How to unblock website from FaceBook


How to unblock website from FaceBook


There is nothing more disturbing than finding out that your website has been blocked by Facebook. This often occurs with no warning because the principles that run to protect users from spamming and malicious websites are completely automatic. Facebook is a great & valuable business tool.

To be very sincere, it is very difficult to ascertain/know the accurate reason, why Facebook has blocked the URL from sharing content on the site.

Why was the URL blocked from Facebook?


Facebook team has very strict rules & regulations of what is being allowed & what is not. It also cares about its users. Some of these guidelines aren’t mentioned anywhere ,that they can be accessed by the common user. There are several reasons why a website might be banned, but the most common is if a user does the same action “too many times.” The number of times an action can be performed is unknown by most people, but doing, it more than that number,Facebook will have your account labeled as potentially malicious.

For this, if you search through the Internet that why my website URL is blocked by Facebook, you’ll find so many answers to this question. But today, we’re going to unleash a series of steps that must be taken in order to unblock your site URL.

In this article, we’ll discuss why a website URL might be banned from Facebook and the steps that can be taken to resolve the matter. If my website has been blocked by Facebook, then do the following:

Firstly Check if your url is actually blocked or not.


1. Open Facebook sharing debugger.

Run the site through sharing debugger.

facebook-sharing debugger

If you website has been blocked, it will you a warning message like below.

Sharing Debugger - Facebook for Developers

2. You can check your website is blocked or flagged malicious with a site scanning authority like Mc Afee, Trend MicroSucuriSiteCheckWeb inspector, Foregenix, Site lock Website Malware Scanner, etc.

3. Appeal your links through URLs appealing sections.


Method 1

Post an Ad through Facebook, if it gets declined, appeal the Ad too & explain that your site is verified as safe by one of the authorities mentioned above.

If the appeal is again denied, re-appeal & write the same thing. If Facebook denies many times, then delete the campaign and make a new fresh one.

Do the same thing again.If accepted, your website is no more likely to be banned.

Method 2

Register yourself as a Facebook Developer, and then post your issue in an related forum.



  1. Content of this post really helps many bloggers, who mistakenly or unknowingly post their writings in facebook groups without knowing their rules, thanks for information.

    • crowvision


      It happens to many people out there. The fact of their misunderstanding and the cold bots that Facebook has, can destroy the authority and traffic to a website.

      The good news is that there is always a way out.

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