3 Ways to Unblock Your Website From Facebook

If your website is new or got blocked, do not panic as this is natural. I will lead you on how to unblock website from Facebook for free.

Facebook is the world’s largest social media website, which became popular back in 2008, but also comes up with strict policy and guidelines.

Every day Facebook blocks at least 1,000 websites, bans 100,000 contents and comments, which are hard to get unblocked if you are a newbie in this.

Although the support is slow in replying back and taking action, you will still get response from them in 24 hours.

If you were blocked and wish to unblock website from Facebook for free, you will need to speak with a business representative by having a business account and running one ad or speak with their support.

Common reasons to get your website blocked from Facebook

While Facebook is the biggest social media website, it does not mean that it will maintain a bad behaviour from its users.

Facebook daily removes and blocks thousands of contents and sometimes restricts its users to post for certain time or fully restricting their accounts or pages.

If you had done something wrong and got yourself a restriction, believe that it will be hard or impossible to unblock website from Facebook. But that is if you read other articles.

The common reasons that your website may be blocked from Facebook may be, that it is currently new and your website is not trustable for Facebook.

Another reason is that you had spammed your website and took to many reports from other users. This way Facebook takes action in order to prevent breaking their rules.

Although these 2 are the most common reasons to get your website blocked and wish to unblock your website from Facebook, there is a reason, which will never be forgiven.

It is having an illegal website, associated with drugs, gambling or sexual content. Websites with phishing or scamming activity fall in the same category and can never be unblocked from Facebook.

How to unblock website from Facebook for free

When it comes to having your website blocked, you wish to unblock it, as most of the traffic is coming from social media. No matter if you are generating tons of traffic, social media is your ticket.

So how do you unblock a website from Facebook for free?

You need to allocate where, is the problem in your website and think twice before speaking with the Facebook Support.

Having phishing content on Facebook may keep resulting in getting your website blocked and reducing the chances of unblocking website from Facebook free.

Once you are sure that all the mistakes were corrected you can go ahead and contact the Facebook Support.

In order to unblock website from Facebook for free you need to contact the Facebook support, you can either write a message In the Help Center (add link) or navigate to your options and contact support.

When you are writing to the Facebook Support, your message should be well structured and explain your problem in a normal manner.

Bad English may result in confusing their support and delaying unblock website from Facebook.

For a well structured explanation regarding your problem with blocked website, you can use my example as it always worked.

How to unblock website from Facebook for free (for newly created websites)

Hello Facebook,

I recently created my website, but for some reason I was blocked automatically, without breaking any of the policies and guidelines.

Could you please review my ticket and if there is a problem, please do explain, so I can fix these issues.

Thank you.

How to unblock website from Facebook for free (for previously blocked websites)

Hello Facebook,

I had tried sharing my website, but for some reason I was blocked.

I did not receive any kind of reason as to why was my website blocked, but I had reviewed my website and its contents.

All the mistakes were corrected and I wish to have my website unblocked from Facebook.

Could you please review my ticket and if there is a problem, please do explain, so I can fix them.

Thank you.

How to unblock website from Facebook (paid)

If you could not get your website unblocked from Facebook for free, then you will need to use a tricky way, which needs you to start an advertisement for at least $1 and then appeal.

For some people giving money in order to get unblocked may seem ridiculous, but everything has a price. This price is cheaper though. For only $5 you will get unblocked.

As a tip I would say that it is not worth to ask anybody else on the internet, to fix your mess, as you will be just giving away your money and receiving the same answer.

In order to unblock website from Facebook, sometimes you need to start your own advertisements and while they run, you can appeal for being blocked in the first place.

The logic in this is simple. You were blocked by Facebook, but they have agreed to display your website as an advertisement on their website.

Then it means that you are not violating any of their community guidelines or breaking their policies.

If you can get over this obstacle, then you can continue to the next step, which is contacting their premium ads support.

Now when your ads have been approved and they are up running, you only need to navigate to the Business Help Center.

There you can speak with the Facebook support and have more chances to be unblocked, as I had previously mentioned.

It would not make sense if you were blocked, but can have ads. So they will have no other choice than to accept your submission and get your website unblocked at the cheap price of $5.

If Facebook does not unblock website

Now comes the big “IF”. What “IF” I cannot unblock my website from Facebook?

If you cannot unblock your website from Facebook for Free, then you have a problem with your website’s content.

Start by analysing the content.

If you have inappropriate content, you should remove, as Facebook has its own Policies and Guidelines, which you cannot break.

Removing the inappropriate content, without leaving blank space in your website can be done in a easy way.

Simply replace this content with something a bit appropriate.

For example you have a medical drugs store, which you would like to share, amongst other people in the social media.

Simply remove those pictures, which are directly showing the medical drugs and replace them with pictures, which serve the same purpose, but not viewing the medical drug itself.

The next thing you would want to check, if your website has too many redirections.

If you have a redirection plugin or set any script, which redirects the visitors to a number of pages and leaves them in the homepage it will be bad.

This is phishing and trying to fool the SERP’s that users are visiting many pages.

You will not only be blocked by social media’s, but there will be no way to unblock website from Facebook for free or paid.

But also will be de-indexed and banned from Google.

You can fix this problem by removing your redirections and keep your users to browse your content, without automatically redirecting them.


Now that you know how to unblock website from Facebook for Free and paid, you will have a much easier experience and no problems, while trying to promote your contents.

In order to promote content, you shouldn’t be spammy. If visitors like your content, they will share. If you keep sharing, but nobody sees them, then they do not like what you are posting.

You can try changing your contents to something more interesting for your visitors, so when they engage your website’s content, they can hit the share button, after reading your article.

This way they are not only staying for longer time on your website, but they are also rewarding you with more visitors by sharing your content.