes of getting your Google Adsense account banned. This is a worst case scenario.Continue reading how to protect from invalid click activity on adsense

The reality is that Google is very serious about invalid click activity. The most common occurrence by far is when users either click their own ads a bunch of times or ask others to click as for them. Google is smart. They can detect this pretty easily and there is no faster way to get your account shut down. So, don’t click bomb yourself! Never EVER click your own ads.

Accounts do get shut down by Google and click bombing does occur. Like I said, its never happened to me and I don’t know anyone personally that its ever happened to, so my guess is that its pretty rare out of the millions of Google Adsense users. If you want more information from Google on the subject of Invalid Clicks

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How to protect from invalid click activity on adsense

The AdSense Invalid Click Protector plugin might help. It helps reduce invalid clicks and stops click bombings.

You get to set max click limit for your ads. If a visitors exceeds the ad click threshold, they can be blocked. Those of you who have problem dealing with traffic from certain countries can simply ban them from seeing your ads. AdSense Invalid Click Protector also lets you search and review banned IPs and delete them in bulk.

As always, you will always have to be careful not to click on your own ads. Monitoring your account on a daily basis to catch issues before they become something more serious is also smart. This plugin might save your account if you are a victim of click bombing.

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