Top 6 URL Shorteners for WordPress in 2020

Top 6 URL Shorteners for WordPress in 2020

URL shorteners aren’t only for pretty links,which are short and easy to remember.URL shorteners can help you with lots of things.First of all a URL Shortener can help you track visitors.Not only how many people visited a link.It also shows CTR (click through rate) , user behaviour , peek hours etc.Not only you can look into the user behaviour ,but you can also monetize your URL shortener links.Every click generates you income  ,which can become at least 100$ per day.This works only if you have quality content.Don’t just set a lot of links and ask people to click.You will get 10-20 clicks and that’s all.Let your visitors click whenever they feel the need.They feel the need ,when you have a quality article and good links pointing to your content or other content.Let’s get started with the Top 6 URL Shorteners for WordPress in 2020 

With 10 billion clicks monthly, is one of the most popular URL shorteners on the market. This tool is especially great if you want real-time analytics to track your link’s success.’s free package is more than enough for most people. With it, you can create shortened links and track several important metrics.

However, if the free package doesn’t cut it for you, also offers some premium plans. Paying customers can expect to receive everything a medium to large-sized business could ask for, although some packages are on the pricey side.


  • A free plan that delivers: With a free account, you can shorten 1,000 URLs and create up to 50 branded links. You can also track where your traffic is coming from, your referrers, number of clicks, and other valuable metrics.
  • Keep your branding: When you enable’s auto-branding feature, all of your links will keep your custom domain–no matter what. This means that even if people outside of your organization shorten one of your links, it’ll maintain your branding.
  • Seamless integration: easily integrates with just about every social media and digital marketing tool available.
  • Feel secure: All links created through are encrypted with HTTPS, so you can rest assured knowing that your URLs won’t be tampered with. was created by the massive social media management tool, Hootsuite. In order to use this tool, you’ll need to create a free Hootsuite account. Hootsuite is awesome, not only for shortening URLs, but for managing your social media accounts as well.

Links can be shortened through Hootsuite’s dashboard. You can then track the analytics of a shared link across social media platforms. Links shortened with are mostly used for social media posts, so if your needs are different, you may want to look elsewhere.


  • Custom link previews: When you post a link to Facebook, it will include a preview summarizing where it goes. With, you can customize this preview with your own photo, title, and description.
  • Track your success: Using Hootsuite’s powerful analytics tools, you can track a link’s traffic and ROI across social media platforms.
  • Plan for the future: If you want to schedule a future social media post containing a shortened link, use Hootsuite’s Composer tool to do it with ease.
  • Everything in one place: With a Hootsuite account, you can shorten links, as well as manage all of your organization’s social media accounts from one convenient dashboard.


When your budget’s tight and your needs are simple, TinyURL may be the perfect link shortener for you. This popular tool is completely free, and you can use it without giving up any personal information or creating an account.

Since it’s anonymous, TinyURL doesn’t come with many of the features that are common among a lot of other tools. So if you want a shortener that tracks your link’s analytics, TinyURL may not be for you. Despite this, there are still plenty of advantages to this user-friendly service.


  • No expiration date: All links that are created using TinyURL will be usable for the foreseeable future.
  • Shorten links instantly: If you shorten links often, TinyURL’s toolbar may be just what you’re looking for. The toolbar allows you to shorten links with the click of a button, and is available for most browsers.
  • Free custom links: While all TinyURL links will begin with, it’s possible to customize the end of your new URL with whatever text you like!’s is another great option for shortening your URLs. You can use a limited version of this tool for free, but if you want full access to all has to offer, it’s going to cost you.

Fortunately, the free plan is rather generous. You get 1,000 shortened links, branded links, unlimited redirects, and browser extensions. This makes the perfect solution for marketers on a budget who need to track their analytics.


  • Awesome free features: If you decide to stick with’s free version, you still get to enjoy many of this tool’s powerful analytics. You can track users by location, the device used, clicks per hour, and referrers.
  • Something for everyone: Whether you’re a large business looking to track thousands of links, or you’re a small business with minimal needs, has the perfect plan for you. 

Like TinyURL, is another free, anonymous link shortening tool. One big difference between the two is that lets you follow your link’s statistics. While it may not have the same in-depth analytics as some other tools, with, you can track a shortened URL while remaining anonymous.

Whether through the website or with free third-party extensions, shortening links with is incredibly simple. All your links will last forever too, so you won’t have to worry about them not working anytime soon.


  • More ways to access your link: When you create a link, you’re also given the option to generate a QR code to it–all with the click of a button.
  • Don’t go in blindly: Any link you shorten can either send you directly to the destination site, or, if you choose, send you to a link preview site. This way, users will see where the shortened link takes them before actually going there.
  • Lightning fast: Whether you’re using a third-party extension, or you copy and paste your link into the website’s text box, this is one of the quickest link shortening tools available.
  • Anonymous stats: This is one of the only tools that lets you track some basic stats without creating an account. This can be done either by adding a dash to the end of your link (, or by turning on your link’s preview page.


Rebrandly is a bit different from other link shorteners. This is because the tool’s main focus is on branded links.

With Rebrandly’s fully customizable URLs, all domains that you create can include your brand name. For example, if I were to shorten a URL to a blog on Website Planet, I could make it something like Web.Planet/Blog.

URLs that contain your brand’s name are proven to improve click-through rates, link trust, and brand visibility. Fully customized links may cost you a bit, but you can stick with Rebrandly’s default link setting of for free.


  • Edit whenever you want: Rebrandly is one of the only link shorteners that lets you edit your URLs after they’ve been created.
  • Know what’s going on: With Rebrandly, you can track where your traffic is coming from, what device is being used, the peak hours and days of your traffic, and the browsers accessing your site. You can also create custom reports to follow the metrics that matter the most to your business.

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  • Links that die: If you want a link that’ll only be active for a limited amount of time, making it is easy with Rebrandly. Simply set your links expiration date, and it will become inactive after that time.
  • Reliable help: As a Rebrandly customer, you gain access to the tool’s team of experts. They can help with things like your initial setup, account management, and importing links.


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