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Top 8 Payment Plugins For WordPress

Are you in need of some good payment plugins ? We go your back covered with the best Top 8 Payment Plugins For WordPress.Our list includes stand-alone plugins and plugin addons ,as some of the people need only an addon plugin for their e-commerce store plugin.If you are only going to sell a small variety of products , no need to setup an e-commerce store.You only need 1 payment gateway plugin to do the work for you.

Top 8 Payment Plugins For WordPress​



  • Price: Free

WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce plugin available on WordPress. Developed by Automattic, the developer of WordPress itself, this plugin offers the best features for building all types of online stores with the CMS.

WooCommerce can be used to make large online stores to selling small digital downloads and everything in between. The plugin features a large collection of add-ons, which you can install separately to add additional features like various payment processors and invoice generators.

Main Features of WooCommerce


  • Ability to sell both physical and digital products online
  • Supports subscriptions, downloads, appointments, and more
  • Stripe, PayPal, and Square integrations available for free
  • Include shipping options, taxes, and more
  • Easily find themes that support the plugin

Should You Use This Payment Plugin?

WooCommerce can handle all kinds of eCommerce websites from online stores to small business blogs. This also means it has a more complex system that requires a bit of a learning curve.

If you’re looking for a beginner-friendly and a simpler plugin, WooCommerce may not be the best option for you.

02. WP Simple Pay

wp simple pay 1

  • Price: Free / $99 per year

WP Simple Pay is a great plugin for setting up a simple and easy to use payment system for selling products and subscriptions on your blog. The plugin uses Stripe and allows you to process credit card payments directly on your website.

It features a simple and modern payment form that lets you get rid of painfully long checkout forms and let customers make payments with just a few clicks.

Main Features of WP Simple Pay

wp simple pay

  • Seamless integration with Stripe to offer credit card payments
  • Supports more than 135 different currencies
  • Include recurring subscription plans with free trial options
  • Create your own forms with drag & drop form builder
  • Coupon codes system and pay what you want custom payments

Should You Use This Payment Plugin?

Stripe is still only available in a limited number of countries in the world. Since the plugin is built to work with Stripe, this could be a problem for websites that operates in non-supported regions.

While the free version of the plugin is more than enough for a simple blog or website, you’ll need the expensive premium version to offer better features like creating embedded and overlay payment forms.

03. Mollie Payments for WooCommerce


  • Price: Free

Mollie is a standalone payment processor similar to Stripe. However, unlike Stripe, this service is capable of processing payments from not just credit cards but also with PayPal, Apple Pay, and much more. And it’s available worldwide.

This WordPress plugin is the official plugin developed by Mollie that integrates the payment processing platform with WordPress websites. Mollie only charges per transaction and the fees depend on the type of card used. The usual fee for VISA cards is around €0.25 and 2.8% per transaction.

Main Features of Mollie Payments


  • Offer multiple payment options to customers and process payments easily
  • Supports recurring payment models for subscription plans
  • Integrates with WooCommerce
  • Simple and beginner-friendly dashboard
  • Supports mobile payments including Apple Pay

Should You Use This Payment Plugin?

Being able to process payments with both credit cards and PayPal as well as other payment options using a single plugin make Mollie one of the best options for setting up an efficient payment system in your website. The only downside is that the plugin requires WooCommerce to function.

04. Easy Digital Downloads


  • Price: Free

Easy Digital Downloads is an eCommerce plugin that’s quite popular among specific niches and business websites, including sites that sell digital downloads like ebooks, templates, videos, bundles, stock photos, and more.

In addition to adding a shopping cart to your website, you can also use the plugin to create a discount code system for creating coupon code websites and include product discounts as well.

Main Features of Easy Digital Downloads


  • Create digital download websites with unlimited file downloads
  • Built-in tracking and reports for analytics
  • Add more features with free and premium extensions
  • Stripe and recurring payments available as paid extensions

Should You Use This Payment Plugin?

If you’re setting up a niche online store that sells digital downloads, this is a great plugin you can use to add a payment gateway to your website. However, the plugin lacks compatible WordPress themes and it only supports PayPal and Amazon Payments by default. Other options need to be acquired separately.

05. Sliced Invoices


  • Price: Free

Sliced Invoices is an invoice generating plugin for WordPress that allows you to generate invoices and allow customers to pay the invoices online with either PayPal or using offline methods.

If you’re a freelancer or a professional who offers services online, this plugin will help you send invoices to clients and easily process payments from your website.

Main Features of Sliced Invoices

sliced-invoices 2

  • Generate quotes and invoices to send to your clients
  • Choose from 3 different invoice templates
  • Easily customize the design of the invoices to match your branding
  • Stripe integration available as a paid extension
  • Process payments with PayPal, bank, check, and more

Should You Use This Payment Plugin?

While this is not a plugin made for selling products online, it’s perfect for professionals who offer servieces online to process payments directly from invoices without a hassle.

06. WPForms


  • Price: $79 per year

WPForms is a powerful form building plugin for WordPress that can also be used with eCommerce websites to create advanced payment forms and checkout forms.

Many websites and businesses want to collect more data from their customers for upselling products and for future promotions, with WPForms you can create such payment forms with multiple custom fields to collect data and even to grow email lists.

Main Features of WPForms


  • Ability to create payment forms with custom fields
  • Integrates with PayPal and Stripe
  • Easily build forms using drag and drop builder
  • Collect data from customers using extended payment forms
  • Integrate with third-party services using Zapier
  • Embed payment forms anywhere on your website

Should You Use This Payment Plugin?

WPForms is most suitable for startups and corporate websites for collecting more data from customers. One of the downsides to using the plugin is that the PayPal and Stripe integration is only available with the plugin’s Pro plan, which costs $399 per year.

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