If content is king, then is title queen?

If content is king, then is title the queen?

Years have passed and the question “If content is king, then who is queen?” had been left unanswered.

Many bloggers had straight believed that if the content is the king, then SEO is queen, but is this the true logic?

If “yin” is the king, does it make “balance” the queen?

Absolutely no!

If “yin” is the king, then “yang” is the queen and it creates perfect balance.

Then following the path of logic if content is king, then title is queen.

But why is that?

Content cannot live without title, but the title can live without content.

The only difference is that the title and content create a perfect balance or said with other words it creates the perfect SEO.

Why is the title a queen?

The title holds all the keywords that content will be using as synonyms or different variations, while trying to describe.

Without the title, which serves as a queen, content is king, cannot shine.

But not only.

Have you ever opened a website, which has a bad title?

I would strongly believe that this is impossible, as one of the ranking factors is about having an optimized title.

A title with different keywords than the content or completely irrelevant, will not rank for the desired keywords, no matter how good the content is.

The idea of creating a well balanced post is to create a nice engaging queen title, which is keyword rich, so all the keywords from this title, can be added into your content.

If somebody writes the title “Depositing minimum amounts of money in cryptocurrencies”, this person will not be getting good ranking results.

If content is king, then is title  queen? - depositing minimum ammounts of money

In fact if he gets ranked for any keyword, it would be an irrelevant one and nobody would ever bother clicking. No matter how big your content is, how many backlinks it has built in it, or even how informative it could be, it would never get the right audience.

The title of your post is the first thing that will be looked at and receive first impression, before getting the visitor’s click.

What should I include in my title? 

Your title should include the keywords or keyphrase (even better), so you can nest your keywords and phrases in your content for better search results.

A good practice is testing if your keyword performs better when placed in the beginning or in the end of your title.

Keeping the keyphrase in the beginning had always helped, when me or any other person, who had posted on this website.One of our tricks to place our titles is by searching for keywords in websites such as:

How long should my title be? 

A well optimized title should be no more than 60 characters so it can be seen on Google and other search engines.

A shorter than 50 characters title would be poor on keywords and have less opportunities to rank on the first pages.

Keeping the length of 50-60 characters, you can create a rich keyword title, from which you can come up with many ideas.

For example: “If content is the king, then is title the queen?” The title is only 39 characters, but when the website’s name is added it gets bigger.

You currently would not want your title to be bigger then 60 characters, otherwise it will not be fully displayed.

If content is king, then is title  queen? - how long should title be

If my title is being shown on Google along with this website’s name, then the characters length would be 49 exactly.

Some people say that the more characters you add, the better, but to me it seems a spammy way to stuff in some keywords and try my luck.

A well optimized title would be in the middle between the 50 and 60 characters. 50 characters seem a bit too less, while 60 a bit too much, but having 60 is perfect.

Even though you can add up to 10 words in your title and be shown on the search engines, you should be thinking how the visitors are going to react to this.

As mentioned before. The first impression comes from the title.

If content is king, then is title  queen? -

It does not matter how good you are with the keyboard in writing cool contents that could engage If nobody likes the title.

If you do not have an engaging title for sure they will not have trust that your content could be better.

Although this can be all the way around.

You may have the perfect title, which gets you many clicks and catches the user’s eye, but your content may not be that good.

In both ways, your website will not last long and you will have to think on changing these negative elements, with positive ones.

How can I create the best title?

One of the things we should know is that we can create the best title from anywhere.

When surfing around the internet, you can get so many ideas, that you will not know, from where to start.

Just by typing a single keyword, you can see millions of GoogleYandexYahooBing or any other search engine results.

well optimized title

If you take a look at the first titles, you will notice that these people did not start writing their posts, until they came up with a good title.

When it comes to good titles, they are always direct and intend to show you, what you will learn, by just clicking a single link.

Even without looking at the meta description, which is under the title, people are enough convinced to read this site’s content, without the need of more proof that this is what they need.

Good titles are always including a “How to”, “Best”, “Top” and numbers. If you have a shop, which is selling mobile phones and has a bestseller list, then a well structured title would be.

how to title keywords

“Top 5 most sold smartphones in January 2021”. Including the month and the year, helps the visitors get encouraged and check your post, just because it is consistent with the current year and month.

best phones in january 2021

Updating the content and title regularly, will help you maintain and even grow your visitor traffic rates, with just changing a few words.

If you are feeling a lack of good title ideas, then you can consider using title analyzer tools, such as: 

The way these websites work is really simple.

All you need to do is paste your title and hit the analyze button.

After this you will get a score from 0 to 100 and receive multiple suggestions for optimizing your title.


One of the key factors in learning the process of building a good title is by taking a title from the internet and using it as example.

Trying as hard as you can and asking your friends for opinion is a great way to master title writing and begin with your traffic generating titles.

Pro tip

If you are using capitalizemytitle, it would be best to scroll to the bottom and see if your title can be read by 11 year old kids.

capitalyzemytitle readability score

Title is queen and content is king – perfect SEO balance 

The balance in SEO is kept by having a well optimized title as queen and keyword rich content as king.

Many website owners had repeatedly tried to convince others that without having rich word content, you will not receive good rankings. Or if your competitors content has more words, then he has big chances in outranking you.

The whole idea of the title and content is simple.

The title should be informing what you are talking about, while the content should be answering each question, that a user may has.

In most of the cases, the title is a question, which is being answered in the content, but split between the heading tags.

You do not need to have a 5000 word article to rank on first place in the search engines.

What you actually need is to split these big articles into smaller ones.

The intention of a post is not having more words than the competitor.

It is the total opposite.

The idea of a good blog post is to cover everything that the competitors are missing, but without getting the readers bored through scrolling.

A well written title and 1000 to 2000 word count article can outperform the ones with massive word counts, just because the visitors are being engaged and searching for more from you, rather than leaving bored.

Just from a single title and a medium written blog post, we can dominate the SERPs, because the title and content are creating the balance or said with other words SEO.

Pro tip

Building backlinks is part of the SEO, but backlinks come naturally.

When a user sees a great post, he intends to link it on his website.


Now when you know that the content is king and title is queen, you will not be worrying about, which is more important and on what should you focus.

Both the title and content are important, so you can have better user experience and low bounce rate.

These 2 things lead to perfect SEO and had been followed all along, but never mentioned.

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