Yoast Seo Not Working Properly (Error Fix)

Yoast Seo Not Working Properly (Error Fix)

Do you have the problem : Yoast Seo Not Working Properly (Error Fix) ?

Well you have came to the right place ! In this post we will be explaining to you  on how to deal with : Yoast Seo Not Working Properly (Error Fix).

Many people have been writing on Facebook groups like WPBeginner or Forums like Quora etc. That is why we have decided to create this post , so we can help you with cleaning this bad taste from your mouths.It is very easy to fix this error , but it is hard thinking on how to solve Yoast Seo Not Working Properly (Error Fix) ,while you are mad or scared , because all of your SEO is going down the river.

No worries about this , because the error fix is so easy that you will not need to come a 2nd time to read the error fix.

You will need to search for the plugin Classic Editor 

It should look like this :

Now That you have found the WordPress Classic Editor Plugin you will have to install it. If you are wondering how to do that ,just watch the pictures. 

Simply click on install as shown on the picture and it will begin installing the plugin. It may take some time.Everything depends on your internet speed and your website.

After the plugin has been successfully installed , it should be activated , so the plugin can start functioning.Plugins that are not activated can not do any functions and that is why you always need to keep the plugin activated.If you also stop the plugin from functioning ,the Yoast seo error will come back.The classic editor is doing a great job by visualising the old WordPress view.It was stable with all of the WordPress plugins.Do not worry about anything ,because this plugin does not change your WordPress version or PHP version.It is just taking the good old view.

After you have activated the plugin everything should be back to normal (as mentioned).Simply go back to a post or page and it should be looking the same as in the picture.

We hope that we have solved your problem about : Yoast Seo Not Working Properly.If not just let us know ,by leaving a comment and we will be replying in just a few minutes with a new solution through a post.

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