WordPress Error 404 When Logging into WP-Admin


WordPress Error 404 When Logging into WP-Admin


Are you getting the pesky Error 404 ? It means file not found , page not found etc.It’s really confusing when you see it ,because this can occur for many reasons.It can be the web host , your cdn , missing files , missing pages and many other reasons.Seems hard to fix ? No worries , we covered everything you need in this article WordPress Error 404 When Logging into WP-Admin

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Plugin Conflict

Some plugins and the majority of them which are related to secure WordPress are the root cause of this error.

Plugins like hidden login URL slug, 404 managers, security plugins such as Wordfence, etc. create conflicts that other plugins you might have installed.

To check if the main cause of your wp-admin redirect problem is a plugin or not, You have to look through your FTP client.

Since you can’t log in to your WordPress dashboard, you will need to access your plugins directory through an FTP client. FTP or the file transfer protocol helps you to connect your device to your server at the administrator level.

You can use Filezilla or CoreFTP as they both are helpful for beginners as well as high on features.

Here’s how to log in with FTP:-

  1. Get your FTP access credentials (ask your host)
  2. Download and install Filezilla on your PC
  3. Login to your server

Then head on to the WP-content folder which can be located in the public.html folder.


Here in the plugins directory, start deleting the plugins one by one. After deleting every one plugin, go back and try to login to your WordPress dashboard. If you are able to log in after deleting any plugin, that means the cause was a plugin conflict.

This usually happens and will solve the issue in most cases.

If the problem still persists, you should check out the other reasons below.

Theme Conflict

Themes, the same way a new or an old plugin can be a cause for Wp-admin redirect problems, can be responsible for this error.

For inspecting if the wp-admin redirection problem is occurring by any theme update, change or functions.php file changes, you will have to repeat the same process as you did in the case of plugins.

In this process, you will have to delete the theme by deleting its existence in your themes folder that is located near your plugins directory in the same wp-content folder.

Try deleting the themes, and at the same time try to log in to your WordPress dashboard. This should solve your problem.

If the wp-admin redirection/page refresh problem still persists, do check out the other steps below.

3. Reach Out To Your Web Hosting Support

If neither theme nor the plugins were the cause, it probably means that the problem is with your allocated server i.e. your host.

Before you reach to your hosting support team, let’s make sure the problem is with the servers. For doing this, you will need to launch your PHP my admin area.

PHP my Admin software is used to access the MySQL and MariaDB database. WordPress database is written and runs on MySQL and MariaDB.

To confirm your host is causing this problem, try launching PHP my Admin and access your MySQL database. If you succeed, congrats, your servers, and the host both are fine and working.

If you are unable to access your MySQL database and PHP my admin shows failed login error, you need to ask your host. Contact their support team and they will provide you with all the necessary details on this issue.

If they fail to help you, it is time to move to a better host.

4. .htaccess File Corruption

It may happen that you added code in your .htaccess file. It may also happen that you never knew about it and did nothing.

.htaccess is a sensitive file that helps WordPress to handle requests between a server and a web browser and it should be handled carefully. Sometimes, it gets corrupted due to reasons like plugin conflicts.

All we have to do to get rid of this wp-admin redirect error is delete this corrupt .htaccess file.


Simply log in to your FTP client, take a backup of the existing .htaccess file and then delete this corrupt .htaccess file. That’s it.

Go back and check if you can no login to your WordPress dashboard or not. Once you are in your WordPress admin area, go to the settings section and get to the permalinks settings. Do not change anything and click on save. This will generate a new, fresh .htaccess file.

If this didn’t solve your problem, then follow the steps below.

5. Site URL Error

In some cases, when none of the above-mentioned solutions worked this did.

Sometimes, simply updating the site URL solves the problem. All you need to do is:Screenshot-2018-05-25-11.59.58

  1. Login to your FTP client area
  2. Locate the WP-Config file
  3. Take a backup of it

Then edit it and add this line of code:-


Replace the “yourdomain.com” with your original domain.

That’s it. Go back to your wp-admin page and try to log in again.


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