The Best Video Chat Plugins For WordPress

The Best Video Chat Plugins For WordPress in 2021

Are you having issues with users abandoning your e-commerce website, or your personal services website? Video chat plugins can help you engage with your visitors and keep them attracted with no losses.

The idea of video chat plugins is to keep your visitors active and not feel worried about anything.

Many of the visitors are not entertained by the product only and feel like they want to ask more questions in order to be confident in themselves and click that “add to cart” button.

If your website is not converting your visitors into customers, then you may be missing something.

But what could you be possible missing?

For good user experience your website should be having:

  • A big description, which explains everything about your product or service
  • Clear picture, with no other elements, which may confuse users
  • A title, which is explaining your product and contains targeted keyword(s)
  • Bundle(s) associated with the product you are selling

If none of these encourages steps help you to get your visitors engaged and convert them to customers, then you should take your website to the next step.

Having a video chat plugin should always be your next step and not throwing a table of money for advertisements, which may still result on a loss.

How Video Chat Plugins Can Help You Grow

Video chat plugins are intended to connect you and your visitors and create a new type of interaction, which may help with their confusion on whether they should buy from you or someone else.

In fact there are so many e-commerce and personal services websites existing, that some of them are selling fake products or offering bad service.

A video chat can prove even a bit that your store is doing a real job and has the intention of working with customers.

A person who is intending to have a fake business and destroying his user’s good experience would never take such a risk and go so far, just to encourage people to believe him and help them receive good customer experience.

The Best Video Chat Plugins For WordPress

Consolto Video Chat

Consolto Video Chat

If you have been having issues setting Zoom, Skype or MS Teams meetings with your users, Consolto is here to help and engage with your users inside your website.

Consolto is a unique plugin, which you install on your website and does not require you or your clients to install or visit any third party websites to interact online.

This plugin lets you create unique 1 on 1 sessions with your clients through Video Chat or Text Chat, without having your website slowed.

If you are having a team of five or more members, you can easily handle multiple users and help them to pick the product they would like and switch between users, whenever needed, without any downtime.

Consolto also lets you to engage with your users through social media chats, such as Facebook or WhatsApp, which can help your visitors directly speak with you, before registering and ordering products.

If a client is having issues with ordering from your website, you can always use Consolto to share screens and see whether the problem comes from you or your client, which can help in fixing errors fastly.

If your clients cannot start a live chat or video chat, because there are no free members, they can always leave a voicemail, which gets to you and can be listened multiple times.

Floating Chat Widget: Contact Icons, Messages, Telegram, Email, SMS, Call Button – Chaty

If you are looking for a custom chat or call button, then Chaty can help you place them all across your website with just a 1 click install and easy setup.

Chaty is a more lightweight plugin, which lets users engage with you through only a single click.

In the free version of Chaty you can implement a call button, chat button, Whatsapp button, email button, SMS button, TikTok, Google Maps button, Vkontakte button, button, Viber button.

With the free version of Chaty you receive 2 free options to place your buttons, free call to action setup, set your own preferred timer for the display to trigger and make your visitors click on it, have pending messages and many effects.

If you would like to have more options, you can always go PRO for only $39/year.

The pro version of Chaty gives lets you customize CSS, show 25 different channels to click, custom chat designs, add rules to show/hide the chat button, traffic source targeting, country targeting, open/closed hours and many more.

3CX Live Chat

3CX Live Chat

For website owners, who are looking for a video chat plugin, which is more beginner, friendly 3CX chat can solve all of your confusion.

Translated into 4 different languages, this plugin is still a number one choice for most e-commerce owners – English (3CX Team), Italian (3CX Team), Hebrew (strelok89), Korean (taehwilee).

It comes completely free with no hidden taxes, fees, or monthly calls that you can do and/or have to pay to acquire more.

As the team, which created the theme say: “It takes no more than 30 seconds to download, set and have the plugin on your website”.

3CX lets you integrate a perfect live chat system on your website and get engaged with your visitors, without paying a dime for it.

Their video chat system will cost you money, but you can get the 3CX V16 for 1 year free, with no credit cards required upfront.

3CX also lets you build exclusive reports and see how your website is growing and visitors engaging with your website.

The 3CX Live chat is a wonderful option for starters and is even better, once you acquire their Video Chat plugin for the first year free, so you can start A/B testing and see how your website works with both options.

If the video chat plugin is not doing a great job, then you can always remove it and not have to worry about changing your plugin with another, who has less options and would not slow your website, due to unused CSS/JS etc.

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