Top 5 Best Backup Plugins For WordPress

Backup Plugins For WordPress

Top 5 Best Backup Plugins For WordPress

Backup Plugins For WordPress

Have you ever wondered how people deal with critical problems in their WordPress website.They keep a fresh backup save ,to restore their WordPress to a point when it was clean from any kind of error.Your Web Host Company always keeps a fresh backup to get you back in track ,but anything can happen.Some of the Web Hosts ask you to pay to keep more backups and they don’t keep previous ones (older than 3-4 days).It depends on the web host company you are using and the way the store files.Every web hosting company has a certain hour that they backup your website.Some do more recent backups to your website,while others keep it straigh with a certain hour (which is set by Cron).

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1 – UpdraftPlus


UpdraftPlus is considered to be one of the better WordPress backup plugin that you can find on the market right now. Not only does it have more than a million active installs, but it works with most WordPress sites and it also features plenty of customization options if you really need something like that. There is a paid version of this plugin, but even with the free version, you can set up full manual or scheduled backups for all your website files.

You can also create a backup for your plugins, databases, and themes too. The restoration process is simple and even if you don’t have a lot of tech knowledge you can easily get it done and enjoy the experience without that much of a problem. It also features various cloud storage options such as Amazon S3, Dropbox and Google Drive too, all of which are very helpful and also super popular too. So yes, if you need reliable backups done right, this is one of the best WordPress backup plugin options out there.

2 – BackupBuddy


BackupBuddy was created in 2010 and since then it has managed to evolve and grow beyond belief in masterful ways. With just a few clicks you can create a complete WordPress backup. And you can do it directly from the WordPress dashboard, which is very exciting. The BackupBuddy plugin makes it easy to schedule automatic backups, you can even send the backups to a remote location such as a USB stick too.

Restoring the files is fast and convenient, with the entire process being performed in just a few clicks as well. BackupBuddy also has the ability to repair and even optimize your database. You rarely get to see something like this, and that’s what makes BackupBuddy unique and exciting to use in the first place. If you purchase the plugin you will also receive 1 GB of Stash Live storage. This service offers continual backups of your database and that really helps ease the pressure, not to mention it just makes things easier for you to handle as well.

3 – BackUpWordPress


BackUpWordPress is one of those plugins that really want to make your life easier and simpler instead of making things more challenging. The idea is that BackUpWordPress doesn’t require any kind of setup configuration. You just install it and you are good to go. Once the plugin is installed, it will create a backup of your files and that’s it. This really helps a lot and it just eases the pressure while making things easier and simpler all the time.

By default, it will keep the files in /wp-content/backups but you can change the location if you want, that’s up to you and everything is really easy to customize. If you do want to maintain a sense of security, then changing the backup location to somewhere else does make a lot of sense. But in the end, BackUpWordPress works with Windows and Linux servers and you can also exclude files you don’t want to back up too. It really goes to show that you can obtain amazing results and benefits, and the experience does pay off a lot if you do this right.

4 – BlogVault


BlogVault is a very good and reliable backup service that you can use for WordPress. The thing to notice right away is that this is a software as a service offer and not a plugin. What it does is it creates offsite backups on the BlogVault servers. There’s no load on your server coming from creating backups, and this really helps a lot because it just makes things better and easier to handle as a result. On top of that, BlogVault creates backups every day and it also has an incremental backup system that will track incremental changes and update previous backups in no time.

In addition, you can use BlogVault to recover the site very fast. They allow you to restore up to 90 days of the backup archive. So having 3 months worth of backups really helps you get back to the time when something went well. The pricing is a bit expensive when compared to the other plugins, but since it’s a software as a service, it does make sense.

5 – BackWPup


BackWPup is a plugin and its focus is on creating a complete WordPress backup fast and easy. You can create the backup and then it will be stored in the cloud, on your computer or anywhere you want. BackWPup also allows you to create scheduled backups based on how often you want to have a backup, to begin with. Even the process of restoring a WordPress site from backup is simple and convenient. They added some nice features to the Pro version too, such as priority support, being able to store backups on Google Drive and other amazing features as well.

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