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Most of the websites in the early 20’s of the 21st century are struggling with receiving the correct amount of “respect” they deserve.

What I mean is that they do not get a fair amount of backlinks, traffic or share of revenue, which could benefit and motivate them, to continue their journey with website building, development etc.

How would you feel if you had spent countless days in learning a language, or tried discovering the working process of a CMS, such as WordPress, but in the end you just threw some money and did not receive anything.

Feels bad, right?

That is why we are here as a team, ready to offer a free service called “website audit”, which includes all the basic information that paid and free “website auditors” offer, but we have something that they do not have.

We are proudly offering a free service of pointing out all of the errors that a plugin or a theme brings to your website and keeps you behind from getting the desired placement.

We cannot guarantee you 100% satisfaction scores or bring you up to the top of every Google listing, but we would not give up. We have dealt with so many visitors that were just coming and asking for all kinds of advise.

All of the advise we had given for free, gave us the idea to create this free service and not charge you a single penny, just because everybody should be happy as we do.

In fact we really dedicate our lives to website design and development from the big bad zero to the top, no matter how much time it takes.

All of this is because we love the people who wish to have a website and start their bloggin or selling journey in the world of websites.

In fact we offered 10 of our fans to create a free theme for them, just because they were so generous to us that we could not resist and help them out.

What does our Website Audit service offer you?

Simply said we offer what everybody offers and a bit on top of that.

What we will do for you is to check:

  • Your website speed scores in every possible country
  • Track down every single error your website has
  • Compare your website to your competitors
  • Check the healthiness of your backlinks
  • Compare your theme with others, which fulfil your needs and do not have extra layers of codes to slow down your website
  • Do a rough check on your web host
  • Analyze your plugins
  • Check the keywords you are ranking and the desired ones for you to rank
  • See if your have any broken (Error 404) links on your website

The information mentioned above will be sent to your email address between 1 and 5 business days. Some time it may take longer.

If you are searching for a certain service from us, due to an error mentioned from our side we can assist your, but it will cost.

Our rates are dependant on how much work does a certain website needs and is it something for short/long terms.