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How to Install WordPress Themes in 2022

So you have just started your WordPress website and would like to change from basic to a more appropriate theme.

WordPress owns a great repository of themes, which can help you achieve the greatest designs, with minimal effort.

But in order to achieve these great designs, you will need to download a theme directly or upload one from any website, which offers you WordPress themes.

But how can someone install WordPress themes?

It’s a really straightforward process, which will be explained in this article, pinpointing each step and giving you tips on how to keep your website fast and clean.

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What is a theme in WordPress

A theme in WordPress is a collection of templates, style sheets, and other files that control the appearance of your website.

WordPress is an open-source CMS platform, which includes a powerful theme gallery with over 3,000 free themes.

Themes are the visual design of a WordPress site and can be changed in a few clicks without any coding whatsoever.

This means that no matter what your needs are, you’ll find the perfect theme for your next project because there’s something for everyone.

How to get free WordPress themes

When you start your own WordPress website it comes with its own pre-activated theme, called Twenty Twenty One.

The theme has a basic layout and is not bloated with codes, which means that you can safely be using the theme and edit it as per your liking.

How to get Free WordPress Themes - WordPress Twenty Twenty One

If you are not happy with your default WordPress theme, you can always change it, by picking any of the free WordPress themes from the WordPress Themes Repository website.

It includes more than 9000 different themes, which come with predefined designs and require no coding knowledge.

Choosing any of the free WordPress themes is a no-brainer, so you will not have any issues with getting what you want.

How to get premium WordPress Themes

If you are not happy with the free WordPress themes that you are offered, you can always pick a premium theme.

Premium WordPress themes are paid themes, which are enhanced with more functions and can be edited easily.

Most of the WordPress websites that exist on the web have custom or premium WordPress themes, but it is not mandatory to have one.

If you are looking for a place to buy a premium WordPress theme, you can take a look at Theme Forest. It is the hub of premium WordPress themes, which offers you a variety of high-quality WP Themes at a small price.

How to install themes in WordPress

Several methods can be used to install several themes on your website. The method you choose will depend completely on the host you are using for your site.

Downloading WordPress themes from the WordPress admin dashboard

Downloading the WordPress theme from the admin panel is the easiest and most common way to download and activate your WP theme.

It is the best way for newbies if you are looking for a fast and easy theme installation and activation process.

All you have to do is to go to your WP admin dashboard, navigate to themes and click on “Add New”.

From here you can use the search bar and find out the best theme for your website.

Once you find the theme that suits your needs, you only need to hover on the theme and click install.

Each WordPress that has been installed on your website, will be automatically taken to your Themes tab.

In order to find out the theme that you have downloaded, you can just navigate back to the themes tab and you will find your WordPress theme installed and awaiting activation.

By clicking the activate button on the theme that you would like to use, it will automatically start editing and changing the design and layout of your website.

It may take some time for the theme changes to be applied, so you will have to be patient and not click anything on your website, otherwise, you may break your website.

Uploading WordPress themes manually

Uploading your WordPress themes manually is a process that you can apply only if you will be downloading WordPress themes outside of your admin dashboard.

You can download WordPress themes from the original website, or any reliable source, which offers genuine licensed WordPress themes.

The process of uploading WordPress themes manually is pretty straightforward.

All you need to do is go to any website, which offers reliable WordPress themes and click download.

You will start downloading a zipped WordPress theme file, which you will need to keep on your desktop (personal preference).

After you have downloaded the theme, you can easily navigate to your website and click on Themes and “upload theme”.

After the upload has finished, WordPress will ask if you would like to activate the theme directly. If you click on activate, the theme you have chosen will be changed with the one that you are installing at the moment.

Once the theme has been activated you will be able to see changes on your website and start editing with no risk of breaking your website.

Uploading WordPressthemes through FTP

This one is for those who don’t have a template installation interface, which makes it difficult for them to install WP themes into their site.

They will first have to download the theme they want to install. Once it is downloaded, you can upload it via FTP into your hosting account. Following are the steps involved:

Download the .zip file of the WP theme you like and then unzip it using WinRAR or the 7Zip app on your PC. Now open your FTP client program on your PC and connect to your web host’s server.

There are some FTP client apps you can download for this purpose.

You will have to upload the files from your Desktop or Downloads folder into the ‘wp-content’ directory of your site on the hosting account.

Now you will have to navigate to ‘Appearance’ in the WordPress dashboard and click on ‘Themes.’ You will have to activate the theme from here, as per your preference.

How to delete WordPress Themes

If you had previously downloaded some WordPress themes, that you no longer use, it would be advisable to delete them.

The idea of keeping your website clean not keeping any of the old themes is that you are risking your website’s speed and the chances of getting hacked are more likely to happen.

So in order to delete your old and unused WordPress themes from your website, you will need to go to your WordPress themes tab and click on the theme that you would like to delete, and click the button on the bottom right corner to delete it.

Once you hit the button “Delete” you will be prompted to click on the pop-out, which asks you if you are sure you would like to delete this theme.

It is safe to click “Ok” and proceed with the process of deleting your WordPress theme. This way the theme will be cleared and your website will be clean.

Not to mention that it will be faster, as your website will not have to keep loading junk that you don’t use anymore.


Installing WordPress themes is an easy process, which is not time-consuming, nor requires techie knowledge in the field.

Keeping your WordPress website clean from the WordPress themes that you no longer use is also another step to enhance your SEO and bring more traffic to your website.

If you are looking for ways to achieve better SEO, perhaps you may take a look at our list of the best WordPress SEO plugins.