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What is the Support Phone Number

Have you ever had problems with your WordPress website and couldn’t fix them on your own?

Using the WordPress support phone number can get your website up and running again.

WordPress is one of the oldest and most enjoyable CMS in the entire history. You can easily create and start your website in just 5 minutes.

Not to mention that the pricing is fair and you make an investment, which will be returned if you leverage your keyword research.

But that’s not the point. I understand you are struggling with your website and need help right away.

Calling WordPress support’s phone number is the easiest way to get the job done. Especially when you pay for it.

Who can call the WordPress support over the phone

Every customer can call the support number and receive support over the phone.

Depending on the plan you are paying, there is a certain level of support you will be receiving on a daily basis.

So let us look at the facts.

WordPress offers 3 types of support for its customers, but it depends on their plan and if they pay for it.

For example, the free plan doesn’t give you any kind of support, and even if you call their phone number, you will be directed to the WordPress forums.

However, every paid plan on gives you a layer of support and it depends on how high you go.

But that’s not all. If you want good support and to sell products, you will have to pay 15€ per month for the WordPress Pro Plan.

The premium support offers you all the great features you could wish for, along with a free domain name.

They can build your website by choosing geat themes and plugins, so you can start building your pages.

And if you are looking for something more professional, which big businesses use, you will need to start throwing at least $2000 per month for VIP support.

If you are looking for wider projects, you should consider the alternative WordPress, which ends at org, as it is a self-hosted solution and perfect for scaling websites.

For more information, you can check out the differences between and

What is the phone number for WordPress support

If you would like to call the WordPress phone number for live support, you can use the number 1-877 273-3049 for any related questions.

Once you call their phone number, you will be directly asked to choose any of the options.

For support questions, you will have to click the number “2”, but you will be redirected to visit the website and seek support from there. does not offer support over the phone, but they offer live chat support and forum chat support in real-time.

Who can use the WordPress live chat and email support

If you are a paid plan member, you will be receiving tiered support, which will fix any kind of WordPress-related issues on your website.

Depending on the plan, which we have discussed above, the tiered support can help you.

For example, if you are paying for their highest plan ( VIP), you will be receiving a dedicated support team for all of your questions.

However, if you are on any of the first 2 plans, which are fairly priced and offer a lot of resources for starters, you will be receiving lesser support for your website.

Nonetheless, every paying member can use live chat and email support options to receive additional help if any issues have occurred.

After all, cares about its clients and wants to make sure that at the end of the day everyone is satisfied.

How can free members contact the support

As a free member, you may be feeling down, since you cannot call or use support for help regarding your issues.

That is not a big issue, because most of the members, even the paid ones use the forums.

The reason is that members like to see opinions for themes, and plugins and get their questions answered by other professionals.

That’s how they get connected. And on top of that, they can easily start building links to their sites and increase their SEO results.

Technically even with a free account, you can receive premium support from other members and not think much about spending money.

Every member has experienced an issue that someone else will have in the near future. That’s the smallest reason the support forums exist.


The WordPress support phone number could be a great way to communicate with actual people, but it is currently not supported.

So in short does not want to disappoint you, so they have given you the opportunity to use their live chat and email support.

And the best thing is that you can get your free domain name forever and start without having to pay for anything.