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Wix vs WordPress – Which is better in 2022

There are many people who use Wix for their website building needs.

There are others who prefer WordPress instead because it offers a free design and is much more flexible.

However, the choice of which platform to use ultimately comes down to individual preferences and needs.

These two platforms are one of the more popular choices, but each has its own benefits and drawbacks. Let’s take a closer look at Wix vs WordPress to see which might be best for your needs.

What is Wix


Wix is a company that provides website building tools. The company’s site claims that they have over 50 million people using their platform and about 60,000 new users every day.

Wix was created in 2006 and has since grown to be one of the most popular website builders on the internet.

They give you over 1 million templates to choose from, as well as easy drag and drop features to make it easy for anyone to create a beautiful website.

You can use Wix to create a website, blog, and e-commerce store all from the same platform. In addition to designing and maintaining your own website, you can also take advantage of Wix’s features like its drag and drop editor and community-powered design marketplace.

What is WordPress vs - Detailed Comparison is a blogging software, which enables users to set up their own blogs for free on the server.

Users can publish blog posts without learning HTML or programming of any kind, and the service is widely used by many of the most popular blogs in the world.

Furthermore, there are many themes and plugins available for so that users can customize their site with rich features, new layouts, and more. is a blog-hosting service that was created in 2003 by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. WordPress has been the most popular web platform on the internet since 2008, and powers 28% of all websites according to W3Techs.

The service is completely free of charge and open-source, which means that anyone can install it for their own website or blog without any cost or technical knowledge at all.

Differences between and and are two different websites that offer free publishing platforms for blogs, personal or business portfolios, and much more. is a site that will host your blog and take care of the technical aspects of maintaining it, such as hosting it on their servers, upgrading the software as newer versions become available, and so forth.

On the other hand, is an open-source platform that requires you to install it on your own hosting provider.

In contrast with, which offers free and premium hosting and publishing services for popular blogs and websites, WordPress.

Pricing and Costs

WordPress and Wix are 2 of the most popular platforms used by millions of people, and they also come free, but some things are paid.

Each of the platforms has different pricing and costs, so you will need to know the pros and cons of their services before paying. Pricing is a free, easy-to-use publishing platform that powers more than 29% of the internet. It’s an incredible tool for bloggers, small businesses, and anyone who wants to publish their own site. pricing ranges from free to $50 per month for Pro accounts which offer more storage and bandwidth.


If you want the power of your website in your hands URL, then is the perfect platform for you!


  • You can start on a free plan.
  • You get a free subdomain.
  • You can install plugins and themes.


  • You cannot set up an e-commerce website.
  • The bigger plans are expensive.
  • Custom plugins and themes cannot be added.
  • You cannot use your own domain on a free plan.
  • Your website can be removed if you do not follow their guidelines.
  • You cannot edit most of the files.
  • You cannot display ads on their free plan.
  • They display ads on your website and pay you nothing.
  • Free plans are showing the brand. Pricing does not have a pricing plan, which means it is completely free, but you will have expenses, such as web hosting and domain.

There are many web hosting providers, which can keep your website at good speed for a fair price.

In fact, using on a VPS hosting provider is one of the best things you can do, because you are not sharing your resources and have full control over what you spend.

Paying for a domain name is not a hard thing. You only pay for it once a year, but the pros are many on having your own domain.

If you check on the internet, you can find some really good offers from domain name providers, but you will have to be paying close attention to the renewal fees.

Some domain name providers will host your domain at a cheap price for a certain period of time, but later charge you double.


  • You have full control over your website and domain name.
  • You can optimize your website with popular plugins, such as LS Cache and WP Rocket.
  • You can upload custom themes and plugins.
  • You can display any kind of Ads on your website.
  • You can migrate your website to any hosting provider with plugins.


  • It can be hard to learn all of the technical stuff that comes along with WordPress.
  • Some hosting providers may destroy your website.
  • You have to deal with all the problems that come to your website. Pricing is totally free and you can use it as much as you would like to. However, the domains that you will be using, will be ending on

They have a total of 4 different plans, from which the first plan starts at roughly $5 and lets you use your own domain.


It also gives you some resources that you could be using, but those resources are little to none.

The first plan is great for beginners, who would like to see how their website looks and if they start getting visitors, the plan can always be upgraded.


  • Free plan included.


  • They display ads on your website, but you don’t get a share of the income.
  • You get a subdomain if you are on their free plan.
  • You have to purchase their Combo plan in order to avoid ads and use your own domain.
  • They try to upsell you a higher plan, so you can have more bandwidth on your website and a fair amount of resources.
  • Their support puts the highest paying clients on a top priority, which means that it is not sure when you are going to get your questions answered.

Difference between Wix and WordPress

Although Wix and WordPress are 2 different brands, they have a lot in common.

For example, and Wix are almost the same product, but with different plans and pricing, while is different from Wix and

Wix and intend to make you pay high prices, so you can start using a bit more functions, while is fully free and does not require any payments, except for hosting and a domain name.

Are they built for speed? comes in handy with a fair amount of plugins, which help you optimize the speed of your website to certain limits.

Wix also has a great marketplace, which offers certain apps. These apps are mostly used for marketing, social media, and advertising standards.

Wix does not have any optimization plugins or any kind of way to start minimizing the potential troublemakers, so your website doesn’t load slow. Even the support can’t do it.

While Wix and cannot offer you much, comes with its own structure. You can choose the hosting provider and change it at any time.

You have hundreds of speed optimization plugins, which can make your website even faster for mobile and desktop devices, which will ensure you get more visitors to your website.

Is Wix as good as WordPress for SEO?,, and Wix offer you a wide variety of SEO plugins, but the difference is that if SEO plugins were not needed, Wix would not be able to compensate.

In fact, SEO plugins are no more used or recommended by most professionals (including me), because the suggestions they give are no more relevant. Not to mention the meta tags and description.

SEO plugins can only keep your website slowed down and cannot ensure that you will have stable loading times.

But what happens if you remove your SEO plugin?

If you are a WordPress user, you have everything needed to do SEO, and also for Wix, because they have the needed features built-in their post editor.


Wix may lack optimization features, but it is also as good as or in terms of SEO.

By using the Wix post creator, you can ensure that you are not missing any of the features that WordPress has, so you are not missing anything.

The only difference between,, and Wix, is that only on you can edit your core files and make them work the way you want.

Which one is more beginner-friendly?

While lets you do whatever you want, without any pricing changes, it also comes up with many responsibilities.,, and Wix include a page builder, which can help you to start designing your website, or you can just use any of the best free and premium themes they have to offer.

While Wix has a straight-to-the-point builder with many blocks that can help you to design, WordPress has many different plugins, with different features.

Each WordPress page building plugin comes along with a different usage, user interface and takes a certain time to learn.

Should you use Wix,, or

Wix,, and are all popular options for website builders, but they are distinctly different in what they offer.

Wix is best suited for those who are looking for an easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder with limited flexibility. is a hosting provider that offers a suite of tools to make content management easier, but many beginners find it confusing to use.

If you are still having a hard time choosing the best platform for yourself, you can check out the graph that GrowthRocks have prepared.