Top 10 Live Chat plugins for WordPress


Top 10 Live Chat plugins for WordPress


Are you currently struggling with finding a good live chat plugin ? Maybe the problem is that you aren’t searching the right places.Why not just stay here and seek the best information ? Even today we have prepared a list of the best Top 10 Live Chat plugins for WordPress.

Before checking out our Top 10 Live Chat plugins for WordPress ,we would like to ask you something.

Do you know how to install WordPress plugins ? 

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Top 10 WordPress Live Chat Plugins Comparison

Here is the list of the best WP chat plugins you can install directly from your WordPress dashboard.

The comparison takes into account several aspects such as usability, appearance, ease of use, popularity, and user ratings. You can quickly review the key features, advantages and disadvantages of a given plugin, as well as its pricing options.

Please note: The numbers of installations, user ratings, and updates refer to their state as of January 1, 2020. Therefore, the current numbers may be slightly different.

Tidio Live Chat

Tidio Live Chat logo

Last WordPress update of this app: 2 weeks ago

Active WordPress installations: 60,000+

Plugin rating from WordPress users: 4.9/5.0 (based on 226 ratings)

Free: Freemium version with 3 operators, almost unlimited functionality and 100 chatbot triggers

Price: Additional plans, seats and chatbot triggers for 10-15$/mo

The rating of Tidio Live Chat on WordPress official plugin website

Tidio is the 4th most popular live chat app in the world. It’s quite an accomplishment, considering that it’s basically a new player in town. A very promising rookie who wants to prove that he’s the best free WordPress chat plugin around and delivers on that promise.

In Tidio, features that usually are available only in pro/enterprise plans come free of charge. What other WordPress chat plugins offer only as trial versions Tidio makes better and gives away for free. You pay only if you want some extra features like live typing preview, additional agent seats, or want to exceed your chatbot quota after you burned through your monthly limit of chatbot triggers.

Tidio is extremely versatile out of the box but if you want even more features or customization options you can try the JavaScript API or Zapier.

It is more than a WordPress chat plugin. It’s a complete brand-to-customer communication platform for live chat customer service, marketing automation, CRM. And have I already mentioned that it can be used as an email campaign creator as well?

Key features:

  • Desktop, mobile and browser apps (free)
  • 3 operator seats (free)
  • Unlimited messages, chat history, and contacts (free)
  • Pre-chat or in-chat lead collection (free)
  • Chatbot editor and chatbot templates (free)
  • Canned Responses (free)
  • Pre-chat and post-chat surveys (free)
  • Facebook Messenger integration (free)
  • HubSpot/Salesforce/Pipedrive/Zapier Integrations (free)
  • User blocking (free)
  • The appearance of the widget can be customized (free)
  • Message sneak-peek (paid)


The logo of Crisp chat plugin

Free: Basic version with 2 operators and limited functionality

Price: Pro version for 25$/mo

As the name suggests, this live chat plugin is very crisp and good-looking. It is very trendy and easy on the eyes. The free version is very limited but you can test some of the paid features with a free trial. Furthermore, you can extend the trial period by several days by completing specific tasks. For example, if you integrate your Crisp plugin with Facebook Messenger you get 2 additional days.

Crisp is modular, which is both good news and bad news. It helps with the separation of concerns, but you need to install plugins within the plugin. It feels like a plugin version of Inception. You need to install a different plugin to create auto-responses and easy automations, and a separate one to create complex chatbots and difficult automations. This module is free, that one is subscription-based, this feature will be disabled if you stay on the free plan, and that one will not, and so on, and so forth.

With a library of 40+ Crisp plugins (some of which are installed by default), the app can become overwhelming. Some may like to test out what works for them and customize their widget this way, so ultimately it doesn’t have to be a drawback.

Key features:

  • The Magic Map feature – visitor info with IP address, region and visit source (paid)
  • Zapier Integration (paid)
  • User blocking (paid)
  • Chatbot editor (available as an additional plugin)


The logo of Intercom app

Price: Essentials – $87/mo, Pro – $153/mo for 200 active users and 2 seats

Intercom is a fully professional solution. It takes care of customer interaction management, automated workflows, and data analysis. Intercom is very popular among big companies and it offers enterprise-level quality. It is also pricey (compared to other platforms available on the market).

