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Top 6 Best WordPress Link Building Plugins in 2022

Every website needs to be optimized for search. In order for a website to rank well in search engines, it needs a lot of visitors from different sources.

One way to get more visitors is through link building. There are plenty of link building plugins for WordPress that can be used on any site or blog.

Link building plugins help create backlinks and increase the ranking of a website in the SERPS by building internal links on your website and making sure none of your articles are left as orphans.

One of the most important things for Google and other search engines is to find more articles on your website, so they can get indexed and shown to the visitors.

In order to start this, you will need to have a good website structure and content structure.

The main idea of structuring your content right and having big content can help you to find add more internal links.

Including relevant links to keywords on your post helps search engines find your articles easier and increases your index rate.

Understanding that search engines want to discover more content and links, should be one of the first steps you should be taking. Contents are made for search engines to find them and deliver to visitors.

The more content a website has, the more users can find more helpful information from it.

Not to mention that the more content you have, the more space you have on adding ads and earning money with your website.

Link Building plugins can automate the process of linking on WordPress without searching and taking too much time to add each link.

There are many plugins or tools, which are associated with WordPress link building, but not all of them are worth the try. Some of them can even harm your website.


Link Whisper is the best and most known WordPress link building plugin, which lowered the time it takes to do link building on your website.

There are so many big websites with hundreds of contents relevant to others, but not linked. Many of these big websites are missing out on these keywords, but Link Whisper can easily fix that.

With Link Whisper you can automatically add links to posted articles, follow suggestions and receive interlinking suggestions, while you are writing articles.

The plugin comes up in a free version, which is more powerful than every other link building plugin and saves tons of time, so you can concentrate on writing more articles for your website.

The Free Link Whisper lets you:

  • Receive internal links reports every time another link was added.
  • Customize your internal linking suggestion with full control over the options without paying.
  • Automatic link suggestions while you write your articles.
  • Manual and automatic link insertion are included in the free plan.

The Premium Link Whisper lets you:

  • Add multiple links by selecting a single anchor text.
  • Add links to orphan pages or pages, which need more link juice to rank higher.
  • Have better control over your links and manage them directly through the plugin.
  • Choose which categories should or should receive internal links.
  • Target keywords, which should receive internal linking priorities.
  • Check for broken backlinks and change them with relevant ones.
Best link building plugins for WordPress Internal Links Manager

The Internal Links Manager plugin is a really simple and lightweight WordPress link building plugin, which can help you add backlinks to certain blog posts.

It’s a really simple and beginner-friendly plugin, which lets you choose articles for adding internal links to them and the plugin will do the job for you.

Without even having to scroll through every article, you will only need a list with all your URLs and the target keyword, which needs to have a link.

The plugin will go through all the words in your article and will add the link in one of the keywords, which seems most relevant.


All you have to do is include the needed fields, which should include the link, the page you want to contain the links, and the keyword.


Consolety is a different link building plugin for WordPress, as it is based on the installs and users. It simply takes the content that you have on your website and searches for relevant pages.

Once Consolety finds a relevant page to link to your pages, it easily adds the links.

The idea of this plugin is like a backlink exchange, which replaces manual work. Asking people for a backlink and being declined is left in the past since Consolety can do this job for you.

The Consolety team is well aware that many types of websites practice Black Hat SEO techniques, so it created a different section. Your website will not include links from other sites, which have been practicing dark techniques and get your website penalized.

Consolety offers White Hat SEO, Black Hat SEO, PBN websites, and much more websites to receive links from by easily filtering the ones you want and the ones you don’t want.

With Consolety you can:

  • Manage the websites you receive links from.
  • Export your categories and manage the ones that should receive links.
  • Export all the links received and given from and on your website.
  • Exclude or Include Black Hat SEO, White Hat SEO, or Grey Hat SEO websites from giving or receiving links from your website.

Interlinks Manager is a link building plugin, which lets you manage and optimize your internal links on your WordPress website, without having to access each post.

It has both free and premium versions, which are lightweight and do not have a big impact on your website’s speed.

With the free version of Interlinks Manager, you can analyze all of your internal links and start tracking the data, such as link juice and what is the progress on your website.

You also get suggestions of how your links are performing and what can be changed, which can be helpful in your link-building strategy.

With Interlinks Manager pro you can:

  • Receive even better internal link suggestions, that can speed up the process in your internal link-building strategies.
  • Build internal links on your pages automatically based on the keyword, pages, categories, and relevancy.
  • Track the clicks done on the internal links, which were provided by Interlinks Manager Pro, and receive improvement suggestions.
  • Ability to export your results and internal links in a CSV format directly from your website.
  • Configure how the link building algorithm works, so it can suit your results.

Internal Link Building is a basic plugin, which lets you easily link to your old posts and boost your results. The plugin works the same way as Wikipedia.

Once an article had been finished and contains related keywords, they are being spread around all posts, without unnecessary spam.

The plugin is built with lightweight code and does not have that many options, which can slow down your website.

With Internal Link Building you can easily rank your posts by simply creating a good link structure, which will bring more visitors to your website. The links are done by relevancy and can be configured.

With Internal Link Building you can:

  • Upload unlimited keywords, which will be used for your interlinking strategy. The keywords can be uploaded through a CSV file directly to WordPress.
  • Specify the relevancy of the keywords, so when the plugin searches for good places to link, use only the most specific terms provided.
  • Include your referral links to articles automatically.
  •  Link multiple keywords per article, without limits.

6. Terms Descriptions


Terms descriptions is a powerful WordPress link building plugin, which lets users search for descriptions in posts that match the keyphrase provided and automatically starts inserting links into the keywords.

With Terms descriptions, you can target multiple keywords, which are relevant to the link you want to place on your articles.

The plugin can add as many links as you set it to do. You can target key sensitive keyphrases without making mistakes and linking on wrong keywords or topics that make no sense with the provided link.

With Terms description you can:

  • Create, update and delete keyphrases or keywords without the need to scroll through each article.
  • Automatically assign links to blog posts or pages to other websites.
  • Set the number of links that will be generated per article.
  • Set variations of the target keyphrase for linking.
  • Export your internal linking information through a CSV formatted file.


With Internal link building plugins, you can achieve new heights and boost your SEO results, without relying on SEO plugins, which do not actually help you with your articles.

You don’t need SEO plugins to achieve high rankings. There are many other tools, which are not installed on your WordPress website and can save speed, which is a big matter.

Link building is one of the highest-ranking factors that Google uses to rank websites, along with hundreds of thousands of more metrics.