WordPress not Sending Emails error (Quick fix)


WordPress not Sending Emails error (Quick fix)


Isn’t your WordPress sending mails ? Maybe it’s due to an error ,but don’t get scared.We have covered it all for you in a simple article called WordPress not Sending Emails error (Quick fix).

We also recommend you to change your mail plugin to Mailpoet as it offers free premium untill 2000 subscribers.You can check in the article here.

But if you prefer to fix the problem and stay as you are now , just continue reading WordPress not Sending Emails error (Quick fix)

Set Up SMTP on WordPress

WordPress not sending emails is an annoying issue, with a simple solution. To beat it – you neet so set up SMTP on WordPress.

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) facilitates email deliverance between servers. SMTP is usually paired with POP3 or IMAP as the receiving end.

There are various methods and plugins that you could use to send emails from WordPress using the SMTP method. In this article, we will only cover the steps to doing so using Hostinger email service and Mailgun automation server.

Before we get to that part, we need to address the problem first by setting up the PHP mail function on WordPress. This step will allow WordPress to send emails via a proper SMTP protocol.

For this tutorial, we will use the WP Mail SMTP WordPress plugin.

This plugin is a great option to do the job as it has four different SMTP setup options. We will further discuss how to the two of them after properly configured your WordPress site for sending PHP emails.

Here are the steps to setting up SMTP on WordPress:

1. After installing the WP Mail SMTP plugin, click the button Activate.

2. Navigate to the Settings area of WP Mail SMTP on the WordPress dashboard.

3. Choose your email address and sender name, then set the SMTP to Default.


4. Once you’re done, click on the Save Settings button.

5. If the process was successful, a confirmation message will appear on your screen.

WP Mail SMTP Confirmation of Successful Settings Change6. To make sure everything works perfectly, you can use the WP Mail SMTP’s Email Test feature. Type in any recipient’s email address of your choice, then click Send Email to forward a test email.


7. If the test is successful, this message will appear on your screen. Check the recipient’s inbox to make sure that the email is there.

WP Mail SMTP Confirmation of Successful Email TestCongratulations, now you can send emails from your WordPress site!


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