WooCommerce Free Payment Gateways

Top WooCommerce Free Payment Gateways in 2021

Woocommerce Free Payment Gateways are a good way to start your online ecommerce shop.

If you are just starting your first Woocommerce shop, free payment gateways can solve many problems and let you decide if you would like to go for the premium ones.

When using the woocommerce free payment gateways, you should know that the functionality is a bit limited and can be unlocked by purchasing their premium packages.

Although a premium gateway is not needed, because the woocommerce free payment gateways are doing enough of a job.

The payment gateways that woo offers are a really safe way to own and maintain a shop.

Not only your cash will be followed through banks or paypal, stripe and others, but also there is no way to lose money.

This is a safe way for both the customer and shop owner and protects your website from card leaking and causing bad visitor behaviour on your website.

Why is a Woocommerce payment gateway important?

With the payment gateways you can accept payments in all type of forms, such as:

Cryptocurrency payments – You can easily accept payments through bitcoins, ETH, Lite coins and many other. If you wish to invest in cryptocurrencies, this would be a great opportunity. You can win some extra cash, but nobody knows if the price is going to go up or down.

Debit card/Credit card – If your customers are living in other cities, countries or even continents then the Debit/Credit card option would be the best choice. As known Woocommerce is popular with its best payment gateways that accept payments worldwide.

Cheques – Even if this is an old fashioned way of paying for products or memberships, cheques are still offered as a free payment gateway by Woocommerce and offer a good experience for both the customer and shop owners.

Cash on delivery – Cash on delivery is one of the best and safest Woocommerce free payment gateways, as the client can order and preview his order once it comes. If the order is well set and not damaged, they can pay for the product and the money will come to you. Although if the customers don’t pay, you will have to pay for shipping both ways.

Vouchers – Vouchers are very flexible and cool to have if you are thinking to start your own business. People often buy them as gift cards and send them to family members, so they can spend the money, however they like on your website.

Coupons – The most interesting way to shop is coupons. Once a customer buys a product and receives a coupon, he starts planning his next purchase. The 2 for 1 coupons are a great way to entertain your customer or spend an X amount and we will reward you is a great opportunity too.

Subscriptions – Just like Amazon. Having a prime or premium subscription system on your website can engage more customers and increase your sales up to 183.87%. The idea behind this is simple. The customer pays monthly $10 for example and gets free shipping. Although he spends less for shipping, he intends to buy more products.

Woocommerce free payment gateways


Stripe is the biggest digital payment gateway and one of the best woocommerce free payment gateways.

Stripe is not only a great payment gateway by its functionality, but also stands next to its biggest rival, PayPal.

Both of these free payment gateways are offering a brilliant user experience, but have downsides also.

For example Stripe has a better customer support, ready to answer each of your questions and assist you on setting every single thing, which is needed for you to start your shop.

If you would like to go for their premium plans, the price is lower considered to PayPal and would not even bother your wallet if you have customer purchasing products on daily basis.

A downfall of Stripe is that it is available in only 26 countries around the world, but can accept payments from every country without restriction.

Having Stripe as a stack of your woocommerce payment gateways would be a good idea, if you are selling digital products.

By selling gift cards, mp3 songs, movie licences or even games, Stripe can be your lifetime partner in this journey, as it has a special designed tool to help you with your marketing strategy.


As a leader in the small business and a great plugin from the woocommerce free payment gateways list, Square is taking a major place with its great startup.

Square is a great opportunity as it offers both Credit and Debit card payments.

Along with this, you can choose to have online invoices and mobile payments, with receiving transactions for each payment that has been made.

The tools that you can find on Square are all free and easy to setup. If you are having any kind of problems with setting up your online shop with Square, the support will gladly help you.

One of the great opportunities that they offer is that all your purchases are being combined and shown on your woocommerce analytics, so you can kick off the rivals and have a better marketing strategy.

One of the downsides of this free payment gateway is that Square does not have a payment method for subscriptions.

But on the bright side Square is absolutely free and has a low cost fee for each payment that has been proceeded by their system.

PayPal Standard

As a leader in the industry PayPal offers its services amongst all the countries without restrictions.

Both trusted by small and large shops, even major companies, PayPal offers a wide and safe variation for transferring and receiving money.

For the USA users you have the option to use PayPal credit, which is the one and only payment option that had been ever created in such a flawless way.

When you are starting your own shop, no matter small or big, you will need to have a PayPal business account, which is totally free to create.

The fee of receiving and sending money is low, but you have to pay extra when they are converting currencies from one to another.

The great side of PayPal is that you can simply set it up to work with Woocoommerce and directly display the payment button.

You have a choice to either have details that need to be filled, such as Country, City, Address and so on, or you can simply implement a PayPal one click button.

If your customer do not have a PayPal account, there is no need to worry. They can simply create one on your website without leaving the site.

As a downside, people had been complaining about being late on payments with 1-2 business days, but it happens all the time.

The basic fee that PayPal takes is 4.5%, which includes the fee for converting the currency that you had been paid, to your preferred currency.

Amazon Pay

The leader in the ecommerce business Amazon offers its own woocommerce free payment gateway, which enables you to expand the user experience to the sky.

As the other mentioned payment gateways, this one has unique features, which let you have a faster and safer shopping experience.

Not only they are offering a various ways of paying for a product, that you are selling, but also make the purchasing a lot easier.

For some of your customers, entering their credit/debit card information may seem unsafe, but when they have an Amazon account, they do not need to do this.

For purchasing with Amazon pay, you will need to login in your Amazon account and you can use the stored credit/debit card information from your account, to purchase products.

Not only it saves a lot time, if your customer had already purchased a product, but wants one more, but it also keeps a very safe user experience.

The payment information that the users have on their Amazon accounts is not leaving the website and cannot be hacked through yours.

Although you will need an SSL certificate for each of the payment gateways, in order to offer payment gateways to your customers.

If you have a subscription based website and wish to receive payments, you will need to purchase the Woocommerce subscription plugin, which costs $199.


As you may have seen or heard AliPay is the future of the world. As part of our woocommerce free payment gateways list, AliPay is a leader in the technology.

In Asia most of the payments are done through mobile devices on a daily basis. Users using AliPay are making much faster purchases and the money is coming in a much safer way that you could ever imagine.

The biggest proportion of AliPay users are coming from China and is preferred by them. Having this plugin in your inventory will help you gain most of them as daily customers.

If you are not into such a plugin, you are losing a big geo proportion of users, which are just waiting for a great opportunity to purchase something on a reasonable price.

The idea that mostly China users, are using this free payment gateway is that it offers a better security and the mobile payments are working best for them.

Not only most of the ecommerce shops are holding this plugin in their hands, but also AliExpress is using this great payment gateway, in order to process payments.

The options that you are getting through this plugin for free are more than what you need. Although if you need something more, a premium license of the payment gateway is a must.


If you are located in South Africa and are thinking to or already having a shop based for customers in South Africa, this is your one and only plugin, which can achieve miracles with small commissions.

PayFast is a special plugin designed only for South African users, whom intend to sell goods or already are selling goods, but need more woocommerce free payment gateways on their shops.

Along with the credit/debit card payment gateways, PayFast offers a special EFT option, which lets the shop owners and users send and receive money, without having a credit or debit card.

The good side of this plugin is that it could be a great alternative to the leader PayPal, but the down one is that you cannot process international payments.

This plugin was created to be used only by users in South Africa and designed as a woocommerce free payment gateway for this purpose only.

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