Pro Search with Search and Filter for WordPress


Pro Search with Search and Filter for WordPress


Are your tired of the old search ways ? Do you need a pro way so your users can search better ? Check out Pro Search with Search and Filter for WordPress.

First of all.What is Search and Filter ? 

Search and Filter is a WordPress plugin which lets you get better search results by categories and tags that were used in creating a post.This plugin is by far the greatest which is giving good search resulta and it isn’t slowing down your website as other plugins do in a critical way.

What can you expect from Search and Filter ? 

Expect the plugin to have custom columns ,from which you can choose the ones that you need and display them via a shortcode ,which we will leave in the explanation part below.

The plugin is totally free ,but it also has a pro version.If you are looking for custom search and filter , there is no need for going to the Pro Version.

Search and Filter Documentation


Advanced documentation and examples has now moved – find it on our Search & Filter Plugin Documentation.

Please find below limited documentation to get you started.


Installing the plugin

Type Search And Filter and once you find the plugin that looks like this on the picture here,click Install now and activate.


Adding the search and filter to the desired page

This is the easy part.Find the Search & Filter plugin in the plugins type and simply click on it.There you will find a page with contains the shortcode needed to display the Search & Filter bar.


Simply copy the red shortcode and and display it into the page you would like to have it.

Search & Filter uses:

  • Search : Related & Best name
  • Category : The post category which you chose for it
  • Post Tag : The tags written while creating the post

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