Just like Crisp, Intercom is modular. The individual plugins within the plugin are sold separately. You will probably need to install several add-ons like Answer Bot (available from $99/mo) or Product Tours (available from $119/mo) to get the full experience.

Interestingly, the WordPress community does not seem to like Intercom that much. It is a great app, but some users feel tricked into installing a plugin that they cannot use for free. As Intercom team explained, their data platform was free, but using Intercom as a WordPress chat plugin required subscription to a different service which unfortunately wasn’t free.

Key features:

  • Customizable chat workflows and automations (paid)
  • Facebook integration (paid)
  • Auto-route conversations to available teammates (paid)
  • Automated lead qualification (paid)
  • Message triggers and scheduling (paid)
  • Team performance dashboard (paid)


The logo of JivoChat plugin

Free: Forever-free for up to 5 agents with core features and Chat history limited to 2 months

Price: There are many configurations – for example, license for 1 agent for 1 month costs $19 while license for 3 agents for 3 months costs $51 per month

JivoChat, with its 30,000+ active installations and great user reviews, is almost as popular in the WordPress community as Tidio, yet it feels more like Crisp. The look of the panel is trendy and elegant, with lots of whitespace and nice vector graphics. Additionally, compared to Crisp, its paid plan (Professional version) is cheaper while offering comparable features. It doesn’t, however, stand a chance against Tidio when it comes to the Basic version of the app.

JivoChat does not have bot automations, which is a disadvantage, but to some extent, it makes up for the lack of chatbots with its phone support tools. Instead of message-based customer service workflow, JivoChat is supposed to be paired with voice chats. Its Callback feature can be suitable for some businesses.

Because the round Callback phone icon is placed where you’d normally expect the chat widget itself, JivoChat is initially displayed as a bar – not a chat bubble. Because of that, it’s thin and long. You can try to customize it to remove JivoChat logo, but it won’t work in the Basic plan. The JivoChat logo is visible even when the widget is folded and displayed as a sidebar. What’s more, you can customize the colors, but the green leaf (a part of the logo) will remain green.

Key features:

  • Unlimited chats (free)
  • Facebook Messenger integration (free)
  • Real-time visitors monitoring (paid)
  • Complete visitor info with IP addresses, region and visit source (paid)
  • Pre-chat or in-chat contact info collection (paid)


Drift logo

Free: Basic version with 1 chat seat and 100 contacts

Price: Standard version for $50/mo and Pro for $400/mo

If Tidio is like a young tech entrepreneur and Crisp like a bearded hipster art school dropout who took up eCommerce, then Drift is like a cool rockstar slash marketer wearing sunglasses and a leather jacket. It’s bold and has a very distinctive feel and attitude, although some may find it a little bit over the top.

It is somewhat less intuitive than other apps. Sometimes it is hard to find something because icons (like the settings gear inside the main panel) tend to appear and disappear in different situations. Nevertheless, it is a great app. The free plan, however, is very basic and it does not include chatbots. Drift knows how to whet one’s appetite, but it’s hard to treat the free version as anything more than titillation – paid features cannot be tested.

Key features:

  • Welcome Message (free)
  • Slack integration (free)
  • CRM Routing (paid)
  • Chatbot editor (paid)
  • Custom chatbot designs (paid)

WP Live Chat (by 3CX)

WP Live Chat 3CX logo

Free: Basic version – available for small businesses and individuals for free

Price: Pro version connected to 3CX Phone System – costs are calculated based on the maximum number of simultaneous calls (for example the Pro license with 4 sim. calls costs $219/yr)

3CX is a company that provides VoIP services. Just like in the case of, their live chat is a semi-complete solution you can use for free because they use it as a lure. They are pushing something else. The company wants you to connect their WP live chat plugin (that they give away) with their 3CX Phone System.

What’s the catch? It is free but it looks like it time-traveled from somewhere around the late 2000s and early 2010s. WP Live Chat by 3CX is quite functional, but far from user friendly. The plugin does work but is not very elegant or innovative. It can be set up and used directly in your WordPress dashboard which may seem to be a benefit, but it isn’t. The whole system is very old-school and does not integrate easily with other pieces of software.

