Woocommerce Plans - Create your stunning selling tactic

Woocommerce Plans – Create your stunning selling tactic

Having Woocommerce on your website and preparing for the upcoming sales, you need to have plans.

Being prepared for the best or worst is a part of having a successful shop and great user experience.

The Woocommerce plans are a great way of starting your adventure and preparing your future in selling.

Good Woocommerce plan include having a theme, Memberships and affiliate marketing.

Paid vs Free vs Custom themes

Having a theme, is your first priority when creating your Woocommerce plans. A good plan includes perfect and clean design, also enough understandable user experience.

The difference between the Paid, Free and Custom themes is a lot bigger than you thought, even though they serve the same purpose.

If your plans for a Woocommerce website do not include thinking about your theme, you may lose a big opportunity.

At first all the themes are the same, but all of them are actually much different and can impact your website in many different ways.

Paid themes

Paid themes are widely preferred by the Woocommerce owners, who are planning to make more money, but are not thinking how the user will interact with the website.

Having a paid premium theme, does not mean your customers will have a “premium” experience in your website.

Let’s not forget, that the paid themes are having a much slower loading times, due to the many elements and opportunities for customizing your website.

When you start off editing your premium theme to be matching your futuristic Woocommerce plans, you are usually forgetting the website’s speed.

While giving a straight go for the animations, transitions, elements and the hundreds of elements that can be customized, you actually impact the speed in a negative way.

The negative website speed is not attractive for users, because they want a faster loading website.

On the other hand, when a user comes to your website, he does not come to look at effects, like it is a circus. They come to shop.

A clean website with a straight go for the shopping page will attract your visitors more. If it sounds too plain for you, then you can add a pop up, which pops, after user intends to buy a product or leave the page.

This way your users can see a great deal of 2 for 1, or buy 2 and get 3rd one for free.

Free themes

The free themes may have less opportunity for customizations, but are doing a much better job when we speak about website loading times.

You have less elements that need to be loaded and your theme is not full of unneeded codes, which you will not even use on your website.

While you may be a newbie and not sure how to edit the child of the premium theme to exclude the codes, having a free theme will save you all this trouble.

When you first see a free theme, you are thinking that it will not be liked by visitors, but it all depends on you.

Using Elementor, Divi or Theme Isle’s great themes can help you build an attractive website, which will result in positive SEO and more sales.

Having a clean website and good user experience is the main part, when creating your Woocommerce plans.

Even if you struggle to build your website with a page builder plugin or from the theme’s options, it would be better to learn.

Custom themes

While people get premium themes cracked and result with many viruses over time, or do not get their needs fulfilled with a free theme, then the custom theme will be the best for you.

If you have basic knowledge about html/css, you can create a wonderful theme with understrap.

The purpose of Understrap is to help you create any kind of theme by your likings with simple coding skills.

If you wish to add some php or JavaScript, you do not need to worry, as there is CodePen and the WordPress official forum, where all of you question are answered.

Another great thing of a custom theme is that you can update and maintain it whenever you want.

This means that you will not need to worry about the speed of your website and you can go ahead in your Woocommerce Plans to create the best e-commerce website.

When starting with your custom theme development, your website will be in safe hands with the css inlining.

Every time you are saving your updates CSS, it will automatically inline it and improve the reading of the computers.

In order to have your Understrap theme you will need VSCode (Visual Studio Code), Gulp installed and the theme installed on your WordPress website.


Having memberships on your e-commerce website should be another part of your Woocommerce Plans, if you wish to have your customers excited.

Not only it will make people shop more, but they can also earn ranks by spending more money or buy their rank.

Both of these options included will bring them to a point that they will just have to get the rank no matter what.

Big companies have such Woocommerce plans and intend to mostly give opportunities for the ranks to be given free and paid.

When the users are earning or paying for a certain rank, they should be rewarded with a certain bonus. You can reward each of them with discount bonuses, coupons, gift cards or even free shipping.

Using all of these ideas and much more from your imagination, will help your website reach the sky.

If you ever had experience with Amazon, they intend to sell Amazon prime and receive free shipping and some discounts, while they are shopping.

This lets the members buy more products for a lousy payment of 10$.

Most of the customers are not buying products every single day. They buy something every 2-3 months, but keep their membership active. Especially if you have long term memberships discounted.

Some great plugins for a user membership based website are Woocommerce Membership, Ultimate Member, Memberships – Membership & User Role editor plugin and many more.

If you would like to learn more, you can check our WordPress membership plugins list.

Affiliate Marketing

Having affiliate marketing on your website is a plus and a really good idea when creating your Woocommerce plans.

It can be a good passive income method and reward you big for just displaying their ads.

They do not pay you for impressions or simple clicks. Affiliate marketing pays per sale and intends to keep it up this way.

If you wish to have to be paid for impressions, video views or just clicks, you can follow our guide for the best Ad services.

A good website to sign up for affiliate marketing can be Amazon AWS.

Amazon is the leader in ecommerce and can pay you big for bringing customers to them.

The idea behind this is not just referring people. You need to show their ads on your website and every visitor click is being tracked.

If you make a sale, Amazon is going to pay you for making this sale.

You will not get the full price of the digital or physical product sold, but you can make decent money, without worrying for shipping costs, customer demands or anything else.

Another good affiliate marketing website is Share a Sale.

For over 17 years they have been in the business offering wide variety of payment options.

Merchants all over the world are selling all kinds of goods in reasonable price and having this website as a partner is a sure win for you.

In the other hand Affiliate Marketing can be a life saver for fees and receiving bad user feedback.

Bear in mind that if you are thinking of your Woocommerce plans, but focus on Affiliate Marketing, you will lose big.

The idea behind the Affiliate Marketing is to boost your income, but not to be your primary source.

If a chair company was an affiliate to sticker sticker companies, but they did not produce any chairs for the last 2 months, they will just be bankrupt.

As one more example for you Woocommerce plans would be not to have a website about phones and accessories, but start adding gas masks and other irrelevant stocks to sell.

This would be totally pointless. Just because you gain more money from the affiliate marketing products, does not mean that adding them, will profit you more.

In most cases it offers interstitial ads that are based on the user’s interest and show him, what he wants to see.

Keeping your brand and products safe, without changing will guarantee you better results and make your Woocommerce plans a successful work.


Now when you know how to create Woocommerce plans and know the top winning Woocommerce plans, you can feel ready to go for the big cash.

Keep in mind that some Woocommerce plans come and go. Make a list of what you think is considered as a good idea and turn it into your winning Woocommerce plans list.


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