Best Top 10 Social Media Sharing Plugins For WordPress

Social Media Sharing Plugins

Best Top 10 Social Media Sharing Plugins For WordPress

Social Media Sharing Plugins

Social Media plugins are a must.Having such a plugin helps you get  more shares around the social media from users.They won’t only share and you get a +1 share.You also get +1 visitor (if not more) ,which leads you to better results on your website and page.The Best Top 10 Social Media Sharing Plugins For WordPress are only functional and updated plugins ,so check the list below.

Before we start :

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1. Sharif Social Share Buttons

Sharif social share buttons let you add responsive and attractive sharing button to your WordPress site and post. The button is highly responsive, that fits on all the devices and themes.

The plugin includes buttons for different social networking sites. Additionally, it also allows you to track your social media through Google Analytics.


  • Responsive sharing button for social media channels
  • Capability to show and hide sharing buttons
  • Capability to alter colour of sharing button

Sharify Social Share Buttons

2. Social Warfare Plugin

If you really desire to gather maximum traffic to the site via the social network, then go for this plugin. For beginners, the plugin makes convenient to place outstanding social share buttons to the contents. It allows selecting either to add to the post or pages with customising their appearance.

You will have complete control on the share counts displayed. And, locate fewer shares to reach before the counts are presented. The plugin also benefits with particular post options where you can upload images to the post without changing the featured images.


  • Beautiful designs
  • Complete control on the way share counts is presented
  • Choice to add “click to tweet” widget within the content
  • Responsive design

Social Warfare Plugin

3. Digg Digg

Digg helps to develop either floating social media bar with left or right scrolling option or sharing button that automatically populate at the top or bottom of all your blog posts. This plugin is used with different social media channels.


  • Show all social sharing buttons along with counts
  • Support for print and email services
  • Make the appearance of social sharing button attractive
  • Support in excerpt mode

Digg Digg

4. Social Media feather

WordPress plugin Social media feather contains a lightweight, simple and fresh sharing button and an icon. The plugin is easily integrated on your website. It also supports retina and the high-resolution screen. It will never slow down your blogs.


  • Complete customisation for both title and URL
  • Wonderful lightweight social sharing and following
  • Appears with default model icons
  • Can be customised with fresh effects such as vanishing and greying out social icon

Social media feather

5. Flare

Simple yet striking social media plugin Flare allows your content get shared through posts, pages and media types. It is compatible with some major social media channels. You can customise the looks of the buttons with the place the share bar at top or button of the post.


  • Allows follow me button
  • Simply order the icons, customise the look of icon
  • Configure numerous share icons for some of the most renowned sharing services


6. Monarch

Social media plugin Monarch is remarkably fast and efficient share plugin developed by elegant themes. The plugin adds a share button effortlessly to the different location.


  • Supports excessive number of social networks
  • Developed with presentation in mind
  • Observes and examines your social reach with helpful data and figures
  • Displays share button on image
  • Customisable button colour
  • Supports custom CSS


7. Mashshare Share Buttons

Through Social media Plugin Mashshare Share button, you can easily check total share counts on different social networking sites. The plugin keeps some remarkable and fresh designed Share buttons on the top and end of the post to acquire the finest social media share advice from your visitors.


  • There is no external scripts and count data which results in performance improvement of the site
  • Privacy protection for users
  • Superior performance caching functionalities
  • Carry out with all the themes


8. ShareThis

One of the most popular social media plugins  ShareThis is simple to implement. It enhances traffic and engagements on your web solution.

The plugin facilitates with Hovering Bar which is displayed on the right or left the side of your page with the counter and your preference of small of large buttons. It contains integrated social analytics that allows you track shares when your content is copied, pasted and more.


  • Allows customising an appearance selecting the layout of your choice
  • Contains social analytics that lets you track every share
  • Easy to implement


9. Floating social bar

Social media plugin Floating social bar facilitates adding a horizontal floating share bar to your blog post, and other post types. The plugin allows an incredible social media bar to acquire you more shares.


  • Thin and speedy
  • Allows to drag and drop social button which you desire to display
  • Loads scripts when needed

Floating Social Bar

10. Slick Social Sharing Buttons

Are you looking for the simple to implement social media plugin with lots of options?

If yes, go for Slick Social Sharing Buttons. It allows you to customise button types, state the page and post to show social sharing on. You can select from either a floating or slide-out share bar.

Also, customise location, floating speed, animation speed and more. This plugin supports shortcodes. It also provides social analytics dashboard that helps to track your social sharing movement.


  • Add Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn
  • Allows to customise location, animation speed, floating speed and more
  • Supports shortcodes
  • Offers social analytics dashboard that helps to track social sharing activity

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