Key features:

  • Unlimited contacts and chat history storage (free)
  • You can customize the look of the widget (free)
  • JavaScript API and customizable CSS files (free)
  • Agent business hours schedule/DND hours setup (free)
  • Canned responses (free)


LiveChat logo

Price: Business plan (the most popular one) costs $59/mo

LiveChat has many unique features, such as Eye-catchers – graphical elements they work like arrows and draw attention to your chat box. Although they do clutter the screen space, it’s an interesting way of customizing the look of your widget that some may find visually attractive. 

LiveChat is modular and uses the “plugins within plugins” approach. It even has its own marketplace section in the panel. You expand features by connecting your LiveChat app with other integrations, modules, and additional plugins. For instance, you need to install a separate LiveChat app called ChatBot to create chatbots and chatbot conversation flows. ChatBot is billed separately and it comes with its own panel.

Just like Intercom, LiveChat is a powerful tool, but the basic plans are a little bit too basic and limited (only 60-day chat history in the cheapest version), and the advanced features available in the premium plans are complicated and difficult to master.

Key features:

  • Pre-chat and post-chat surveys (paid)
  • Eye-catchers (paid)
  • Desktop, mobile and browser agent apps (paid)
  • Chatbot editor (available as an additional plugin in the paid version)

Formilla Live Chat

Formilla logo

Free: 30chats/month, 1 chat agent and limited functionality

Price: Premium – $19.99/mo for 1,000 contacts, PRO – $59.99 for 3 agents and chatbots

At first glance, this WordPress chat plugin looks very simple and minimalist, but you shouldn’t underestimate it. Formilla is feature-packed and it offers some original ways of customizing the appearance of the chat box on your website. Advanced users can manually customize the appearance of the Formilla widget by editing the default CSS directly in the Formilla panel. You can also upload an image to personalize the look of your widget.

AI chatbots are a feature which looks very promising, but the process of training your bot is quite time-consuming and you need to use existing messages from you customers (which you obviously don’t have when you start using the plugin). Currently, it is far easier to create a rule-based quick reply FAQ chatbot than to train your AI bot to answer random questions.

Key features:

  • AI learning chatbots (paid)
  • Pre-chat or in-chat contact info collection (paid)
  • HubSpot/Salesforce/Pipedrive/Zapier Integrations (paid)

Tawk To logo parrot

Free: Unlimited chats and agents

Price: You can remove branding for $15/mo and hire live chat agents (160 hours/month cost $380, 24X7-365 service costs $728/mo) is simple and chat-oriented. It is great with live operators, and that is actually their business model. Instead of selling a complete CRM, marketing, and customer automation tool they give you a great free chat tool and allow you to hire chat agents. Brilliant, isn’t it?

Because of this strategy, does not aim at helping “too much” with customer support automation. Consequently, there are no chatbots or Facebook Messenger integrations. They want you to hire agents, not to create a semi-automatic customer workflow and be independent. Nevertheless, it is extremely popular.

The app offers many “premium” features for free. With its “friendly” design, is the comic sans of WordPress chat plugins, but apparently it is very appealing and it works in some scenarios.

Key features:

  • Customize the look of the widget (free)
  • Real-time visitors monitoring (free)
  • Unlimited chat history storage (free)
  • Hire live chat agents (paid)

Zendesk Chat

Zendesk Chat logo

Free: Available only with other Zendesk plans and limited to 1 concurrent chat and 30-day chat history

Price: Professional version from 29$ per agent/month

Zendesk Chat (formerly known as Zopim) is very elegant, minimalistic, and user friendly. The onboarding process is also very pleasant. Clearly, Zendesk understands (duh!) what customer service is all about and they try to reflect it in their app. Several key features such as pre-chat surveys and visitor tracking are available out of the box. You won’t be able to customize your widget’s appearance too much, but the default version looks pretty enough.

What’s the catch? To use the lite version for free you actually need to pay for other Zendesk services. Otherwise, you can only use a 14-day trial. Zendesk provides integrated customer support solutions and products. You can use Zendesk sales CRM tools, create call center systems, build knowledge base services, and more. The WordPress chat plugin is only one of the modules and if you want to use it separately, you must pay.

Key features:

  • Operating hours (paid)
  • Conversion Tracking (paid)
  • Unlimited chats & triggers (paid)

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